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Loop Squad, The [us] (Casting)
Cooper Company, The [us]
Marnie Cooper Management [us]
Jennifer Cooper Casting [us]
Power Loopers [us]
Artists and Directors Cooperative [us] (Management)
Cooper Searle Management [gb]
Ben Cooper [us]
Co-operative (Distributor)
Gloops [jp] (Distributor)
11 Loops Media [ar]
Cooper and Chand Talent Management [gb]
Straandlooper [ie] (Production)
Trooper Entertainment [us] (Production)
Loopers Unlimited [us] (Post Production Facilities)
Lee Cooper [fr]
Looper Anonymous (Casting)
M.R. Cooper Casting (Casting)
La La Pa Looperz (Post Production Facilities)
Cooper's Town Productions [us] (Production)
Apple Loops [us] (Production)
Dan Cooper & Associates [us]
Whooper [us] (Production)
Uncooperative Pictures [us] (Production)
LA Loops [us]
Superloopers [us] (Post Production Facilities)
Cool Cooperative, The [us] (Office Services)
Ann Cooper Catering [is] (Production Equipment)
Hooper-Mellor (Distributor)
Loopers Unlimited East [us] (Post Production Facilities)
Cooper Crane & Rigging [us]
Astro Cooperativa [es] (Production)
Robert Cooper Productions [ca] (Production)
Coopers Arms Chelsea [gb]
COOPERA [br] (Distributor)
Coopers Camera [ca] (Production)
Hooper Films [gb] (Production)
Cooper Films [es] (Distributor)
Loop Sex (Post Production Facilities)
Cooper Movie Productions [us] (Production)
Cooperpot [us] (Post Production Facilities)
Cooper's Dell [us]
Artists/Media Co-Operative
inLoops [at] (Production)
Looper Studios [us] (Production)
BP Cooper Pictures [us] (Production)
Cooper Movie [us]
Loopeare (Casting)
Filmmakers Cooperative, The [us] (Distributor)
Una Cinecooperativa [it] (Production)
Struijk Sloop en Grondwerken B.V. [nl]
Cooper Bros. [us] (Production)
Cooper Films [us] (Production)
Price Waterhouse Coopers [ca] (Office Services)
George A. Cooper [gb] (Distributor)
Cooper Law [us] (Law Firm)
Co-Operative Wholesale Society (CWS) [gb] (Production)
Formtroopers [dk] (Post Production Facilities)
Kamloops Indian Band [ca]
New Jersey State Troopers [us]
Cooperativa ARCA [it] (Production)
GMA Cooperative [ph] (Production Equipment)
Cooper Classics (Production Equipment)
Coopers [us] (Production Equipment)
Films Cooperativa Agie Spettacolo [it] (Production)
Loop Ease (Post Production Facilities)
Loops of LA [us]
LoopEase [us] (Post Production Facilities)
Lunga Gittata Cooperativa [it] (Production)
PriceWaterhouseCooper [dk]
Cooper Lighting BCN [es]
Cooperativa Río Mixcoac [mx] (Production)
Insomniacs Distribution Cooperation [us] (Distributor)
Cooper Audio [us]
Grandangolo Soc. Cooperativa a.r.l. (Production)
Morning Trooper Films [us]
Looper Reed and Partners [md] (Production)
Co-operative Bank, The [gb]
Cooperativa Trebol Films [es] (Production)
Hooper Productions (Production)
Cooper Vision [ca]
Paratrooper Movieworx [us] (Production)
N. C. Nuova Cooperativa [it] (Post Production Facilities)
Cooperativa Éxito (Crédito Popular) [mx] (Production)
Torbay Troopers [gb]
Staff at the Co-operative Supermarket Ponders End [gb]
Andrew Hooper's Art Factory [us] (Production)
Cooperativa Séptimo Arte, S.C.L. [mx] (Production)
Mindloop Studios [ae]
Justin Cooper [us] (Distributor)
Ars Nova Cooperativa (Production)
Cooper & Associates [us]
Gruppo Cooper [it] (Production)
Cooperative [us] (Costume Wardrobe)
Polenberg Cooper [us]
J.P Cooper Productions
Kino-teatralnaya Kooperatia "Benefis" [suhh] (Production)
Kooperatywa Nowe Kino [pl] (Production)
Television Società Cooperativa [it] (Production)
Cooperfilm (Production)
Artmedia Loops Ltd. [ca] (Post Production Facilities)
Jack Hooper & Co. [us] (Post Production Facilities)
Cooperativa Italiana Doppiatori (CID) [it] (Post Production Facilities)
