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Marshall Barer (I)
Marshall Barer (II) (Actor, Venice/Venice (1992))
Marshall Bell (Actor, Total Recall (1990))
Barbara Marshall (I) (Actress, New Year's Eve (2011))
Marshall Brickman (Writer, Annie Hall (1977))
Alex Marshall-Brown (Actress, Brix and the Bitch (2016))
Marshall Bain (Sound Department, Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash (2009))
Marshall Bang (Casting Department, A K-POP Project (2017))
Marshall Ball (Actor, The Men (1950))
Marshall Barnes (I) (Self, As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM (2015))
Marshall Sharer (Actor, Fair and Square Max (2016))
Marshall Barth (Actor, Slipstream (2007))
Marshall Bangs (Actor, Portlandia (2011))
Barbara Marshall (V) (Miscellaneous, Terra Nova (2011))
Marshall Berenson (Actor, Guy Savoy the Acting School (2015))
Marshall Borden (Actor, Say It in Russian (2007))
Marshall Barnette (Actor, The Money Store (2015))
Marshall Barnes (II)
Barbara Marshall (IX) (Actress, Mother's Day (2016))
Marshall Boone (Producer, The Bernie Mac Show (2001))
Marshall Bradford (Actor, The Fast and the Furious (1955))
Marshall Baldwin (I) (Actor, Crimson and Clover (2014))
Marshall Bean (I) (Actor, Placebo Effect (1998))
Marshall Bock
Marshall Bean (III) (Actor, Weed U (2016))
Marshall Butt (I) (Actor, High Finance Woman (1990))
Marshall Bear (Producer, Burning Bodhi (2015))
Marshall Butt (II) (Actor, Forgotten Stars: The Jerry and Delbert Story (2005))
Marshall Bond (II)
Marshall Bond (I) (Actor, The Big Story (1999))
Marshall Bean (II) (Producer, Yarrow's Boy (2013))
Marshall Backlar (Producer, Pretty Poison (1968))
Marshall Baldwin (II)
Marshall Banana (Editorial Department, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne (2011))
Marshall Badger (Actor, Lady Blues (1996))
Marshall Baglieri (Composer, Growing Up Whistler (2009))
Pam Marshall-Ball
Robin Marshall-Ball
Marshall Bailey (Actor, Nightmare Next Door (2011))
Marshall Balfour (Actor, I Wish You Love (2015))
Marshall Baker (Producer, Lemonade: Detroit (2013))
Marshall Brodien (Actor, Bozo: 40 Years of Fun! (2001))
Barbara Marshall (IV) (Visual Effects, Carnivàle (2003))
Barb Marshall (Producer, Loose Horses (2015))
Kevin Marshall Brady (Stunts, Titanic (1997))
Marshall Bingham (Actor, Nightwing: The Darkest Knight (2015))
Marshall Brooks (Self, Dale (2007))
Barry Marshall (VI) (Actor, Turtle Trails: Save Me! (2015))
Marshall Blackstone (Director, Almost There (2015))
Marshall Bridges (Self, 1962 World Series (1962))
Marshall Bayly Shelley (Cinematographer, DAnny (2015))
Melba Marshall (Actress, Cain and Mabel (1936))
Marshall Bigtower (Self, Biggie and Tupac (2002))
Marshall Bowen (Music Department, Star Trek Into Darkness (2013))
Marshall Brothers
Marshall Burnette (Actor, Lakota Girls (2015))
Marshall B. Prichard (Producer, Crosswalk (1999))
Marshall Bowman (Actor, The Singles Ward (2002))
Marshall Branch (Camera Department, Santa Barbara (1984))
Marshall Burgtorf (Casting Department, The Crow: Salvation (2000))
Marshall Burns (I) (Actor, I Heart Regina (2010))
Marshall Brown (II) (Self, Extreme Forensics (2008))
Marshall Burgart (Actress, The Passing Drummers (2007))
Marshall Bucci
Marshall Bullis (Sound Department, Jefferson (2010))
Marshall Broyles (Sound Department, Know Remorse (2013))
Marshall Brain (Self, Factory Floor with Marshall Brain (2008))
Marshall Burns (III) (Producer, Rah Rah: Henry (2010))
Marshall Brekka (Composer, A Place in the Maze (2010))
Marshall Brewer (Actor, Neighbours (1985))
Marshall< Brittany (Self, Hooters 2012 International Swimsuit Pageant (2012))
Marshall Burns (II) (Actor, Good, Bad and the Maniacal (2013))
Marshall Boulter (Miscellaneous, The Globe World Cup Skateboarding (2003))
Marshall Berle (Director, Sex Tips with Heidi Fleiss and Victoria Sellers (2001))
Marshall Buxton (Miscellaneous, Consent (2010))
