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Lee Hall (I) (Writer, Billy Elliot (2000))
Lee Hall (VII)
Lee Hall (V) (Actor, Brought Me This Far (2007))
Lee Halls (Make Up Department, Heartburn (1986))
Lee Halliday (Actress, Specials (1991))
Lee Hallett (Visual Effects, The Machine (2013))
Lee Hall (IV) (Editorial Department, Let's Dance (1950))
Lee Hall (II) (Actor, Harbor Command (1957))
Hallee Hirsh (Actress, You've Got Mail (1998))
Natalie Hall (II) (Actress, Only the Brave (2017))
Desiree Hall (I) (Actress, Best Night Ever (2013))
Deidre Hall (Actress, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Allen Lee Haff (Producer, Auction Hunters (2010))
Jack Whitehall (Actor, The Bad Education Movie (2015))
John Lee Hancock (Director, The Blind Side (2009))
Lee Hall (X)
Lee Hall (VI) (Miscellaneous, Top Gear (2002))
Lee Hall (III) (Camera Department, The Phoenix and the Carpet (1997))
Lee Hall (IX) (Actor, Dogged (2017))
Lee Hall (VIII) (Self, Ghost Hunters in the UK (2016))
Lee Hale (Music Department, The Dean Martin Show (1965))
Jenilee Harrison (Actress, Three's Company (1976))
Lasse Hallström (Director, What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993))
Lee Haxall (Editor, Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011))
Andre Hall (I) (Actor, Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016))
Shashawnee Hall (Actor, Friend Request (2016))
Lee Hallam (Actor, Slebs (2017))
M. Lee Hall (Writer, A.S.T.A.R. (2014))
Jana Lee Hamblin (Actress, I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore. (2017))
Diane Lee Hart (Actress, The Giant Spider Invasion (1975))
Tre Hall (Actor, Rebel (2017))
Karen Lee Hall (Producer, Ginger Snaps (2000))
Kathleen Marshall (I) (Actress, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004))
Steven Lee Hall Jr. (Self, Naked and Afraid XL (2015))
Lee Harrington (II) (Actress, Last Flag Flying (2017))
Sally Meehan (I) (Actress, Goodbye to All That (2014))
Hwee Hall (Actor, Fags in the Fast Lane (2017))
Skye Hallam (Actress, Intrigo: Samaria (2018))
Aimee Hall (IV) (Self, MTV Floribama Shore (2017))
Lee Hardee (Actor, The Host (2013))
Jaylee Hamidi (Actress, Supernatural (2005))
Aimee Hall (III) (Miscellaneous, Wonder Woman (2017))
Lee Haven Jones (Director, Shetland (2013))
Lee Hazlewood (Soundtrack, (500) Days of Summer (2009))
Penny Lee Hallin (Editorial Department, Courage Under Fire (1996))
Lee Haugen (Editor, Dope (2015))
Dee Hall (Self, Where's My Lolly Bag? (2009))
Kaylee Hall (I) (Actress, My Dinner with Generation X (2010))
Matt Lee Hall (Miscellaneous, The Avengers (2012))
Chloe Lee Hall
Kaylee Hall (III) (Actress, It's Lurking (2016))
Cindalee Hall
Charlee Hall (Actor, EastEnders (1985))
Ashlee Hall (Miscellaneous, The Real Housewives of Orange County (2006))
Kaylee Hall (II)
Lee Hallmond (Miscellaneous, The Circuit (2007))
Trulee Hall (Location Management, Shadow Wars (2013))
Lee Hallyday (Self, Age tendre et tête de bois (1961))
Sheri-Lee Hall (Actress, Time of Your Life (1963))
Carol Lee Hall (Writer, Donaldina: Based on True Events in the Life of Donaldina Cameron (in development))
Bryon Lee Hall (Actor, Driven (2015))
Jane Hallaren (Actress, Body Heat (1981))
Lee Hales (I) (Self, Monsterquest (2007))
George Hall (I) (Actor, Remember WENN (1996))
Lee Harmon (V) (Actor, Chronic (2015))
Annie Hall (II) (Actress, Other Voices (2000))
Lee Hays (Soundtrack, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002))
