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Lee Gilmore (I) (Sound Department, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013))
Lee Gilmore (II) (Sound Department, Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters (1965))
Alexie Gilmore (Actress, Willow Creek (2013))
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Wheeler Lee Gilmore (Sound Department, The Naked Zoo (1970))
Kate Gilmore (II) (Actress, The Legend of Longwood (2014))
Aline Gilmore (Costume Designer, Lost and Delirious (2001))
Lee Gilmour (Self, Super League Show (1999))
Jake Gilmore (Actor, Hit the Ground Running (2011))
June Gilmore (Actress, Broadway Jungle (1955))
Bruce Gilmore (Actor, The Rathole (2014))
Bryce Gilmore (Self, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (2005))
Jayde Gilmore (Production Manager, We'll Always Have Peg's (aka 6 Pages in 5 hours) (2014))
Lane Gilmore (Camera Department, What Water Gives (2011))
Joe Gilmore (Sound Department, Hellraiser (1987))
Irene Gilmore (Actress, Girl Gang (1954))
Diane Gilmore (Self, 20/20 (1978))
Dave Gilmore (II) (Miscellaneous, Hollywood a Go Go (1964))
Steve Gilmore (Animation Department, Jade Empire (2005))
Kate Gilmore (III)
Wende Gilmore (Actress, Terror in the Darkness (2003))
Sable Gilmore (Actress, Hercules in Hollywood (2005))
Faye Gilmore (Self, Hotel Ground Zero (2009))
Dave Gilmore (III) (Camera Department, The Thing in the Apartment (2015))
Donte Gilmore (Editor, Lonely Affair )
Mike Gilmore (II)
Gage Gilmore (Composer, The Lampmaker (2015))
Andie Gilmore (Miscellaneous, Lunch (2015))
Kate Gilmore (I) (Actor, Article 12 (2010))
Reece Gilmore
Hope Gilmore (Miscellaneous, Mr. Brooks (2007))
Jaye Gilmore (Actress, Losing Julia Finch )
Gillie Gilmore (Actor, Terminal Rush (1996))
Alice Gilmore (Actress, Conjecture (2012))
Mike Gilmore (I) (Production Manager, Zombie's Toothache (2013))
Jamie Gilmore (II) (Self, This Old House (1979))
Mike Gilmore (III)
Jane Gilmore (Producer, Raven's Touch (2015))
Mike Gilmore (IV) (Camera Department, The Lost (2016))
Gene Gilmore (II) (Producer, Dog Days of Winter (2015))
Julie Gilmore (Actress, Almost There! (1988))
Dave Gilmore (I) (Composer, Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall (2011))
Gene Gilmore (III) (Writer, The Big Talent Bee (2008))
Stephanie Gilmore (Self, Going Vertical: The Shortboard Revolution (2010))
Claire Gilmore (Editorial Department, The 11th Annual American Music Awards (1984))
George Gilmore (I) (Writer, Burnzy's Last Call (1995))
Ford Lytle Gilmore (Producer, Catacombs (2007))
Charlie Gilmore (Producer, Burned Soul (2011))
Catherine Gilmore (Actress, Star 80 (1983))
Trevor Wade-Gilmore (Actor, Nevan Saunders' Quest for Fame: A Documentary by Kip Griffen (2011))
Pearse Gilmore (Music Department, Hobo (1992))
Sophie Gilmore (Actress, Bad Romance (2013))
Floyd Blue Gilmore
Ruthie Gilmore (Miscellaneous, Solitude (2014))
Lianne Gilmore (Actress, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974))
Margie Gilmore (Producer, Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story (2014))
Dionne Gilmore (Producer, Rhythms of Life (1995))
Natalie Gilmore (Self, The Drop (2004))
Rachele Gilmore
Frankie Gilmore (Sound Department, Acts of Consequence (2011))
Christie Gilmore (II) (Miscellaneous, Quiet Courage (2015))
Sara Louise Gilmore
Bernie Gilmore
Blanche Gilmore (Actress, Vernon's Aunt (1930))
Maya Sophie Gilmore (Actress, Mister John (2013))
Charlotte Gilmore (Actress, Back for Good (2015))
George Gilmore (II) (Actor, Inspector Morse (1987))
Mackenzie Gilmore (Actress, Divorce (2016))
Christie Gilmore (I) (Camera Department, This Space Between Us (1999))
Dena Sue Gilmore (Actress, Silver Spoons (1982))
Jasmine Gilmore (II) (Miscellaneous, Hey Academy, I'm a Woman (2015))
Jacqueline Gilmore (Art Department, King Kong (2005))
Caroline Gilmore (Editorial Department, Code Black (2015))
Bonnie Gilmore (Editorial Department, Screenwipe (2006))
Willie Gilmore (Actor, Keepers of the Light (2010))
David E. Gilmore (Actor, ...They Haven't Seen This... (1988))
Chance Gilmore (Self, SXSW Flashback 2012 (2012))
George Gilmore (III) (Actor, The High Life (1923))
Jackie Gilmore (Art Department, The Piano (1993))
Debbie Gilmore (Actress, Red Desert Penitentiary (1985))
Jasmine Gilmore (I) (Actress, The House Guest (2005))
Paulie Gilmore (Actor, MWF: Soul Survivor II (2004))
Susanne Gilmore (Actress, Not Since Casanova (1988))
Eleanore Gilmore (Actress, The Big Punch (1921))
Adrienne Gilmore (Producer, A Player to Be Named Later (2005))
Rochelle Gilmore (Self, Commonwealth Games (1954))
Danielle Gilmore (Actor, Zombie's Toothache (2013))
Eileen Gilmore (I) (Actress, Nang maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan (1984))
Colleen Gilmore (Miscellaneous, Spin's 25th Anniversary Concert Series (2010))
Eileen Gilmore (II)
Droxine Bruce-Gilmore (Actress, Adult Rated Insanity (2012))
Chelsea Marie Gilmore (Writer, Way Black When: Primetime (2011))
Ricie Gilmore-Frazier (Miscellaneous, Gideon Falls (2008))
Regina Brooks-Gilmore (Actress, Changes (2013))
Melanie Blake Gilmore (Actor, Modern Ruins (2010))
Courtney Gabrielle Gilmore (Actress, Losing My Soul (2016))