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Mark Lutz (I) (Actor, Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002))
Mark Lutz (II) (Director, World Cup 98 (1998))
Mark Lutzker (Miscellaneous, The Newsroom (2012))
Mark Lund (II) (Writer, First World (2007))
Mark Luther (III)
Mark Luther (II) (Camera Department, The Big Brass Ring (1999))
Mark Luther (I) (Self, The Al Franken Show (2004))
Mark Lutte (Sound Department, Homo Erectus (2007))
Liza Marklund (Writer, The Bomber (2001))
Mark Lutley
Mark Lui (I) (Composer, The Legend (1993))
Mark Lund (I) (Actor, Halo 3 (2007))
Mark Luu (Actor, Pacific Rim (2013))
John Mark Lutzke
Mark Lucas (I) (Director, Atlanta 1996: Games of the XXVI Olympiad (1996))
Mark Luna (I) (Actor, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004))
Mark Lukyn (Actor, X2 (2003))
Mark Lu (Animation Department, Ozzy & Drix (2002))
Mark Luttrell (I)
Mark Luttmann (Miscellaneous, The Pact (2012))
Mark Lutrell (Actor, Damaged Goodies (2009))
Mark Lutinski (Actor, Soulmates (2014))
Mark Luttrell (II)
Marek Lutz (Self, Klein gegen Groß - Das unglaubliche Duell (2011))
Mark Lucaj (Director, Etched (2010))
Mark Lui (II) (Visual Effects, The Journey (2008))
Mark Lum (Actor, Star Trek Wars (2015))
Mark Lui (III) (Miscellaneous, The 58th Annual Grammy Awards (2016))
Mark Luz (Self, Pinoy Big Brother (2005))
Hans Marklund (Director, Gitte, Wencke, Siw - Die Show (2004))
Mark Luker (Costume Department, The Captive Heart (1946))
Mark Lukac (Assistant Director, xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017))
Mark Lucas (II) (Transportation Department, Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis (1997))
Sarah Marklund (Actress, Jag älskar dig - En skilsmässokomedi (2016))
Mark Luine (Art Department, Leprechaun (1993))
Mark Lucas (XII) (Actor, Stalk Photos (2005))
Mark Luli (Music Department, Der Albaner (2010))
Mark Lucas (IV) (Sound Department, Joined for Life (2003))
Mark Luna (III) (Soundtrack, Runaway Bride (1999))
Mark Ludke (Producer, Spiral Zone (1987))
Mark Luchs (Actor, Roger2 (2003))
Mark Lumak (Actor, The Dissapeared (2015))
Mark Lugli (Miscellaneous, Serious Sam II (2005))
Mark Lucey (Producer, Bob Monkhouse: The Last Stand (2016))
Mark Lupo (Miscellaneous, The Other Guys (2010))
Mark Lund (III)
Mark Lucas (VIII)
Mark Lucia (Art Department, Cafe and Tobacco (2003))
Mark Lunt (Actor, Devil's Playground (2010))
Mark Lurie
Mark Lucas (XIV) (Self, Full Steam Ahead (2016))
Mark Lukan (Miscellaneous, Direct Lines (1995))
Mark Lucas (VI) (Actor, Shark in the Park (1989))
Mark Lumb (Producer, Good Boy (2009))
Mark Lucca (Self, Lord, Save Us from Your Followers (2008))
Mark Luek (Art Department, Snake & Mongoose (2013))
Mark Lunn (Camera Department, Stargate SG-1 (1997))
Mark Luigi (Actor, Harold Shipman: Doctor Death (2002))
Mark Lujan
Mark Lucas (XIII) (Director, The Fab Four: The Ultimate Tribute (2012))
Mark Lucas (XV)
Mark Lucas (X) (Miscellaneous, Kinect Sports: Season Two (2011))
Mark Lucas (V) (Actor, Down and Dirty Science (2010))
Mark Lucas (VII) (Actor, Reformed Tramp (2010))
