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Lucie Lucas (Actress, Clem (2010))
Katie Lucas (I) (Writer, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008))
Valerie Lucas (I) (Actress, Twentyfiveish (2017))
Eddie Lucas (Self, Below Deck (2013))
Charlie Lucas (I) (Actor, The Ditchdigger's Daughters (1997))
Charlie Lucas (II) (Actor, Tea with Mussolini (1999))
Jucie Lucie (Actress, Tatort (1970))
Casie Lucas (Make Up Department, Syntax the Movie (2015))
Abbie Lucas (Director, Testing Greta (2017))
Jackie Lucas (Actor, Rough and Ready (1923))
Jimmie Lucas (Actor, Strangers in the Night (1944))
Marie Lucien (Actress, Crapuleuses (2012))
Annemarie Lucas (Self, Your Mommy Kills Animals! (2007))
Leslie Lucas (I) (Director, Jetstream (2008))
Reggie Lucas (Soundtrack, Rush Hour 3 (2007))
Willie Lucas (Actor, The Fugitive (1993))
Vinnie Lucas (Cinematographer, At Home with Arlene Williams (1991))
Bobbie Lucas (Sound Department, Circle Circle Dot Dot (2012))
Debbie Lucas (I) (Costume Department, Spider-Man 2 (2004))
Jamie Lucas (III) (Director, Last Chance (2016))
Connie Lucas (II) (Costume Department, Matewan (1987))
Laddie Lucas (Self, Lest We Forget (2001))
'Laddie' Lucas (Self, This Is Your Life (1955))
Jodie Lucas (Producer, Pænitentia (2017))
Lizzie Lucas (Miscellaneous, Off the Beaten Path (2017))
Laurie Lucas (Actress, When Simon Sleeps (1999))
Bernie Lucas (Actor, Sorta Late (2016))
Charlie Lucas (III) (Actor, Hounddog (2007))
Maddie Lucas (Actress, Google Me (2012))
Debbie Lucas (III)
Julie Lucas (I) (Sound Department, The Man in the Iron Mask (1998))
Valerie Lucas (II) (Cinematographer, Certifiées Vierges (2008))
Emilie Lucas (Production Manager, Un ciel bleu presque parfait (2016))
Annie Lucas (II) (Casting Department, When Zachary Beaver Came to Town (2003))
Abbie Lucasey (Costume Department, Salvatore (2013))
Maggie Lucas (Miscellaneous, The Ward (2010))
Carrie Lucas (I) (Soundtrack, Lambada (1990))
Dickie Lucas (Self, Fallen Empire: Making 'American Gangster' (2008))
Leslie Lucas (II) (Self, The Miss Teen USA Pageant (1983))
Julie Lucas (II) (Actress, John and Sadie (2013))
Sherrie Lucas (Art Department, Naked Souls (1996))
Jamie Lucas (I) (Sound Department, Saw III (2006))
Katie Lucas (II) (Actor, The Eighth Floor (2016))
Charlie Lucas (IV) (Camera Department, The Hippopotamus (2017))
Millie Lucas (Miscellaneous, Bananas (2004))
Bonnie Lucas (Actor, Witnesscylin (2010))
Naomie Lucas
Marie Lucas (Miscellaneous, Après la nuit (2014))
Kristie Lucas (Actress, Confessions of a Teen-Aged Karaoke Groupie (2006))
Julie Lucas (III) (Self, Til Debt Do U$ Part (2005))
Lorrie Lucas (Producer, Puppet Master X: Axis Rising (2012))
Elodie Lucas
Leslie Lucas (III) (Director, Beast Legends (2010))
Jamie Lucas (II) (Actor, Teenage Kicks (2013))
Leslie Lucas (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Eleven (2017))
Lorie Lucas (Actress, L'équipier (2004))
Annie Lucas (I) (Actress, What a Girl Wants (2003))
Aurélie Lucas (Self, Guyane, Je suis, Nous sommes (2013))
Maisie Lucas (Miscellaneous, Birth of the Dragon (2016))
Debbie Lucas (II) (Self, Wipeout (2008))
Connie Lucas (I) (Actress, Magic in the Forest (2010))
Kimmie Lucas (Miscellaneous, Exposure (2017))
Cherie Lucas (Self, Popstars (2000))
Carrie Lucas (II) (Costume Designer, Too Saved (2007))
Lucas Maciel (Composer, Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas (2012))
Elodie-Lucie Lehue (Actress, Alibi.com (2017))
Codie Lucas Wilbee (Actor, Knight Moves (1992))
Isodore Lucien Ducasse (Writer, Maldoror (2001))
Kitty Marie Lucas (Actress, Smosh (2005))
Danielle Lucas (III) (Actress, Girl Vs. Monster (2012))
Graciela De Luca (Producer, Antonio Puigjané, El Piru (2016))
Marie-Lucie Parodi (Actress, Le cinquième quartier (2013))
Marie-Lucie Carlier (Production Manager, Karl (2017))
Aurielle Lucier (Actress, Red, Black, and Blue (2015))
Natalie Lucier (Director, To the Orcas with Love (2017))
Marie Lucienne Laventure (Actress, I Love You Anne (2003))
Danielle Lucas (V) (Actress, How to Win the Internet and Other Questionable Endeavors (2013))
Stephanie Lucas (II) (Art Department, Deatherman (2012))
Stefanie Lucas (Miscellaneous, Real World (1992))
Dani Claverie-Lucas (Actress, The Blue Bicycle (2000))
Élie Lucas Moussoko (Actor, Le secret de l'enfant-fourmi (2011))
Danielle Lucas (I) (Actress, Petsburgh USA (1998))
Stephanie Lucas (IV)
Danielle Lucas (IV) (Actress, Chasing Mood (2010))
Valerie Lucasi (Producer, Call Waiting (2008))
Stefannie Lucas
Michael Charlie Lucas (Actor, Strange Bird (2017))
Danielle Lucas (II) (Self, Kids Might Fly (2009))
Stephanie Lucas (I) (Director, Sweet Clover (2009))
Nathalie Lucas (Actress, Nathan (2010))
Stephanie Lucas (III) (Actor, The Changer (2008))
Marielle Lucas (Actress, Fataal (2016))
Dawn Marie Lucas (Make Up Department, Beer Goggles (2011))
Bernie Lucassen
Anne-Marie Lucas (Editor, Matchmaker (2010))
Cassie Luciano (Actor, Dawn of Nightwing (2017))
Lucie Lancaster (Actress, The Sentinel (1977))
Rosie Lucienne Kengne (Make Up Department, W.A.K.A (2014))
Marielle-Lucie Clément (Actress, Mère Folle (2010))