Marshall Berman (Miscellaneous, New York: A Documentary Film (1999))
Marshall Brandt (Producer, Golden Kingdom (2015))
C. Marshall Beale (Producer, Taylor's Way (2009))
Marshall Blonsky (Self, Taboo (2002))
Marshall Bryan (Location Management, On the Road Home (2014))
Marshall Blevins (Self, FightZone Presents (2007))
Marshall Blansfield (Producer, Be Like Us, Be Like Me )
Marshall Bolin (Actor, A Letter Home (2012))
Marshall Bravestar (Composer, Ungirlfriendable (2008))
Marshall Berger (Self, Ring Kings III: The Evolution of Kickboxing (2007))
Marshall Bill Turner (Actor, Stranger on My Land (1988))
Marshall Berkowitz
John Marshall Burke (Actor, I (Almost) Got Away with It (2010))
Marshall Bradley (VII) (Editor, Remote Control Optional (2005))
Marshall Byrne (I) (Sound Department, The Marquee Lights (2013))
Marshall Braganza (Cinematographer, Dosti (1964))
Marshall Bloom (I) (Miscellaneous, A River Runs Through It (1992))
Marshall Bonnes (Composer, Nick Santore (2014))
Marshall Bradley (II) (Actor, The Man Who Loved Flowers (2015))
Aaron Marshall Bob
Marshall Blumenthal (Production Manager, Shadows of the Mind (1980))
Marshall Botvinick (Actor, Matlock (1986))
Marshall Black (I) (Location Management, Goldy 2: The Saga of the Golden Bear (1986))
Marshall Brian (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Marshall Black (II) (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Marshall Burlong (Sound Department, Great Performances (1971))
Marshall Brown (I) (Self, The Nine Lives of Marion Barry (2009))
Marshall Booth (Sound Department, Night of the Living Dead (1968))
Marshall Burling (Miscellaneous, Mystic Pizza (1988))
Marshall Button (Actor, The Bannisters (2013))
Marshall Bloom (II)
Marshall Beane (Actor, The Spooky Incident (2001))
Marshall Bryant
Marshall Black (III) (Actor, Mr Rich (2011))
Shane Marshall Brown (Production Manager, WTC View (2005))
Marshall Bodiker (Camera Department, Charlie's Place (2012))
Marshall Biesinger (Director, Impact (2012))
Marshall Burnett (Producer, A Girl and a Gun (2016))
Marshall Burningham (Camera Department, Molly Goes West (2012))
Marshall Brandon (Self, Blackson's Basement (2014))
Marshall B. Gage (Actor, Bart Got a Room (2008))
Marshall Brittain (Actor, Alien Thunder (1974))
Marshall Byrne (II) (Editorial Department, Pixels (2015))
Barry Marshall (I) (Director, Albatros (2006))
Marshall. Melba
Barbara Marshall (VII) (Producer, Housebroken (2013))
Barbara Marshall (II) (Producer, China Beach (1988))
Jabari Marshall (Actor, Slice 3 (2013))
Barbara Ann Marshall (Actress, The Redeemer: Son of Satan! (1978))
Barnaby Marshall (III) (Composer, Michael John Shadbolt (2010))
Barry Marshall (II) (Self, The Winners Guide to the Nobel Prize (2006))
Barnaby Marshall (I) (Writer, Casualty (1986))
Barrie Marshall (II) (Self, World's Most Extreme Homes (2006))
Barrie Marshall (I)
Barry Marshall (III) (Producer, Truth (2011))
Barbie Marshall (Self, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Barry Marshall (IV) (Actor, The Motion Sick: 30 Lives (2008))
Barrie Marshall (IV) (Self, The Diplomat, the Artist and the Suit (2015))
Barbara Marshall (III) (Actress, The Court of Last Resort (1957))
Barbara Anne Marshall
Barry Marshall (V)
Barbara Marshall (VIII) (Actress, Miss Kalopsia (2014))
Barbara Marshall (VI) (Self, Medical Incredible (2005))
Barnaby Marshall (II) (Art Department, The Good Soap Guide (2004))
Shabar Marshall (Self, WRAL Murder Trials (2003))
Barrie Marshall (III)
Jamie Marshall-Bennett (Production Manager, Entertainment Tonight (1981))
Marshall Brutus Drazen (Writer, The Iron Triangle (1989))
Benjamin Marshall Brown
The Marshall Brothers Band (Self, Summer City (1977))
David Marshall Bornhoft (Sound Department, Pizza Shop: The Movie (2013))
Susan Barden-Marshall (Self, Britain's Big Freeze (2010))
Marshall Bruce Bennington (Writer, The Danger Zone (1918))
Figure Skater Marshall Beard (Self, Sonja Henie: Isens dronning (1993))