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Marcus Harris (II) (Actor, The Famous Five (1978))
Marcus Harris (V) (Special Effects, The Despair (2009))
Marcus Harris (VII) (Actor, Infiltration (2016))
Marcus Harris (VI) (Producer, Unsung (2008))
Marcus Harris (III) (Self, Unsung (2008))
Marcus Harris (IV) (Producer, Survivors (2015))
Marcus Harris (I) (Camera Department, The Loony Zoo (2015))
Marcuis Harris (Actor, The Stepfather (2009))
Demarcus Harris (Actor, Unspoken Words (2014))
Marcus Harrison (Director, Woman, Wake Up (1922))
Marcus Harvey
Marcus Harben (I) (Director, The Drake Files (in development))
Marcus Hart (II) (Producer, D-Genie (2015))
Marcus Harmon (Actor, A Real... (2014))
Marcus Hardy (I) (Editor, Eli Regrets (2012))
Marcus Harper (I) (Self, On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren (2002))
Marcus Harper (II) (Camera Department, Woodshed (2015))
Marcus Hart (I) (Actor, Super Gran (1985))
Marcus Hardy (II) (Actor, Threshold (2015))
Marcus Harland (Location Management, Peterman (2014))
Marcus Harben (II)
Marcus Harrell (I) (Actor, Homesick (2011))
Marcus Harrling (Director, Utsikter (2012))
Marcus Harrell (II) (Actor, Love Oak (2014))
Marcus Harwell (Actor, Pooltime (2010))
Marcus Kent Harrison (Editor, 3MK: Hey Ma - Music Video (2012))
Harrison Marcus (Miscellaneous, The Spirit (2008))
Markus Harris (Self, American Jouster (2005))
DeMarcus Hardesty (Miscellaneous, J.D. Awesomeheimer Goes Crazy (2014))
Marcus Hartley (Actor, Cafe Artist (2017))
Marcus Hardkopf (Art Department, Royal Deceit (1994))
Demarcus Hardesty (Make Up Department, Julian and the Testicular Fiend (2012))
Marcus Hartman (I)
Marcus Haraldson (Actor, Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers (2001))
Marcus Hartman (II) (Actor, The Incomparable Rose Hartman (2016))
Marcus Hartfield (Actor, Alpha (2012))
Harry Marcus (Actor, Dreamfall Chapters (2014))
Marcellus Harris (Producer, Crossing the Enemy: The Identity Crisis (2012))
Marcus Hartman Mooers (Director, Mixed Up (2013))