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Laurie MacDonald (I) (Producer, Men in Black (1997))
Laura K. MacDonald (Actress, Supergirl (2015))
Laurie MacDonald (II) (Make Up Department, Scotland, Pa. (2001))
Laurie MacDonald (III) (Visual Effects, Mission to Mars (2000))
Laurianne Macdonald
Laurie Emerson-Macdonald
Laura MacDonald (II) (Actress, Homicide: Life on the Street (1993))
Lauran Macdonald (Actress, Pawno (2015))
Laurel Macdonald (Actress, The Kingdom of Twilight (1929))
Lauren MacDonald (I)
Laura Macdonald (I) (Miscellaneous, Chromophobia (2005))
Laurence Macdonald (Actor, Isola (2013))
Laura Macdonald (V) (Miscellaneous, Clash of Clans (2012))
Laura Macdonald (II) (Actress, Bad Friday (2009))
Lauren Macdonald (Self, Bieber Generation (2018))
Laura MacDonald (VII) (Actress, We Were F(r)iends (2011))
Laura Macdonald (III) (Camera Department, The Lost & Found Family (2009))
Laura MacDonald (IV) (Actress, J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars (2014))
Laura MacDonald (I) (Miscellaneous, Signs (2002))
Laurel MacDonald (I) (Music Department, Replicant (2001))
Laura MacDonald (VIII) (Art Department, A Crime to Remember (2013))
Laura Macdonald (IV) (Self, Paul Henry (2015))
Laura MacDonald (VI) (Writer, The Ghetto of Cool People (1995))
Laurence MacDonald (Visual Effects, Oxygen (2009))
Lauren MacDonald (II) (Actress, Ode to Rosa (2014))
Laura Lynn MacDonald (Actress, Tracks (2009))
Laura MacDonald (III) (Miscellaneous, Entry Level (2007))
Laurel MacDonald (II) (Actress, New Waterford Girl (1999))
Muriel MacDonald (Writer, Studio G-dcast Presents: Twelve-ish Talmud Tales (2013))
Stefan MacDonald-Labelle (Producer, Hit the Hitman (2017))
Laurie McDonald (II) (Producer, Moms (1999))
Laurie McDonald (III) (Make Up Department, Hey, I'm home (2018))
Laurie Mcdonald (Self, What If (2017))
Laurie McDonald (I) (Self, Best! Movies! Ever! (2006))
Laurie Pace (Make Up Department, Charlie Zone (2011))