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Marc Rose (I) (Actor, Little Birds (2011))
Marc Rose (V) (Actor, Torchlight (2009))
Marc Rose (III) (Miscellaneous, Playboy: Strip, Sexy Showgirls & Dirty Dancers (1995))
Marc Rosenzweig (Actor, The Sanctuary (2016))
Marc Rosenberg (I) (Writer, December Boys (2007))
Marc Rosen (IV) (Producer, The After (2014))
Marc Rosenbush (Producer, Zen Noir (2004))
Marc Rosen (VI) (Producer, The Dwarf (in development))
Marcc Rose (Actor, Straight Outta Compton (2015))
Marcia Cross (I) (Actress, Desperate Housewives (2004))
Marc Rocco (I) (Producer, The Jacket (2005))
Marc Roskin (Producer, Leverage (2008))
Marc Rosen (II) (Producer, Vibes (in development))
Marc Rosen (III) (Actor, A Midsummer Night's Drive (2006))
Marc Rosen (I) (Writer, Final Assignment (1980))
Marc Rose (IV) (Editorial Department, Edgewood Drive (2011))
Marc Rose (VI) (Actor, Perfect Companion (2009))
Marc Rose (II) (Art Department, Vincent & Theo (1990))
Marc Rosel (Stunts, The Kid from Chaaba (1997))
Marc Rosen (V)
Marc Rose (XI) (Music Department, Hot Splash (1988))
Marc Ross (I) (Actor, Assault on Precinct 13 (1976))
Marc Ros (I) (Self, Membrana (2015))
Marc Ros (II) (Camera Department, .Cat (2014))
Marc Rothemund (Director, Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005))
Marc Rosette (Actor, The Red Snapper Strikes (2011))
Marc Rossi (Actor, Driver's Ed Mutiny (2010))
Marc Robinson (I) (Actor, Spawn (1997))
Marc Rosés (Sound Department, El parc (1992))
Marc Rosso (Actor, Ramona (1991))
Marc Ross (II) (Visual Effects, Clerks II (2006))
Marcross (Actor, It's Only Rock'n Roll (But I Like Keith) (2008))
Marc Ross (III) (Writer, St. Elsewhere (1982))
Marc Rosès
Marc Rosa (Self, The Grateful Undead (2007))
Marc Rolfe (Actor, The Monuments Men (2014))
Marc Robinson (II) (Actor, Bada Din (1998))
Marc Rodriguez (III) (Actor, Diet of Sex (2014))
Marc Rodríguez (Actor, Polònia (2006))
Marcia Rose (Actress, Skin (1995))
Still Star Crossed (Assistant Director, Still Star-Crossed (2017))
Marc Roy (II) (Actor, Die-O-Rama (2017))
Marc Roy (I) (Editorial Department, Stupidity (2003))
Marc Ambrose (I) (Producer, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years (2016))
Marc Rossero (Camera Department, Kitchen (2016))
Marc Rosich (Writer, XI premios Max de las artes escénicas (2008))
Marc Rosocha (Miscellaneous, Wings of Death (1990))
Marc Rosati (I) (Writer, Un flic (2007))
Marc Rosati (II) (Actor, Partisan Earth: Promotional Documentary (2012))
Marc Rostland (Writer, Cautiva (1986))
Raymar Crosby (Writer, Reflection (2011))
Marc Romeo (I) (Actor, Virgil Bliss (2001))
Marc Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, Mr. Robot (2015))
Marc Rosenberger (Composer, Black Sails - The Ghost Ship (2010))
Marc Rosenthal (II) (Producer, Walk with Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith (2016))
Marc Rosenberg (IV) (Actor, Siska (1998))
Marc Rosenblatt (Art Department, Maverick (1994))
Marc Rosellini (Art Department, Men at Work (2012))
Marc Rosenblum (Self, American Beer (2004))
Marc Rosenstiehl (Actor, Les deux Fragonard (1989))
Marc Rosenberg (V) (Producer, Making 'Generation Kill' (2008))
Marc Rosemblum (Producer, Babylone (2008))
Marc Rosenberg (VI) (Actor, Das Ende des Schweigens (2015))
Marc Rosenwasser (Editorial Department, Dateline NBC (1992))
Marc Rosenthal (I) (Director, ZDF Zoom (2011))
Marc Rosenberg (VII) (Producer, The Bad Penny (2011))
