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Martin Jeffs (Sound Department, Moving Out (1983))
Martin Jensen (I) (Sound Department, The King's Speech (2010))
Martin Jefferson (Editorial Department, Naturally, Sadie (2005))
Jeff Martin (I) (Writer, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Jeff Martin Jr.
Martin Jeffery (I) (Camera Department, Hey Dad..! (1987))
Martin Jefferies (Miscellaneous, Savage Grace (2007))
Martin Jeffrey (II) (Camera Department, Home and Away (1988))
Martin Jeffery (II) (Writer, Supersleuth (1984))
Martin Jeffrey (I) (Writer, Ghost of the Brotherhood (2006))
Martin. Jen (Assistant Director, Girls on the Run (2014))
John Jeffrey Martin (Actor, Across the Universe (2007))
Martin Jern (Producer, Fjorton suger (2004))
Martin Jente (Producer, Einer wird gewinnen (1964))
Martin Jehle (I) (Director, All Gone Extreme Clean (2011))
Martin Jedlicka (Assistant Director, True Lies (1994))
Martin Jehle (II) (Director, Witch's Milk (2017))
Martin Jensen (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Ninja: Shadow of Darkness (1998))
Martin Jensen (XIV) (Producer, Hecchi & Kethmer Feat. Elvis Presley: In the Ghetto (2016))
Martin Jelev (Music Department, The Physician (2013))
Martin Jensen (XI) (Miscellaneous, Creation (2016))
Martin Jensen (VI) (Production Manager, Halál sekély vízben (1994))
Martin Jensen (XII) (Camera Department, Savage Lines (2016))
Martin Jelínek (I) (Self, Show Jana Krause (2010))
Martin Jensen (II) (Camera Department, Anders Matthesen: Anden live i Cirkusbygningen - Hva' snakker du om? (2001))
Martin Jerome (Miscellaneous, Cosmopolis (2012))
Martin Jenni (Miscellaneous, Whoosh (2002))
Martin Jessup (Miscellaneous, One Continuous Take: Kay Mander's Life in Film (2001))
Martin Jenc (II) (Actor, Jenovy bezpointovky (2011))
Martin Jessop (Editorial Department, BBC Proms (2014))
Martin Jerz (Production Manager, Marhulový ostrov (2011))
Martin Jensen (VII)
Martin Jelínek (II) (Director, Road-Movie (2015))
Martin Jensen (III) (Self, 15 minutter (2004))
Martin Jenc (I) (Actor, Divnolidi (2015))
Martin Jensen (XV) (Actor, Journey To Greenland (2016))
Martin Jeckel (Actor, Jenseits von Edel (2015))
Martin Jensen (V) (Self, Unser täglich Brot (2005))
Martin Jezek (Director, Hlas v telefonu (2000))
Martin Jech (Actor, Ordinace v ruzové zahrade 2 (2008))
Martin Jelfs (Self, Le Séducteur: un animal en voie de disparition? (2013))
Martin Jelínek (III) (Self, Uvolnete se, prosím (2004))
Martin Jensen (VIII) (Cinematographer, Offside (2015))
Martin Jensen (IV) (Actor, Kake (2007))
Martin Jensen (X) (Writer, Rabín a jeho Golem (1995))
Martin Jenson (II) (Actor, Snap N Trap (2014))
Martin Jenner (Self, The Two Ronnies (1971))
Martin Jensen (IX)
Martin Jenson (I) (Actor, Spark )
Leffie Martin Jr. (Actor, The Selected (2016))
Jeff Martin (VI) (Soundtrack, Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006))
Jeffrey Martin Jr. (Actor, History of the World in 2 Hours (2011))
Martin Leffie
Jeff Martini (I) (Sound Department, La soga (2009))
Jeff Martin (XXIV) (Music Department, Quack Pack (1996))
Jeff Martin (XXXIV) (Self, Golden Boy Boxing (2009))
Jeff Martin (III) (Actor, The Gamers: Hands of Fate (2013))
Jeff Martin (X) (Actor, Hot in Cleveland (2010))
Jeff Martin (XLVI) (Cinematographer, Princesses and Zombies (2014))
Jeff Martin (XX) (Sound Department, To Be (2008))
