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Don Mattingly (I) (Self, Kids on Deck (2004))
Don Mattingly (II)
Don Mattingly (III) (Producer, Walking Man (2014))
Hedley Mattingly (Actor, Daktari (1966))
Doug Mattingly (Actor, Hit the Hitman (2015))
Joe Mattingly (Self, Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium (2006))
Bo Mattingly (Writer, Arkansas Razorbacks Football (2013))
Andi Mattingly (I) (Actress, The Cynical Clicker (2011))
Ivy Mattingly (Actress, Real Gods Require Blood (2017))
Ty Mattingly (Actor, The Singles Ward (2002))
Andi Mattingly (II) (Actor, 12/12/12 (2012))
Sue Mattingly (Producer, Walking Man (2014))
Tina Mattingly (Location Management, Death Tunnel (2005))
Sam Mattingly (II) (Art Department, Camilla Dickinson (2012))
Sam Mattingly (I) (Miscellaneous, Airplane! (1980))
Jon Mattingly (Composer, Nathan Thomas Milliner's a Wish for the Dead (2016))
Tim Mattingly (Writer, My Life, the Video Game (2011))
Jim Mattingly (II) (Composer, Millennial (2016))
Matt Mattingly (Actor, Faded Love (2017))
Ian Mattingly (Director, Hit the Hitman (2015))
Ben Mattingly (Assistant Director, Tick Tock (2010))
Jay Mattingly (Sound Department, Sella Turcica (2010))
Eli Mattingly (Actor, Always Here )
Tom Mattingly (Actor, Tides (2016))
Amy Mattingly (Producer, Puppies for Sale (1998))
Jim Mattingly (I) (Camera Department, Nova (1974))
Clayton Mattingly (Actor, Amarelinha (2007))
Ashley Mattingly (Self, 2nd Annual Babes in Toyland Pet Edition (2016))
John Mattingly (Assistant Director, Sweet/Vicious (2016))
Olivia Mattingly (Actress, Rise of the Guardians (2012))
James Mattingly (Self, Is It Real? (2005))
Brandon Mattingly (Director, Common Casualty (2009))
Laura Mattingly (Camera Department, The Fate of the Furious (2017))
Nick Mattingly (I) (Director, The Story of Fairytale of New York (2005))
Jason Mattingly (Director, Meet/Cute (2015))
Tobi Mattingly (Actress, Chicago Fire (2012))
Kenneth Mattingly (Actor, For All Mankind (1989))
Lori Mattingly (Costume Department, Southern at Heart (2013))
Alexander Mattingly (Director, Du Peur (2011))
Paul Mattingly (I) (Actor, The Frank & Judy Show (2006))
David Mattingly (II) (Actor, CNN NewsStand (1998))
Phil Mattingly (I) (Actor, In Harm's Way (1965))
Jimmy Mattingly (Actor, Garth Live from Central Park (1997))
Dylan Mattingly (Composer, Quest (2017))
Benjamin Mattingly (I) (Director, Dumping Ground (2004))
Michael Mattingly (Actor, The Present (2017))
Rose Mattingly (Actress, Gareth (2016))
Jane Mattingly (Actress, Delirium: The Movie (2016))
Dave Mattingly (Miscellaneous, Only Connect (2008))
Eric Mattingly (Actor, Renegade (2011))
Leah Mattingly (Actress, Finale 2: Deader Than Dead (2008))
Hannah Mattingly (I) (Actress, Renegade (2011))
Charles Mattingly (III)
Nick Mattingly (II) (Producer, Live from the Middle of Vidcon (2017))
Caleb Mattingly (II)
Jonna Mattingly (Producer, Cyndi Lauper: 12 Deadly Cyns... and Then Some (1994))
Charles Mattingly (I) (Miscellaneous, Death Tunnel (2005))
Mike Mattingly (Actor, Love in Absentia (2013))
Jackie Mattingly (Self, Deadliest Catch: A Hillstrand 4th of July (2017))
Bernie Mattingly (Actor, Lodger on the 2nd Floor (2013))
Justin Mattingly (Actor, Kick-Heart (2013))
Caleb Mattingly (I) (Actor, Escapes (1986))
Dudley Mattingly (Self, Untitled Billy Hicks Documentary (2018))
Josh Mattingly (Producer, What're Those!? (2016))
Catherine Mattingly (Director, Khoristoria: The Story of the Yale Russian Chorus (2007))
Missy Mattingly (Actress, Synchronicity (2008))
Paul Mattingly (II) (Writer, My Life, the Video Game (2011))
Andrew Mattingly (I) (Camera Department, Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012))