Marc Rosenberg (II) (Actor, Das Musikhotel am Wolfgangsee (2008))
Marc Rosenbaum (Writer, Il y a des jours... et des lunes (1990))
Marc Rosenweig (Director, The Dick Cavett Show (1989))
Marc Rosenberg (III) (Animation Department, American Playhouse (1981))
Star-Crossed (Casting Department, Star-Crossed (2014))
Jean-Marc Roulot (Actor, Les saveurs du Palais (2012))
Marcus H. Rosenmüller (Director, Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot (2006))
Omar Crook (Soundtrack, Happy Feet Two (2011))
Marc Romani (Cinematographer, Clandestin (2010))
Marc Roberts (V) (Self, The Eurovision Song Contest (1997))
Marc Roig (IV) (Actor, Nedadors (2010))
Marc Roach (Cinematographer, Tug of War (2006))
Marc Roig (III) (Camera Department, Freetown (2002))
Marc Roca (Camera Department, Murieron por encima de sus posibilidades (2014))
Marc Rohne (Actor, Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (1976))
Marc Roig (II) (Actor, La ruïna (2009))
Marc Romeo (III) (Actor, Animated American (2008))
Marc Roche (III) (Self, On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde (2000))
Marc Roces
Marc Romp (Actor, Zonder Ernst (1992))
Marc Rouse (Producer, The Plano Experience (2010))
Marc Roig (I) (Writer, El corazón de las tinieblas (2004))
Marc Rothe (Editor, Mother Knows Best (1971))
Marc Roth (I) (Visual Effects, District 9 (2009))
Marc Roman (Actor, Hood Damnation )
Marc Roux (II)
Marc Romari
Marc Royce (I) (Cinematographer, Show All (2012))
Marc Robes (Actor, Watercolors (2008))
Marc Rozot (Actor, Vaudeville (1986))
Marc Romy (Miscellaneous, Carnage (2011))
Marc Royce (II) (Cinematographer, Osmosis (2013))
Marc Roma (Director, L'aprenent (2011))
Marc Rozin (Actor, The Goal To Accomplish (2015))
Marc Rohde (Actor, Zwischen den Stunden (2000))
Marc Roland (Composer, Fridericus (1937))
Marc Royo (I) (Editor, Del lado del verano (2012))
Marc Rohm (Actor, On the Loose (1951))
Marc Romeo (II) (Producer, Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer (2015))
Marc Roumy (Actor, Bus No. 9 (1999))
Marc Roth (II) (Actor, The Jogger (1984))
Marc Roig (V) (Self, El mur (2015))
Marc Roche (IV) (Director, Goldman Sachs - La banque qui dirige le monde (2012))
Marc Roche (II) (Self, Scoop! The Greatest Tabloid Headlines (2006))
Marc Roche (I) (Special Effects, The Marvellous World of the Cucu Bird (1991))
Marc Roger (Actor, Fabrik der Offiziere (1960))
Marc Routh (Miscellaneous, Hairspray (2007))
Marc Royo (II) (Producer, La mitad invisible (2010))
Marc Romeu (Camera Department, Lonely Planet (2014))
Marc Roumi (Visual Effects, Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014))
Marc Roux (I) (Writer, Plus belle la vie (2004))
Marc Robert (II) (Actor, A Very Long Engagement (2004))
Marc Rohnstock (Actor, Necronos (2010))
Marc Roussel (I) (Editorial Department, Chloe (2009))
Marc Romaunt (Actor, Hawaiian Eye (1959))
Marc Roberge (Writer, L'écarté (2000))
Peter Croser (Self, Piano Lesson (1950))
R.C. Rosenbalm (Actor, The Bad Father (2002))
Cesar Cross (Actor, Cast Down (2017))
Kylar Cross (Actor, Last Laff (2012))
Marc Romano (II) (Actor, Institutionalized (2015))
Marc Roberts (III) (Stunts, Gladiator (2000))
Jean-Marc Rochette (Writer, Snowpiercer (2013))
Marc Rollins
Marc Rollin (Actor, The Real California (2016))
Dagmar Cárová (Actress, Rudá divuse (1991))
Marc Roberts (VIII) (Actor, Alys (2011))
Marc Rocafort
Marc Rotter (II) (Actor, Das Fräuleinwunder (2009))