Mark Lucke (Miscellaneous, Universal Groove (2007))
Mark Lugo
Mark Lucas (IX) (Composer, Digits (2011))
Mark Lucas (XI) (Miscellaneous, Heaven's a Drag (1994))
Mark Lucio (Actor, Crosshairs (2008))
Mark Lucas (III) (Self, Pittsburgh: Getting to the Bottom of our Blues (2009))
Mark Lundholm (Writer, Showtime Stand-Up Comedy Special: Mark Lundholm (2002))
Mark Lucero (Art Department, The Prestige (2006))
Mark Lutterman (Editorial Department, How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (2015))
Mayor Mark Luttrell
Mark Luthringer (Camera Department, Wyatt Earp's Old West (1994))
Annika Marklund (Actress, Populärmusik från Vittula (2004))
Max Marklund (Editor, En Flickas Hämnd, Story of a Girl's Vengeance (2015))
Dietmar Klumpp (Director, The Horror of Congo: Chaos in the heart of Africa (2016))
Mark Lee Luther (Writer, The Crucible (1914))
Mark Ludwig (III) (Music Department, Last Dance (2002))
Mark Luggelle (Sound Department, Mile Of Hope: The Dan Cummings Story (2014))
Mark Lunsford (Self, Nancy Grace (2005))
Mark Luxford (II) (Editorial Department, Cubbyhouse (2001))
Mark Luciani (Camera Department, Women Have it Easy (2012))
Mark Luders
Mark Ludien (Actor, Phantomschmerz (2009))
Mark Lupino (Actor, The Tallyman (1928))
Mark Ludwig (IV) (Actor, May Through August (2015))
Mark Luellen (Location Management, Edtv (1999))
Mark Lundgren (I) (Camera Department, Wind Song (2013))
Mark Luboch (Actor, 1919 (1997))
Mark Lurk Jr. (Actor, Ray Meets Helen (2016))
Mark Lubosh (Actor, Das schafft die nie (1994))
Mark Ludberg (Camera Department, Eyes of an Angel (1991))
Dagmar Kluge (Production Manager, Der Tölpelhans (1989))
Mark Ludena (Actor, All Souls Day: Dia de los Muertos (2005))
Mark Lundgren (II)
Mark Luszcz (Miscellaneous, Speedy Gonzales (1993))
Per Marklund (II) (Director, Fikapaus (2008))
Mark Lukasiak (Self, Dance Moms (2011))
Mark Luebbers (Camera Department, Bridge Wish Love (2013))
Mark Luethi (Producer, Tell Them Who You Are (2004))
Mark Lubbock (Composer, Radio Pirates (1935))
Mark Lunday
Mark Luschini (Self, Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo (2014))
Mark Ludford (I) (Visual Effects, Planet Dinosaur (2011))
Mark Luevano (Art Department, The Assassination of Richard Nixon (2004))
Mark Ludford (II) (Self, Tofu (2015))
Mark Ludbrook (Actor, Ski Bums (2002))
Mark Luévano
Mark Luisens
Mark Lukens (Writer, Sightings (in development))
Mark Ludwig (V) (Actor, City of Trees (2016))
Mark Ludlow (I) (Self, Australian Story (1996))
Dagmar Kludská (Self, 13. komnata (2006))
Mark Lugris
Mark Luxford (I) (Actor, Friend or Foe (1982))
Mark Ludolph (Miscellaneous, Real Sex (1990))
Mark Luxton (Camera Department, The Fold (2013))
Per Marklund (I) (Actor, Blinka lilla stjärna (1998))
Mark Lundsford (Self, Larry King Live (1985))
Mark Lufton (Actor, The Sorcerer (1982))
Klas Marklund (Director, Flokken (2013))
Mark Lumber (Animation Department, Dilbert (1999))
Mark Luxford (III) (Camera Department, Lost Soul (2016))
Mark Lustig (Self, National Geographic Explorer (1985))
Tore Marklund
