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Mary Allen (I) (Actress, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975))
Mary Jerrold (Actress, The Queen of Spades (1949))
Mary Allen (V) (Actress, Home and Away (1988))
Gary Allen (I) (Actor, The Hudsucker Proxy (1994))
Marty Allen (I) (Self, The Hollywood Squares (1965))
Mary Allen (VII)
Mary Allen (VI) (Self, A Precious Bond (2012))
Mary Allen (IX) (Make Up Department, Saving Grace B. Jones (2009))
Mary Allen (X)
Mary Allen (VIII)
Mary Allen (IV) (Actress, The Valley of Knockanure (2009))
Mary Allen (II) (Costume Department, Meet Bill (2007))
Zachary Allen (I) (Actor, Daddy Day Camp (2007))
Gary Allen (XVIII) (Director, Pavement (2013))
Gary Allen (XVII) (Actor, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life (2011))
Harry Allen (I) (Actor, The Little Princess (1939))
Gregory Allen Howard (Writer, Remember the Titans (2000))
Gary Allen (XX) (Actor, Invention Hunters (2012))
Gary Allen (XV) (Self, Prophets of Science Fiction (2006))
Gary Allen (XIV) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Gary Allen (XXIII) (Actor, Hylas (2014))
Gary Allen (IX) (Producer, A Taste of Louisiana with Chef John Folse & Co. (1990))
Gary Allen (XIII) (Actor, New Day (2009))
Gary Allen (XII) (Actor, Haber (2008))
Gary Allen (XXI) (Cinematographer, Turning the Tide (2011))
Gary Allen (III) (Camera Department, ALF (1986))
Gary Allen (VI) (Camera Department, Goldrunner (1980))
Gary Allen (XI) (Editor, Test (2013))
Gary Allen (IV)
Gary Allen (XXII) (Actor, A Child of War (2012))
Gary Allen (V) (Producer, American Beauty: Look Closer... (2000))
Gary Allen (II) (Actor, Black Shampoo (1976))
Gary Allen (XXV) (Self, Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop (2015))
Gary Allen (XXIV) (Costume Designer, Axiom (2015))
Gary Allen (X) (Actor, The Strip (2002))
Gary Allen (XIX) (Actor, Speech (2012))
Gary Allen (XVI) (Art Department, Blind Sided (2010))
Cary Allen
Mary Alleguen (Production Manager, Braveheart (1995))
Perry Allen (I) (Actor, The Murder of Mary Phagan (1988))
Terry Allen (I) (Actor, Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup (1986))
Cory Allen (II) (Sound Department, Birds of America (2008))
Mary Allin Travers (Self, Peter, Paul and Mommy, Too (1993))
Marit Allen (Costume Designer, Brokeback Mountain (2005))
Hillary Allen (II)
Hilary Allen (Actress, The Globe Revue (1952))
Hillary Allen (I) (Animation Department, This 2 (2010))
Zachary Allen (II) (Actor, Don't Go to the Reunion (2013))
Gary Allenson (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Zachary Allen (III) (The Ramona Doll (2016))
Zachary Allen (IV) (Actor, Eyes of the Roshi (2016))
Cory Allen (VIII)
Cory Allen (IV)
Cory Allen (VI)
Cory Allen (I) (Darkest Adversary (2004))
Cory Allen (III)
Cory Allen (V) (Sound Department, East of Nowhere (2011))
Cory Allen (VII) (Director, The Zombie Catcher (in development))
Cory Allen (IX) (Self, Lockup (2005))
Barry Allen (I) (Actor, Funeral Home (1980))
Barry Allen (II) (Self, Restoring Roman Holiday (2002))
Larry Allen (V) (Camera Department, Barney & Friends (1992))
Harry Allen (V) (Actor, The Vanisher (2012))
Henry Allen (III) (Actor, Island (2004))
Mary Alice Fallon Yeskey (Self, Ace of Cakes (2006))
Maury Allen (Self, Howard Cosell: Telling It Like It Is (1999))