Marc Roysen (Actor, Merchants of War (1989))
Jean-Marc Roze (Actor, Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanité (2001))
Marc Rogers (III) (Composer, The Last Night (2014))
Marc Robinson (XIV) (Actor, Stars in Their Eyes (1990))
Marc Royston (Actor, China (2008))
Ron Marcroft (Actor, Cutter's Way (1981))
Marc Roberson (II) (Actor, The Veiled Messiah (2012))
Marc Rousseau (II)
Marc Roberts (XII) (Sound Department, A Special Place (2015))
Marc Roberson (I) (Sound Department, Hip Hop Get Down (2003))
Marc Robotham (I) (Writer, Hang 'em High (2016))
Marc Robchaud (Editor, The Greatest Canadian Invention (2007))
Marc Robbins (II) (Miscellaneous, Elton John: Live in Barcelona (1992))
Marc Rowedder (Producer, Hangin With... Rodney Mullen (2004))
Marc Roubaud (Self, The Dark Side of Porn (2005))
Marc Rodicq (Sound Department, Là-bas - Dert ànna (2010))
Marc Ronick (Producer, Lions, Tigers, Bears and Dirt (2015))
Marc Robinson (XVI)
Marc Roussel (IV) (Art Department, Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood (2014))
Marc Robert (IV) (Producer, Able (2008))
Marc Ronteix (Camera Department, Airs de France (1956))
Marc Rowlston (Camera Department, Shogun Khumalo Is Dying! (2006))
Marc Rovira (I) (Actor, Yo soy la Juani (2006))
Marc Rowley (Producer, Jacob Jarvis: Why It Matters (2016))
Marc Roussel (II) (Cinematographer, The Oath of Tobruk (2012))
Volkmar Croyé (Location Management, Hanna (2011))
Marc Roodhart (Camera Department, Black Book (2006))
Marc Rogoll (Cinematographer, Heavy Metal auf dem Lande (2006))
Marc Robbins (III) (Producer, WordSmith (2012))
Marc Robotham (II) (Composer, This Neighbourhood (2016))
Marc Rogers (I) (Camera Department, The Core (2003))
Marc Rothberg (Actor, Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007))
Marc Robinson (XV) (Director, Who Cares? (2013))
Marc Roussel (III) (Director, The Oath of Tobruk (2012))
Marc Rousset (Set Decorator, La piscine (2004))
Marc Roberts (IX) (Self, ¿Dónde estás, corazón? (2003))
Marc Robinson (X) (Self, The World Before Her (2012))
Marc Rodgers (Actor, Book: The Upgrade (2015))
Tina Marcroft
Marc Robinson (V) (Animation Department, John and Karen (2007))
Marc Robinson (IV)
Marc Robbins (IV) (Actor, Who's the Boss? (1984))
Marc Robinson (III)
Marc Roberts (X) (Actor, Do Not Disturb (2014))
Marc Rotter (I) (Miscellaneous, Birdseye (2002))
Marc Roessler (Writer, Zechpreller (2013))
Marc Roegiers (Miscellaneous, Mario's Early Years! Preschool Fun (1994))
Marc Rokoff (Director, Unspeakable: The Life & Art of Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba (2002))
Marc Robert (V) (Miscellaneous, Warrior Kings (2002))
Marc Rogers (V) (Actor, Kayla's Light (2016))
Marc Roberts (VII) (Actor, Lotto Love (2009))
Marc Robert (I) (Actor, Cross of the Living (1962))
Marc Rombouts (Sound Department, Otomi (2005))
Marc Rovira (II) (Camera Department, We Are Many (2014))
Marc Rovere (Art Department, Hugo (2011))
Marc Robinson (XII)
Marc Robbins (I) (Actor, Their Act (1916))
Marc Roberts (I) (Actor, The Tong Man (1919))
Marc Robins (Actor, Fantasyland (1996))
Marc Rodney (Actor, Night Deposit (1999))
Marc Robinson (XI) (Self, Lord, Save Us from Your Followers (2008))
Marc Roudin (Self, 1PW: 3rd Anniversary Weekend - Night 1! (2007))
Jean-Marc Roy (Actor, Happiness Bound (2007))
Marc Rouelle (Actor, Qu'est-ce qui fait courir David? (1982))
Marc Rocamora (Actor, Venki (2015))