Jeff Martin (L) (Actor, The Runners )
Jeff W. Martin (Actor, Free at Last (2008))
Jeff Martin (VII) (Miscellaneous, My Own Private Idaho (1991))
Jeff Martinez (IX)
Jeff Martin (XLII) (Camera Department, Where the Bad Kids Go (2015))
Jeff Martin (XXVIII) (Writer, The Serpent and the Shadow (2010))
Jeff Martinez (VII) (Producer, The Violent States of America (2017))
Jeff Martinez (III) (Composer, Le caprice des cigognes (2006))
Jeff Martin (XXIX)
Jeff Martin (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012))
Jeff Martini (II) (Composer, Date America (2013))
Jeff Martin (XLVIII) (Art Department, Falling (2015))
Jeff Martin (XLVII) (Self, Every Drop (2018))
Jeff Martin (VIII) (Music Department, Red Ink (2005))
Jeff Martin (XV) (Camera Department, D4G (2001))
Jeff Martin (XXIII) (Producer, Accidents Don't Happen (2001))
Jeff Martin (LI) (Actor, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories (2016))
Jeff Martin (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, The Chester Kids (2010))
Jeff Martin (XXX) (Actor, Chasing Mood (2010))
Jeff Martin (IV)
Jeff Martinez (VIII) (Actor, Higher Education (2016))
Jeff Martinko (Camera Department, Boyne Falls (2018))
Jeff Martinez (IV) (Composer, Among Dead Men (2008))
Jeff Martin (LIII) (Music Department, Sympathy for the Devil (2012))
Jeff Martinez (X) (Sound Department, Happy Hour (2016))
Jeff Martin (XXXVIII) (Self, Wilde Reise (2013))
Jeff Martin (XXVI) (Camera Department, Sand Castles (2014))
Jeff Martinez (II) (Producer, Designed to Sell (2004))
Jeff Martinez (VI) (Music Department, The Adolescent Ordeals (2010))
Jeff Martin (XLIV) (Self, 20/20 (1978))
Jeff Martin (II) (Art Department, Snowriders II (1997))
Jeff Martin (XIX) (Actor, Dish (2009))
Jeff Martin (XXXIII) (Self, Life Is a Highway: Canadian Pop Music in the 1990s (2011))
Jeff Martin (XXXVI) (Composer, Leaving Lola (2013))
Jeff Martin (XVIII) (Producer, Lord, Save Us from Your Followers (2008))
Jeff Martin (XLIII) (Self, Jeff, Embrace Your Past (2014))
Jeff Martinez (V)
Jeff Martin (XXII) (Producer, The Prototype (2005))
Jeff Martins (Visual Effects, Species (1995))
Jeff Martin (XI)
Jeff Martin (LII) (Producer, Explosions! Texas City (1999))
Jeff Martin (XXV) (Actor, Gorno: An American Tragedy (2004))
Jeff Martin (XII) (Producer, Inside Saddam's Reign of Terror (2006))
Jeff Martin (XXXIX) (Actor, The Accidents (2013))
Jeff Martin (LIV) (Composer, The Dead Half (2017))
Jeff Martinez (I) (Actor, C.S.I. Sierra Madre (2006))
Jeff Martin (IX) (Editor, Dog Gone (2008))
Jeff Martin (XVI) (Sound Department, The Wild Dogs (2002))
Jeff Martin (V) (Composer, Almost Perfect (2011))
Jeff Martin (XIII) (Music Department, Brooklyn Sweet Nothings (2013))
Jeff Martin (XXI) (Self, RocKwiz (2005))
Jeff Martine (Actor, Ingloda: The Possession Within (2013))
Jeff Martino (Camera Department, WETA Neighborhoods (2016))
Jeff Martin (XXXII) (Actor, Battle Force (2012))
Jeff Martin (XXXV)
Jeff Martin (XLV) (Writer, Blizzards: Whiteout! (1999))
Jeff Martin (XXXVII) (Producer, Life, Death & Rebirth (2018))
Jeff Martin (XLIX) (Actor, Junkers (1987))
Jeff Martin (XL) (Self, Shark Tank (2009))
Jeff Martin (XXXI) (Sound Department, Reset (2011))
Jeff Martin (XLI) (Costume Department, Session 31 (2014))
Martin Jenkins (III) (Actor, Betty (2015))
Jeff Martineau (Actor, The Social Network (2010))