Marie Allen (III) (Make Up Department, Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991))
Mary Allan (IV)
Mary Allan (III) (Self, Timeshift (2002))
Mary Allan (II) (Actress, Spirited (2010))
Mary Allan (I) (Costume Designer, R.U.R. (1938))
Mary Allon (Casting Department, Wuthering Heights (1992))
Mary Allen-Keating (Actress, Floodwaters (2010))
Rosemary Allen (I) (Actress, Selling Hitler (1991))
Rosemary Allen (II)
Jerry Allen (III) (Composer, Tich & Quackers (1964))
Mariko Ballentine
David Drury Allen (Visual Effects, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014))
John Henry Allen (I) (Actor, Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936))
Larry Allen (X) (Thomas & Friends (1984))
Terry Allen (II) (Soundtrack, The Baby Dance (1998))
Larry Allen (IV) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Larry Allen (II) (The Sound of Music (1965))
Terry Allenby
Gregory Allen (IX) (Cinematographer, El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco, La Pelicula (2013))
Harry Allen (IV)
Barry Allen (III) (Actor, Sin City Players (2013))
Gregory Allen (I) (Assistant Director, The Master Cracksman (1914))
Jeffery Allen (Music Department, InspireWire (2012))
Larry Allen (VIII) (Producer, Twist of Fate (2006))
Gregory Allen (VIII) (Assistant Director, Machete Language (2011))
Terry Allen (IV)
Larry Allen (XII) (Producer, Extreme Forensics (2008))
Gregory Allen (VII)
Jerry Allen (II) (Stunts, Dinosaur Babes (1996))
Emory Allen (Director, Triolet for Laika (2015))
Terry Allen (XII) (Self, Shindig! (1964))
Larry Allen (XIII) (Self, American Justice (1992))
Terry Allen (V) (Art Department, Slaughter High (1986))
Henry Allen (IV) (Madden NFL 2003 (2002))
Larry Allen (III) (Sound Department, Interface (1985))
Jerry Allen (V) (Actor, Left/Right (2008))
Gerry Allen (II)
Perry Allen (II) (Art Department, Between Love & Goodbye (2008))
Sherry Allen (III) (Actress, Spirits of St. Paul: The Gangster Era (2012))
Larry Allen (VII) (Rush: Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984 (1985))
Avery Allen (Costume Department, Humans vs Zombies (2011))
Henry Allen (V) (Sabotage (1939))
Larry Allen (I) (Writer, Because of Eve (1948))
Terry Allen (VI) (Producer, Stagg's Night (1983))
Sherry Allen (II)
Harry Allen (VI) (Self, Dusk 'til Dawn (1997))
Henry Allen (VI) (Composer, Atomic Robo: Last Stop (2013))
Jerry Allen (IV) (Actor, 100 Tears (2007))
Terry Allen (XIV) (Actress, Julian (2013))
Terry Allen (XVI) (Self, The Investigators (2000))
Larry Allen (VI) (Producer, Watercolors (2008))
Koury Allen (Actor, Private Lies (2000))
Jerry Allen (I) (Art Department, Some Kind of Wonderful (1987))
Terry Allen (X) (Actress, Easy Way Out (2013))
Garry Allen
Kerry Allen (I) (Actor, Delta Force: Land Warrior (2000))
Gregory Allen (V) (Self, NFL Films Presents (1967))
Terry Allen (III) (Self, A Football Life (2011))
Henry Allen (I) (Actor, The Naked Man (1998))
Gregory Allen (III) (Director, Juan Garcia Esquivel, el amo del lounge (2004))
Perry Allen (IV) (Producer, Last Flight of the Cosmonaut (2014))
Gregory Allen (XI) (Self, Dishing Tea with Big Meach (2009))
Terry Allen (VII) (Visual Effects, Heavy Metal (1981))
Terry Allen (IX) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Larry Allen (XI) (Self, Weird, True & Freaky (2008))
Gregory Allen (X) (Actor, Riley (2013))
