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Marcia Cross (I) (Actress, Desperate Housewives (2004))
Marcia Crosse (Self, CBS News Sunday Morning (1979))
Marcia Cross (II)
Marcia Ross (Casting Director, Clueless (1995))
Alicia Cross (Actress, Bucky McSnead (2001))
Maria Cross (Miscellaneous, The Fame (2014))
Marcia Craig (Miscellaneous, The Ring (2002))
Maria Garcia Crocker (Actor, Spiritual Liberation (2009))
Marci Crossan (Miscellaneous, House Arrest (1998))
Marcia Jones Cross (II)
Marcia Jones Cross (I) (Actress, Jreamwriter's: Bent (2014))
Amparo Garcia-Crow (Writer, Love in the Sixties (2014))
Patricia Cross (Actor, Scars of Chameleon (2012))
Valencia Cross (Actress, Homlis (2016))
Marcia Craighead (Location Management, Earthling (2005))
Marcia Crayford (II) (Self, BBC Proms (2010))
Marcia Crelling (Actor, Grimises Rising (2012))
Marcia Cristina (Actress, Brabeza (1978))
Marcia Cruz Redding (Miscellaneous, The Donor (2008))
Marcia Crayford (I) (Music Department, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005))
Pablo Garcia Croissier (Actor, Day of Reckoning (2016))
Marcia Rosseti (Actress, El ciclo de Guillermo Bredeston y Nora Cárpena (1981))
Marcia Frossard (Actress, Au siècle de Maupassant: Contes et nouvelles du XIXème siècle (2009))
Graciela Crosa Garcia (Make Up Department, Gallego (1988))