Martin Querinjean (Actor, La fille inconnue (2016))
Jeffrey Martin (I) (Actor, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986))
Jackson Jeffrey Martin (Actor, Presidents Day Play (2017))
Poul Martin Jensen (Camera Department, Superdame (1991))
Martin Jespersen (Writer, Banjos likørstue (2001))
Martin Jeschar (Sound Department, Ein Nachmittag im Sommer (2013))
Martin Jenkins (VI) (Actor, Unpopular Man (2016))
Martin Jesus Madrid (Actor, 16 en la lista (1998))
Martin Jenkins (II) (Soundtrack, Femme Fatale (2002))
Martin Jenkins (I) (Actor, Festival (1963))
Martin Jennings (II) (Director, Monologue Boy (in development))
Martin Jelovsek (Sound Department, The Beat of Love: Utrip Ljubezni (2015))
Martin Jenkins (IV) (Actor, Iodine (2009))
Martin Jelinek (Art Department, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008))
Martin Jenkins (V) (Self, Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson's American Journey (2005))
Sir Martin J. Evans (Self, The Evolution of Stem Cell Research (2014))
Martin Jennings (I)
Martin Jehnichen (Self, Das Wunder von Leipzig - Wir sind das Volk (2009))
Martin Jerschke (Actor, Weg vom Fenster (1970))
Martin Jezequel (Camera Department, 'Round Midnight (1986))
Martin Jean-Baptiste
Martin Jelankov (Actor, Nie, nashite i vashite (2017))
Martin Jenefeldt (Location Management, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011))
Jeff Saint Martin (Actor, 1 Journée (2007))
Jeffrey Martin (XI) (Producer, Yosemite (2015))
Jeffrey Martin (V)
Jeffrey Martinez (II) (Animation Department, Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999))
Jeffery X. Martin (Writer, Tarotsphere (2013))
Jeffrey Martinez (I) (Writer, Suspicious (2010))
Jeffrey Martin (XVI) (Director, Oliviex (2016))
Jeffrey Martin (XIII) (Art Department, Ipaglaban mo (2014))
Jeffrey Martin (II) (Editorial Department, The Minus Man (1999))
Tommy Jeff Martin (Actor, I See The Crowd Roar: The Story of William Dummy Hoy (2007))
Jeffry Martini (Miscellaneous, Savage Land (1994))
Jeffrey Martin (XII) (Sound Department, Captives (2014))
Jeffrey Martini (Writer, Super Bro Time (2013))
Jeffrey Martin Scott (Miscellaneous, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2002))
Jeffrey Martin (VII) (Actor, The Boy Who Stopped Niagara (1967))
Jeffrey Martin (VIII) (Self, Click Online (2000))
Jeffrey Martin (IV) (Producer, Ricky Jay Plays Poker (2007))
Jeffrey Martin (III) (Visual Effects, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Jeffrey Martinez (III) (Actor, Layang bilanggo (2010))
Jeffrey S. Martin (Miscellaneous, Frogs for Snakes (1998))
Jeffery Martin (Actor, The Gate of Fallen Angels (2009))
Jeffrey Martin (X) (Writer, The Hayloft Gang: The Story of the National Barn Dance (2011))
Jefferey Martinez (Actor, Young Life (2012))
Jeffrey Martin (VI) (Director, My Fool Heart )
Jeffrey Martin (IX) (Actor, Dead Awakening (2012))
Jeffrey Martin (XIV) (Actor, The Seventh Dwarf (2014))
Jefferson Martins (Sound Department, O Branco (2001))
Jeff Martinson (Self, To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Cale (2005))
Jeffrey Martin (XV) (Actor, Adventures of Louanna Lee: The Movie (2015))
Jeffrey Thomas Martin (Producer, A Journey to Planet Sanity (2013))
Gerard Jeffrey Martinez (Actor, Eleven Hundred to Lubbock )
Christopher Martin-Jenkins (Self, From the Ashes (2011))
Jesús Franco (I) (Writer, Killer Barbys (1996))