Kiralee Hayashi (Stunts, Independence Day: Resurgence (2016))
Charlie Hall (I) (Actor, Beginner's Luck (1935))
Zhane Hall (Actor, Recess (2011))
Katie Hall (VIII) (Actress, Les Misérables (2012))
Julie Hallam (Actress, Softly Softly: Task Force (1969))
Cleve Hall (Miscellaneous, Re-Animator (1985))
Eddie Hall (V) (Actor, Rotten Cotton (2018))
Yee Ha Lee (Actress, Ji jun sam sap lok gai ji Tau tin wun yat (1993))
Lee Halden (Actor, Those Who Can (2011))
Lee Hales (II) (Special Effects, Les Misérables (2012))
Regina Hall (I) (Actress, Scary Movie (2000))
Lee Harman (I) (Make Up Department, Chinatown (1974))
Deborah Lee Hall (Actress, Queens of Country (2012))
Trishalee Hardy (Actress, Village of the Damned (1995))
Jane Hall (II) (Actress, The Starter Wife (2007))
Kalee Harris
Lee Harris (I) (Actor, The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (2012))
Claude Hall (I) (Actor, The Devil's Bedroom (1964))
Raevan Lee Hanan (Actress, Cloud Atlas (2012))
Willie Hall (I) (Actor, The Blues Brothers (1980))
Florence Hall (Actress, Jonathan Creek (1997))
William Challee (Actor, Five Easy Pieces (1970))
Michael Whitehall (Producer, Element of Doubt (1996))
Kate Hall (I) (Actress, Black Widow (1987))
Jace Hall (Producer, V (2009))
Lee Hak Joo (Actor, Tong: Memories (2016))
Darrell Lee Hall (Production Manager, The Transporter Refueled (2015))
Aimee Hall (II) (Sound Department, The Struggle (2015))
Aimee Hall (V) (Miscellaneous, Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two (2004))
Renee Hall (IV) (Thanks, The Good Gay (2014))
Genee Hall (Actress, I Met My Love Again (1938))
Aimee Hall (I) (Miscellaneous, How I Live Now (2013))
Renee Hall (III) (Costume Department, Hidden Hills (2013))
Renee Hall (II) (Costume Department, Incident on Highway 73 (2012))
Dee Dee Hall
Renee Hall (I) (Actress, Skin Deep (1978))
Jamee Hall (Miscellaneous, The Virgin of Juarez (2006))
Laree Hall (Actor, I's Married Now (2012))
Lee Hayden (Actor, So-Called Friends (1997))
Hallie Haas (Actor, Fort Tilden (2014))
Maurice Hall (II) (Actor, Grey's Anatomy (2005))
Lee Haney (Writer, TotaLee Fit: with Lee Haney (1997))
Lee Hartley (Actor, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Eddie Hall (I) (Actor, Thoroughbreds (1944))
Hite Hallam (Actor, The Lucky Man (2018))
Annie Hall (IV) (Actress, What Would You Do? (2009))
Caroline Hallum (Actress, The Chupacabra (2018))
Sparka Lee Hall (Costume Department, The Constant Gardener (2005))
Lee Hawkins (IV) (Self, The Insider (2004))
Lee Hao (Producer, Zhuo yao ji (2015))
Lee Han (Actor, When Spring Comes (2007))
Joe Hall (IX) (Actor, 90210 (2008))
Lee Harvey Oswald (Writer, Frontline (1983))
Lee Shallat Chemel (Director, Gilmore Girls (2000))
Shelly Chee Chee Hall (Actress, Trading Places (1983))
Garrick Lee Hamm (Director, The Man Who Married Himself (2010))
Jake Lee Hanne (Producer, Mutt (2011))
Justin Dwayne Hall (Actor, Jeepers Creepers III (2017))
Melonie Haller (Actress, Hollywood 90028 (1973))
Merrilee Hale (Make Up Department, Magdalena's Brain (2006))
Kaylee Halko (Self, 20/20 (1978))
Siana Lee Hale (Miscellaneous, Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979))
Shalee Hansen (Miscellaneous, Hostages of Two Worlds (2001))
Maleeha Lodhi (Self, To the Contrary (1992))
Jylee Halsted (Actor, No Matter (2013))
Lee Halvorson (Actor, Merc (2017))
Lee Halpern (Animation Department, The Secret of the Sword (1985))
Ollie Hall (Actor, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985))