Gregory Allen (IV) (Camera Department, P.O.V. (1988))
Gregory Allen (VI) (SeaQuest 2032 (1993))
Kerry Allen (II) (Bright Young Things (2003))
Harry Allen (II) (Editorial Department, Big Sky (1997))
Gregory Allen (II) (Director, Souvenir: November 2001 (2002))
Barry Allen (IV) (Defiance (1980))
Terry Allen (XI) (Sound Department, And Soon the Darkness (1970))
Sherry Allen (I) (Actress, Desert Bloom (1986))
Harry Allen (III) (The Andrew Marr Show (2005))
Terry Allen (XV) (Sound Department, Ring of Bright Water (1969))
Gregory Allen (XII) (Actor, Harlem Knights (2015))
Terry Allen (VIII) (Everything's Cool (2007))
Curry Allen
Terry Allen (XIII) (Director, Someone to Carry Me (2015))
Larry Allen (IX) (Actor, Microwave Massacre (1983))
Henry Allen (II) (Composer, The Phoenix Project (2015))
Gerry Allen (I) (Editorial Department, Wild & Crazy Kids (1990))
Gregory Allen (XIII)
Perry Allen (III)
Perry Allen (V) (Across the Waters (2016))
Ellery Allen (Production Manager, Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers (2006))
Jessica Leary Allen
Gregory Allen Gabroy (Stunts, National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007))
Allen Maris (Visual Effects, Prometheus (2012))
Gregory Allen Brooks (Self, Sign 'o' the Times (1987))
Cary Allen Stone
Gary Allen Meyers (Actor, Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989))
Jen McCleary Allen (Camera Department, The Recency Effect (2015))
Gary Allen Tucci (Producer, Grassroots (2012))
Gary Allen Ferguson (Art Department, K-19: The Widowmaker (2002))
Hilary Gregory-Allen (Actress, A Professional Man (in development))
Zachary Allen Farmer (Actor, Four Color Eulogy (2014))
Marina Allen (Actress, Nowhere (2008))
Mary Allison (II) (Music Department, Noise (2007))
Mary Allard
Mary Allister (Actress, Cascabel (1983))
Mary Allison (I) (Human Nature (2001))
Terry Allen Kramer (Romeo and Juliet (2014))
Marly Allen (Actress, Art and Wine Walk (2012))
Marty Allen (II) (Composer, Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death (1979))
Mary Alice Mullen (Clay Pigeons (1998))
Marilyn Allen (Actress, One Christmas (1994))
Mary Alice Valles (Belle of Old Mexico (1950))
Lisa Marie Allen (Actress, Blades of Glory (2007))
Mary Allwright (Self, Elders React (2012))
Marylyn Ashley Allen (Producer, The Coven (2014))
Mariette Pathy Allen (Self, Just Gender (2013))
Henry Allen Wedgwood (Writer, Jackanory (1965))
Harry Allen Jordan
Mariella Kallenberg (Costume Designer, Phileine Says Sorry (2003))
Mary Mallen (Actress, Manchester by the Sea (2016))
Jerry Allen Davis (Director, Shanghai Hotel (2011))
Gretchen Marie Allen
Marya Galle (Actress, The November Men (1993))
Ann Story Allen (Writer, Her Royal Highness (1913))
Gregory Allen Smith (II) (Actor, Miss Meadows (2014))
Paul Harry Allen (Actor, Office Politics (2009))
Gregory Allen Rogala
Jerry Allensworth (Sound Department, The Puppies Present Incredible Animal Tales (1998))
Barry Allen Congrove (Camera Department, The River Pirates (1988))
Henry Allen Farnham (Art Director, From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth (1912))
Joshua Woolery Allen
Joshua Woolery-Allen
Gregory Allen Black (Director, Fear of Falling (1993))
Gregory Allen Tucker (Actor, Shook (2004))
Jeffery Allen Desalu
Gregory Allen Webb (Stunts, Expecting Mary (2010))
Terry Allen Jones (Actor, Bartleby (2001))