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Looper (2012)
Little Loopers (2015)
Loopers: a Caddie's Life (2016)
Super Troopers (2001)
Starship Troopers (1997)
Hooper (1978)
Super Troopers 2 (2017)
Sly Cooper
Love the Coopers (2015)
Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper (2014)
Zone Troopers (1985)
Trooper Hook (1957)
I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)
Paratrooper (1953)
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008)
Jakten på nyresteinen (1996)
Loops (1973)
Starship Troopers: Invasion (2012)
El barón contra los Demonios (2006)
Clyde Cooper
Looped (2012)
Fruit Loops (in development)
Trooper (2010)
The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (1981)
Cooper (2012)
Starship Troopers (in development)
Bloopers (2014)
Sooper Se Ooper (2013)
Super Duper Alice Cooper (2014)
Jengo Hooper (2013)
Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket (2016)
State Property 2 (2005)
Pardon My Blooper (1974)
Hooperz (2010)
Masa Alunkot (1977)
Coopers' Camera (2008)
Yoopera! (2015)
Kooperman (2015)
Scoopers (1987)
Adieu Gary (2009)
Sturmtruppen (1976)
Annabelle Hooper 2 (2017)
Sturmtruppen 2 (tutti al fronte) (1982)
State Trooper (1933)
The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper (2014)
The Mystery Trooper (1931)
Nothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper (2016)
Wildcat Trooper (1936)
Cooper and the Castle Hills Gang (2011)
Zooper Heroes (in development)
MLB All-Time Bloopers (2013)
Edith Loops (2016)
Operation Looking Glass (in development)
Trooper 44 (1917)
Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (1975)
Too Perfect (2011)
The Fighting Trooper (1934)
How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines (1943)
Trooper 77 (1926)
License to Operate (2015)
Looped for Life (1924)
Party Poopers (in development)
Troopers Three (1930)
Operation Rock the Troops (2014)
Coopersville (2009)
Cooperatia (1930)
Ooperiball (1974)
Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen (2013)
Lalaloopsy Babies: First Steps (2014)
Gary Cooper, que estás en los cielos (1980)
Good to See You Again, Alice Cooper (1974)
Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper (in development)
Ang tipo kong lalake (Maginoo pero medyo...) (1995)
Storm Troopers U.S.A. (1969)
Family Property 2: More Blood
Trooper O'Neill (1922)
Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend (1989)
March of the Troopers (2013)
Loops to Learn by (1970)
The Second Sight of Father Cooper (in development)
Trooper and the Legend of the Golden Key (2012)
Trooper Campbell (1914)
Life in Loops (A Megacities RMX) (2006)
The Co-Operative One (1996)
Evidently... John Cooper Clarke (2012)
I'm King Kong!: The Exploits of Merian C. Cooper (2005)
La cooperativa (2016)
Un chirurgo opera (1950)
Jengo Hooper Returns (in development)
Il chirurgo opera (1964)
Co-operation Cancer (1997)
A Voz do Operário (1931)
Trooper O'Brien (1928)
Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show (2014)
Finding Cooper's Heaven (2008)
Not Exactly Cooperstown (2014)
Operation Loonie Bin (2019)
Lalaloopsy: Festival of Sugary Sweets (2015)
The Legacy of Lucky Luciano & Operation Underworld (in development)
Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story (2009)
The Pattern of Cooperation (1952)
Cooperativas Agrícolas (1972)
Untitled Bradley King/BP Cooper Sci-Fi Project (in development)
Star Wars: The Idiotic Clone Trooper: The Movie
Più o meno per Nespolo (+o-x Nespolo) (2009)
Chastnyy detektiv, ili operatsiya 'Kooperatsiya' (1990)
Mechanic to Millionaire: The Peter Cooper Story (2009)
Return to the Philippines, the Leon Cooper Story (2015)
Gary Cooper: The Face of a Hero (1998)
Storey Cooper and the Phantom Shift (in development)
Door cooperatie naar welvaart (1954)
Chinese Co-operation in the War (1918)
Grazers: A Cooperative Story (2014)
Comando Negro Operación exterminio (2008)
The Face on the Barroom Floor: The Poem, the Place, the Opera (2013)
Jengo Hooper's 'Cannibal Cafe' (in development)
João Penalva - Personagem e Intérprete (2002)
The Untitled D.B. Cooper Project (in development)
Ikimina cya njye: My Cooperative (2017)
Din viata cooperatista a Sibiului (1938)
Bairro Operário de Vila Viçosa (1937)
Pavel Wonka se zavazuje (2014)
Economic Cooperation: Noel's Lemonade Stand (Ujamaa) (1981)
Rod the Stormtrooper: Episode V - The Hidden Darkness (2015)
Cooperanti - Il Seme Della Solidarieta' (2010)
Cooperanti - il seme della solidarietà (2010)
Water and Cooperation, Reflection for a New Time (2014)
SJ Cooper to Shiny Chris: The Documentary (2015)
Kigeki yakushatachi: Cooper to Gable (1978)
From Rehearsal to Performance: A Look at Our Youth (2010)
Kooperativ Politbyuro ili budet dolgim proshchanie (1992)
Eine Handvoll Zukunft - ein Jahr mit der Gartenkooperative ortoloco (2012)
Education of an Architect: Voices from the Cooper Union (1993)
Das Land, das wir uns nehmen - Eine italienische Landcooperative (1981)