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Mary Demas (I) (Actress, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986))
Mary Demas (II) (Producer, War Against the Weak (2009))
Mary DeMarle (I) (Writer, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011))
Rosemary DeCamp (Actress, The Bob Cummings Show (1955))
Gary DeMar (Producer, Collision: Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson (2009))
Rosemary Dexter (Actress, The Shoes of the Fisherman (1968))
Gary Demastry (Actor, A Better Way to Die (2000))
Mary DeMaria (Miscellaneous, America's Funniest Home Videos (1989))
Mary DeMatteo (Actress, Persons of Interest (2010))
Mary DeMarle (II) (Miscellaneous, Phantasm II (1988))
Gary Demaro (Camera Department, A National Town Meeting: Who Is Ross Perot? (1992))
Mary Demos (Make Up Department, Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (1966))
Mary Demassimo (Actress, Playboy: Freshman Class (1998))
Jerry de Mars (Assistant Director, The Bride (2012))
Rosemary De Angelis (Actress, Frequency (2000))
Gary Demattei (Actor, Things to Keep (2012))
Larry DeMar (Miscellaneous, Defender (1980))
Larry DeMark (I) (Camera Department, Alice (2011))
Larry Demarse (Actor, The Wedding Enforcer (2010))
Larry Demarr (Actor, Total Meltdown (2017))
Larry DeMark (II) (Cinematographer, Days of Power (2016))
Valéry Demaré (Composer, Grise mine (2010))
Larry Demark (Camera Department, Among the Innocent (2014))
Lisa Marie Dema (Editorial Department, G-Saviour (2000))
Roz-Mary de Meo (Actress, Garderobat (1974))
Mary D'Emilia (Actress, Honor Society (2013))
Mary Demont (Actress, At the Movies (2007))
Mary de Morgan (Writer, Jackanory Playhouse (1972))
Mary DeMonaco
Mary DeMocker (Art Department, Tales from the Darkside (1983))
Anthony De Mario (Actor, Black Widow (1954))
Maryanne Demasi (Self, The Einstein Factor (2004))
Shary Demarcey (Actress, Bombs Away (1985))
Zachary DeMarsh (Producer, The Seven Kings: Scene Selections from Arcadium (2005))
Rosemary DeMott (Costume Department, Blue Bulleteer: Captured by the Cloak (2009))
Rosemary Dempsey (Actress, Arabian Nights (1942))
Gregory de Maria (Cinematographer, The Reveries of a Solitary Walker (2011))
Rosemary Dell (Transportation Department, The Sweet Hereafter (1997))
Alema Ryder (Camera Department, You May Not Kiss the Bride (2011))
Mary Dee Marx
Rosemary Dean (II) (Miscellaneous, 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007))
Rosemary Dean (I) (Actress, The Broken Spur (1916))
Odemaris Bryd
Thierry de Mascureau (Assistant Director, The Seventh Company Outdoors (1977))
Gregory DeMascio (Writer, Wyatt Earp's Old West (1994))
Tony Demario (Camera Department, Mr. Curt Boyd or How I Gave Up on Fun and Learned to Love the System (2010))
Emily DeMario (Actor, The Infinity Trinity (2012))
Clary Demangeon (Actress, Le bruit de l'herbe qui pousse (2010))
Dryden DeMarco (Camera Department, The Stagg Do (2014))
Marie Demasi (Actress, Tout est faux (2014))
Rosemary De Los Santos (Actress, Chameleon (2015))
Marine Coustaury de Munck (Actress, Keep in Touch (2016))
Mary Demetriou (Actor, Goodbye Walt (2012))
Mary De Michele (Actress, Beto! The Bad Boy of Thompson Street (2011))
Rosemary De la Rocha (Producer, Acceso Total (2009))
Rosemary Dennis (Producer, The Ladies Club (1986))
Rosemary Depersia
Rosemary Devaney (Art Department, Aemorraghe (2014))
Rosemary De Cicco (Art Department, Basic Instinct (1992))
Rosemary Deahl (Self, Switched! (2003))
Rosemary DeAlba (Miscellaneous, The Jazz Torch (2014))
Rosemary DenBeste (Miscellaneous, Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile (2007))
Rosemary de la Rocha (Casting Director, Como TV's (2004))
Rosemary DeFlorio (Actress, Nicky Newark (2010))
Anthony Demaris (II) (Sound Department, Ninjas vs. Pirates (2007))
Johnanthony de Maria (Actor, Stunt Fighter (2014))
Anthony Demarinis (Miscellaneous, The Door in the Floor (2004))
Troy Demario Higgs (Actor, Night Terrors (2010))
Tony DeMarinis (Actor, The Darkness (2007))
Anthony Demaris (I) (Actor, Clarks (2002))
Jade Marisa Thomas (Actress, Zebrahead (1992))
Thomas Amdemariam (II)
Thomas Amdemariam (I) (Producer, Internal (in development))
Demaryius Thomas (Self, Super Bowl XLVIII (2014))
Rosemary Deborah Payton (Actress, The Cucaracha Club (2016))
Rosemary Deleonardis (Actress, The Gift of the Magi (2001))
Ann Maria Rousey DeMars (Self, Through My Father's Eyes (2016))
Rosemary Dunleavy -Maslow (Miscellaneous, The Nutcracker (1993))
Ana Maria de Mascarenhas (Composer, Angola-Histórias da Música Popular (2005))