Abigail Mattingly (Self, 8 (2015))
Karen Mattingly (Miscellaneous, Mesrine Part 2: Public Enemy #1 (2008))
Eileen M. Mattingly (Miscellaneous, Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason (2006))
Hagen Mattingly (Writer, Always Here )
Darlene Mattingly (Actress, Five Angry Women (1974))
Scott Mattingly (Producer, L.A. Models (2000))
Stacy Mattingly (Writer, Captive (2015))
Matthew Mattingly (II) (Miscellaneous, Susanna (2004))
Erin Mattingly (Actress, Dance with a Vampire (2006))
Gavin Mattingly (Actor, Brimstone Terrace (2013))
Leslie Mattingly (Producer, iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World (2011))
Mary Mattingly (Actor, Mary Mattingly's Waterfront Development: ART21 New York Close Up (2014))
David Mattingly (I) (Visual Effects, I, Robot (2004))
Ryan Mattingly (I) (Actor, Horror Shorts Volume 1 (2013))
Kelley Mattingly (Camera Department, The Monkey's Paw (2013))
Steve Mattingly (Self, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2003))
David Mattingly (III) (Self, Rome's Lost Empire (2012))
Lenora Mattingly (Writer, The Loretta Young Show (1953))
Rodney Mattingly (Self, Hope Never Dies: Battle for the Mission River (2013))
David Mattingly (IV)
Charlie Mattingly (Actor, The Bob and Brown Talk Show Bonanza (2011))
Laurasia Mattingly (Actress, Life on Mars (2016))
Hatten Mattingly (Miscellaneous, Oprah's Master Class (2011))
Hannah Mattingly (II) (Actress, The Slender Man (2013))
Noah Mattingly (Actor, Renegade (2011))
Buddy Mattingly (Self, Southern at Heart (2013))
Joy Wyatt Mattingly
Charles Mattingly (II) (Director, Virtuoso (2014))
Dick Mattingly (Miscellaneous, Chat (2009))
Chris Mattingly (Actor, Friday the 13th: A Film by John C. Gritton (2014))
Kevin Mattingly (Camera Department, Terminal (2007))
Daniel Mattingly (Self, 48 Hours (1988))
Matthew Mattingly (I) (Actor, Rain Man (1988))
Janis Mattingly (Miscellaneous, Chat (2009))
Francia Mattingly
Matthew Mattingly (III)
Marle Mattingly
Rick Mattingly (Composer, Dark Below (2009))
Johnathan Mattingly (Actor, Talking with the Taxman About Poetry (2011))
Michelle Mattingly (Make Up Department, Ping Pong Summer (2014))
Melissa Mattingly (Self, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2003))
Nicholas Mattingly (Cinematographer, Gert's Gokje (2012))
Gretchen Mattingly (Camera Department, With Love & Respect: A Reunion of the Lombardi Green Bay Packers (2001))
David Mattingly (V) (Self, Piers Morgan Tonight (2011))
Andrew Mattingly (II) (Editor, Take Action (2013))
Elizabeth Mattingly
Douglas Mattingly (Actor, Hit the Hitman (2015))
Roanna Mattingly
Tanner Mattingly (Actor, A Few Things I Know About Them (2015))
Terry Mattingly (Self, The '80s: The Decade That Made Us (2013))
Phil Mattingly (II) (Self, At This Hour (2014))
Nora Mattingly
Lelia Mattingly (Actor, Uno solo no puede (2012))
Madison Mattingly (Self, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2003))
Benjamin Mattingly (II)
Johnathon Mattingly (Actor, Milton & Me (2011))
Anne Mattingly (Actress, Courting Courtney (1997))
Alana Mattingly (Self, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2003))
Ryan Mattingly (II) (Camera Department, Silent Soldier (2016))
Rebecca Dirden Mattingly (Producer, Assault on Devil's Island (1997))
Lemora Mattingly Weber (Writer, The Loretta Young Show (1953))
Cheryl Betts Mattingly (Actress, Renegade (2011))
Leonora Mattingly Weber (Writer, Fireside Theatre (1949))
Linzy Nicole Mattingly (Actress, First Day Detective: Episode Seven (2013))
Christopher Mattingly (Actor, The Oh in Ohio (2006))
Laura Morton Mattingly (Actress, The Baby Shower (2015))