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Lee Majors (I) (Actor, The Fall Guy (1981))
Lee Majors (II) (Camera Department, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014))
Lee Majors (III)
Lee Majors II (I) (Actor, Chinatown Connection (1990))
Lee Majors II (II) (Transportation Department, Farmed and Dangerous (2013))
Dane Majors (Actor, Honor Council (2017))
Lee Major (II) (Editorial Department, One Way Out (1986))
Lee Major (I) (Actor, My Winnipeg (2007))
Lee Major (V) (Producer, Premier League Season 2007/2008 (2008))
Lee Major (III) (Camera Department, The Sleeping Warrior (2012))
Lee Major (IV) (Make Up Department, 4 Faces (2011))
Don Lee Major (Music Department, Cruel Jaws (1995))
Lee Majoris (Actor, Revivencial (1989))
Lee Major II (Camera Department, Family Tools (2013))
Sheree Majors (Music Department, Let's Have Some Church Detroit Style (2015))
Joe Majors
The Majors (Music Department, Flex is Kings (2013))
Andree Major (Writer, Five Billion Years (1981))
Renee Major (Miscellaneous, An Aqueous Solution (2003))
Mattie Majors (Actress, Detroiters (2017))
Domenique Majors (Actress, Flavor of Love (2006))
Saleem Ajouz (I) (Actor, Percussion (2016))
Saleem Ajouz (II) (Sound Department, Percussion (2016))
Major Lee Moore (Composer, Culture NOW (2015))
Eddie Majors (I) (Actor, Lonesome Trail (1945))
Maurie Majors (Casting Department, Eye of the Stranger (1993))
Halle Majors
The Majorettes (Actress, A Night in a Music Hall (1939))
Eddie Majors (II) (Actor, The Ripper (1985))
Minnie Majors (Actress, Carmelita (2017))
Kyle Majors
Chase Majors (Actor, Blood and Water (2016))
Candice Majors (Cinematographer, The Losing Game (2012))
Snake Majors
Majoric Lee (Actor, Hell's Hitman (2016))
The Major Minors (Composer, A Coffee in Berlin (2012))
Major Short Addie Lee
Darcelle Majors (Writer, RWBY Chibi (2016))
Lawrence Majors (Actor, Hunter's Crossing (1983))
Dominique Majorel (Actor, Moi, autobiographie, 16eme version (2010))
Kate Majors-Penix (Actress, Romance (2013))
Ettore Majorana Jr. (Self, Nessuno mi troverà (2015))
Kristine Majors
DeMarco Majors (Actor, Hello, My Name Is Trouble (2010))
Dalieene Majors (Actress, Jules Feiffer's Hold Me (1981))
Quitterie Majorel (Actor, L'enfant sage (2017))
Jacqueline Majors (I) (Casting Director, Decisions (2004))
Dianna E. Majors (Self, Mile High: How to Win... and Lose... the White House (2009))
Thliyah Boone-Majors (Actress, I'm Every Woman (2015))
Dalienne Majors (Director, Parents Who Dance (2012))
Jacqueline Majors (II) (Actress, Beauty 24 (2006))
Charlotte Majors (Actress, Bootleggers (1974))
Jean-Pierre Majorel (Actor, Le café du pont (2010))
Thuraia Ann Boone-Majors (Actress, Shenika's Redemption (2016))
Katherine Major-D'Amore (Actress, Pizza with Bullets (2015))
Thyliyah Boone-Majors (Actor, I'm Every Woman (2015))
Thaiann Elizabeth Boone-Majors (Actor, I'm Every Woman (2015))
Groupe de Majorettes de Forbach (Self, Narren nach Noten (1969))
The Wake Forest College Majorettes (Self, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
La Compagnie de Majorettes de Mulhouse (Self, Auf los geht's los (1977))
Robert Lee Scott Jr. (Miscellaneous, God Is My Co-Pilot (1945))
Claire Chennault (I) (Self, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
Jefferson Davis Beauregard Lee III (Writer, Hot Blooded Woman (1965))