Mark Ludden (Actor, The 2005 North Carolina Inaugural Gala (2005))
Karl Marklund (Actor, Perihelion (2010))
Mark Lundsten (Producer, The Bath (2013))
Tom Marklund (Actor, Silent Ninja: Quiet Death (2003))
Mark Björklund (Composer, Fatal Revenge (1990))
Mark Lucksford (Actor, The Bill (1984))
Erik Marklund (Actor, Silent Ninja: Quiet Death (2003))
Mark Luchene (Actor, Dead Meat (1993))
Mark Ludwig (I) (Camera Department, Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983))
Mark Ludlow (II) (Producer, 60 Minutes (1968))
André Marklund (Director, En Liten Lögn (2011))
Aron Marklund (Actor, Karlsvik - en by som Gud har glömt (1978))
Mark Bjorklund (Producer, Out of Nothing (2014))
Markus Lutz (Actor, Noir Drive (2008))
Petra Marklund (Soundtrack, Last Vegas (2013))
Stephen Mark Lukas (Actor, Gossip Girl (2007))
Marc A. Klutznick (Miscellaneous, Rush Hour 2 (2001))
Mark Lukenbill (Sound Department, Little Miss Perfect (2016))
Mark 'Lurch' Houstein (Transportation Department, San Andreas (2015))
Mark Luke Edwards (Actor, Brown Sugar Too Bitter for Me (2013))
Mark Luckhurst (Self, Thunder: Flawed to Perfection: Video Collection 1990-1995 (2005))
Linnea Marklund (Actress, Minimus (2013))
Mark Lukasiewicz (II) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Mark Lustgarden (Camera Department, Fifteenth Phase of the Moon (1992))
Jonas Marklund (Transportation Department, Jägarna (1996))
Mark Luckasavages (Miscellaneous, Take (2014))
Sven-Olov Marklund (Art Department, Frostbitten (2006))
Fredrik Marklund (Producer, Mörkrets makt (2011))
Veronika Marklund (Self, Trafikmagasinet (1978))
Mark Lupisella (Miscellaneous, Exploring Space: The Quest for Life (2006))
Inger Marklund (Director, Blue Collar America (1982))
Mattias Marklund (Production Designer, Den som söker (2013))
David Marklund (Actor, Silent Ninja: Quiet Death (2003))
Hanna Marklund (Self, Gomorron (1992))
Mark Lungariello (Writer, Unfit to Print (2014))
Markus Björklund (Actor, Smanderoon: With a Vengeance (2013))
Joseph Mark Lushi
Mark Luckenbach (Producer, Cute Kitten Video (Please Watch) (2012))
Klara Marklund (Sound Department, Meningen med Hugo (2012))
Mark Lundgaard (Thanks, Spise med Price (2008))
Mark Lukowitsky (Miscellaneous, History of the World in Eight Minutes (1998))
Mark Lukasiewicz (I) (Producer, Inside the Obama White House (2009))
Monica Marklund (Miscellaneous, Håkan Bråkan (2003))
Johnny Marklund (Actor, Rikets Makt (2011))
Mark Lundquist (Self, Out of Nowhere (2012))
Berto Marklund (Actor, Il capitano (1991))
Beatrice Marklund (Casting Director, 100 Years of Evil (2010))
Mark Luis Badong (Actor, Astro Mayabang (2010))
Mark Lipschutz (II) (Producer, The Unattainable Story (2017))
Mark Lipschutz (I) (Special Effects, Editing Is Everything (1999))
Mark Mongilutz (Actor, Entourage (2004))
Christopher Marklund (I) (Miscellaneous, Coraline (2009))
Nina Muhonen Marklund (Art Department, Flimmer (2012))
Christopher Marklund (II) (Miscellaneous, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008))
Jenny Marklund Bäckström (Miscellaneous, Någon annanstans i Sverige (2011))