Price Hall (Director, Mississippi Murder (2017))
Ronnie Hall (IV) (Actor, Winter's Bone (2010))
Jody Lee Harris (Actress, Utopia (2014))
Alysse Hallali (Actress, Alice in Paris (2016))
Lee Harris (III) (Actor, Matlock (1986))
Lee Harry (Editorial Department, Street Fighter (1994))
Cate Hall (II) (Make Up Department, The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015))
Lee Hanna (I) (Producer, Milyang (2007))
Lee Harrah (Actor, Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014))
Steve Hall (XXVI) (Actor, Country Clips (1984))
Lee Harting (Editor, Rick and Morty (2013))
Cynthia Rose Hall (Actress, Fear the Walking Dead (2015))
Lee Hart (V) (Sound Department, UFC: Road to the Octagon (2012))
Lee Hass (Sound Department, The Art of Crime (1975))
Lee Hagy (Actor, Man-Eaters of India (2001))
Lee Hahn (II) (Visual Effects, Cloverfield (2008))
Elle Eha (Actress, Mäeküla piimamees (1965))
Lee Hahn (I) (Art Department, Mirror Mirror (1990))
Lee Haas (Production Manager, Joe Versus the Volcano (1990))
Lee Hard (Producer, Live Life Dearest (2014))
Lee Hart (I) (Sound Department, Assassin Origin (2014))
Lee Hart (II) (Actor, The Ethical Slut (2013))
Lee Hart (III) (Miscellaneous, Sinister 2 (2015))
Lee Hart (IV) (Actor, Take Me to the Front (2013))
Lee Hake (Music Department, The Steve and Kathy Show (2006))
Lee Hayes (II) (Self, American Hot Rod (2004))
Georgia Lee Hall (Actress, The Pest of Honor (1930))
Michelle Lee Hall (Producer, Be Heard (2014))
Donald Lee Hall Sr. (Transportation Department, The Gravedancers (2006))
Monica Lovelee Hall
Willard Lee Hall (Actor, Scaramouche (1923))
Donald Lee Hall Jr. (Actor, Cabin Fever (2002))
Thomas Lee Hall (Art Department, Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997))
Bridget Lee Hall (Actress, When Will I Be Loved (2004))
Ve'ehala (Self, Omnibus (1967))
Gee Hale (Visual Effects, Crime Plays (2013))
Adelaide Hall (Actress, The Thief of Bagdad (1940))
Caroline Hall (I) (Actress, The Bridge (2013))
Demene Hall (Actress, Men of Honor (2000))
Diane Hall (I) (Actress, The Ten Commandments (1956))
Lee Hartney (Actor, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Lee Harris (XI) (Self, River Inn (1968))
Dave Halls (I) (Assistant Director, The Matrix Reloaded (2003))
Lee Hardin (Actor, A Tale About Bootlegging (2005))
Joe Hall (VI) (Producer, Lime Salted Love (2006))
Deedee Halleck (Self, Connected: The Power of Six Degrees (2008))
Desiree Hall (II) (Actress, Mimi (2017))
Shaunee Hall (Actress, Zombie Clean-Up (2013))
Suedee Hall (Animation Department, Motorcycle Dreams (2010))
L. Rene'e Hall (Actress, Losing Mama (2017))
Cherokee Hall (Actor, Mountain Mafia (2012))
Dee Dee Halleck (Producer, Gringo in Mananaland (1995))
Leeham Coles (Art Department, The Rise of the Krays (2015))
Lee Hampton (II) (Producer, The Darksiders 2 (2014))
Lee Hartman (Actor, Night of the Living Dead (1968))
Lee Hardcastle (I) (Director, The ABCs of Death (2012))
Lee Olivier-Hall (I) (Miscellaneous, Heavenly Sword (2007))
Lee Olivier-Hall (II) (Composer, Inappropriate Behaviour (2017))
Lee Harris (X) (Music Department, Eden Lake (2008))
Freddie Hall (I) (Assistant Director, Wonder Woman (2017))
Hallee Hurt (Actress, False Security (2008))
Robert Lee Harvey (Stunts, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Stacie Hall (Self, The Hills (2006))
Steve Halliwell (Actor, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Lee Justice Hall (Actor, No Strings Attached (2011))