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Lenny Billy (Assistant Director, Complacent (2012))
Lenny Bird (Miscellaneous, Va-Room Service (1966))
Lenny Bier (Producer, Anne B. Real (2003))
Denny Bilac (Transportation Department, Wrecker (2015))
Bill Lenny (Editor, Casino Royale (1967))
Fanny Billon (Actress, Silver moumoute (2003))
Danny Bills (Self, Out of Sight (2015))
Fanny Biller
Lenny Binder (Producer, A People Uncounted (2011))
Lenny Biondi (Actor, A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie (2011))
Lenny Bitondo (Producer, 2:22 (2008))
Kenny Bill Stinson
Jenny Billingsley (Self, Survivor (2000))
Kenny Billings (Miscellaneous, Trumbo (2015))
Sonny Bill Williams (Self, Rugby League World Cup (2008))
Johnny Billington (Self, City Confidential (1998))
Lenny Birchenall (Production Designer, The March (1990))
Jenny Honeybill (Assistant Director, Wings for Victory (2016))