Recooperart [es] (Production)
Campbell Hooper [gb]
L.A. Loopsters (Post Production Facilities)
Cooperativa 28 Dicembre [it] (Production)
Cooperatif Generale du Cinema Français [fr]
Cooperativa Autori Realizzatori Films (CARF) [it] (Production)
Kooperativa Förbundet (KF) [se] (Production)
Cooperativa Continental [mx] (Production)
Best Western Kamloops [ca]
Coopers & Lybrand [au] (Office Services)
Kelloggs Froot Loops [ca]
Cooperativa Teatro Molise [it] (Production)
New York State Troopers [us]
Cooper Roberts films [us]
Co-operative Studios [us] (Production)
Kinor Filmkooperativ [pl]
City of Kamloops, The [ca]
Coopervision [us]
LoopService [us] (Post Production Facilities)
Cooperativa Seguros [ar] (Office Services)
Coopera Film [it] (Production)
Cooper Film Lighting [au] (Lighting Equipment)
Cooperativa Ormeggiatori di Ischia Ponte [it]
Filmcooperative [ch] (Distributor)
Cooperative Of Black Filmmakers [us] (Production)
Harvard Co-Operative Society [us]
Cooperativa Federal [ar] (Production)
Cooperativa Artea (Production)
Kamloops Mazda [ca]
Modo Operante [br] (Production)
Cooperativa Unmundo [mx] (Production)
Pro-Scooper Movie Co. [us] (Production)
Cooperative Nouveau Cinema [be] (Distributor)
Hooperwood Studios [us]
Cooperative [gb] (Distributor)
Oberlin Film Cooperative [us] (Production)
Frank Cooper Associates [us] (Production)
French Ministry of Cooperation and Development (Production)
Matthew's Cooperativa [it] (Production)
Cooperativa Filme [br] (Production)
Cooperativa Progetto Cinema (CPC) [it] (Distributor)
Coopers Brewery [au]
San Diego Opera [us]
Co-operative [de] (Art Department)
San Francisco Opera Chorus [us]
McGuinness Cooper [ca] (Law Firm)
Serena Film Società Cooperativa [it] (Production)
Repo Opera Productions [ca] (Production Equipment)
Innerloop Studios [us] (Production)
Fiona Cooper [gb] (Distributor)
Cooperativa Conexión S.C.L. [mx]
Koopersmith PBC [us]
Cooper Entertainment [us]
Co-operative Film Festival [gb] (Distributor)
Paula Cooper Gallery [us]
Tokyo Opera Singers [jp]
Lester Cooper Productions (Production)
Cooperativa José Revueltas [mx] (Production)
Kamloops Film Commission [ca]
Mindloop Studios [gb] (Post Production Facilities)
Cooperativa Nuovo Cinema [it] (Production)
Cooperative [ca] (Production)
Cooperativa 15 Maggio [it] (Production)
Cooperativa [it] (Post Production Facilities)
Maxman Coop Società Cooperativa [it] (Production)
Cooperativa Salvador Toscano [mx] (Production)
Cooperativa Celimontane [it] (Production)
Cooperfilm [br]
Cooper and Chand [gb]
Cooperativa Gli Ipocriti [it] (Production)
Cooperativa Studio Sound [it] (Post Production Facilities)
Cooperativa ACTA [es] (Production)
Cohen Cooper Estep & Mudder [us]
Cooper Brother's Films [us] (Production)
Strange Loop Studios [us] (Production)
Sweeney Cooperage, The [ca]
Filmsazan Cooperation [ir] (Production)
Great Bear Co-Operative [ca]
Cooperativa I Berici [it] (Production)
Law Offices of Keith E. Cooper, Esq. [us]
Tokyo Opera City [jp] (Post Production Facilities)
Unión Cinematográfica (Cooperativa) [mx] (Production)
Randol-Cooper Productions [us] (Production)
Compelled Cooperation [us] (Production)
Super Troop Entertainment [us] (Production)
Kangaroo Protection Cooperative [au]
Cooperativa Jean Vigo [it] (Production)
Cooperativa TV Cine 2000 [it] (Production)
Wendländische Film-Cooperative [de] (Production)
Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Ltd. [au]
Cooperativa Procine [ve] (Production)
Cooperative Image Group [us]
Jamie Cooper Images [gb] (Film Video Audio Stock)
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies [us] (Film Video Audio Stock)
Nippon Dairy Co-operated [jp]
Cooperativa Cinematográfica Alcazaba [ws] (Production)
Cooperativa Gente de Cine [ar]