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Laura Summer (Actress, The Real Ghostbusters (1986))
Laura Summerhill (II) (Actress, Desperate Endeavors (2012))
Laura Summers (I) (Writer, The Story of Tracy Beaker (2002))
Laura Summers (III) (Actress, Devil's Playground (2010))
Laura Summerhill (I) (Composer, So, What's in Jericho? (1999))
Laura Summers (II)
Tara Summers (III) (Actress, Mercy Street (2016))
Laura Alicia Summers (Self, Ex on the Beach (2014))
Tara Summers (I) (Actress, The Bold and the Brave (1956))
Zandra Summer (Actress, Straight to the Heart (2016))
Sabra Summers (I) (Actor, In a Field of Weeds (2013))
Debra Summers (Make Up Department, The Lords of Magick (1989))
Sabra Summers (II) (Make Up Department, This Land Is Their Land (2014))
Tara Summers (II) (Camera Department, Black Belt Angels (1994))
Sara Summers (Art Director, EastEnders (1985))
Mera Summers (Actor, The Tramp (2010))
Nora Summers (Actress, Extra Ordinary (2016))
Nora Summer (Miscellaneous, Bollywood lässt Alpen glühen (2011))
Lora Summers
Niara Summers (Actress, Dead Drop (2014))
Launa Summers
Lauren Summer (Miscellaneous, Remora (2016))
Lauren Summers (I) (Actress, A Table for One (1999))
Kendra Summerfield (Actress, Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015))
Laura Sumpter (Actress, Dogwalker (2004))
Laura Sumich (Costume Department, 12 Years a Slave (2013))
Laura Sumner
Laura Plummer (II) (Miscellaneous, Sorgenfri (2015))
Laura Plummer (I) (Visual Effects, According to Us: Boston Girls Talk About Growing Up Female (2011))
Laura Sommer (I) (Actress, To the Limit (1995))
Laura Sommer (III)
Laura Sammer (Costume Designer, Une grande perte (2002))
Laura Stemmer (Costume Department, Jose & Eli (2012))
Laura Sommer (II) (Writer, 8 Doors (2017))
Laura Sommers (Art Department, Dante's Cove (2004))
Kendra Summers (Actress, The Tightness Factor (2001))
Claudia Summers (I) (Actress, Downtown 81 (1981))
Leonora Summers (Actress, Hoboken to Hollywood (1926))
Barbara Summers (IV) (Self, Versailles '73: American Runway Revolution (2012))
Barbara Summerville (Actress, Dinner with Malibu (1993))
Casandra Summers (Camera Department, What Matters Most (2012))
Barbara Summers (III) (Actress, Dragon Slayerz (2009))
Cassandra Summer (Camera Department, Juliebug )
Debora Summers (Actress, Tears (2006))
Alexandra Summer (Actress, The Dirtiest Show in Town (1980))
Tamara Summers (Actress, Paranormalice (2016))
Cassandra Summers (Actor, Magic Stocking (2015))
Barbara Summering (Producer, PDX Live (2014))
Claudia Summers (II) (Actress, Raymond's 5 (2017))
Lauretta Summerscales (Actor, Paper Mountains (2012))
Lauren Summers (II) (Art Director, 100 Miles (2013))
Lauren Summer Harvey (Actress, The Young and the Restless (1973))
Lauren Summers (X) (Self, Becoming a Master: The Ultimate Pokémon Experience (1999))
Lauren Summers (V) (Miscellaneous, Sarah Chong Is Going to Kill Herself (2016))
Lauren Summers (VI) (Actress, Off We Go (2015))
Lauren Summers (XII) (Costume Department, Medicae (2017))
Lauren Summers (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Run It Off (2017))
Lauren Summers (III) (Actress, The Dreamers (2013))
Lauren Summers (XI) (Miscellaneous, Soul Song (2017))
Lauren Summers (VII) (Miscellaneous, Sliding (2016))
Lauren Summers (IV) (Costume Department, Pathfinder (2015))
Lauren Summers (IX) (Actress, Vamperifica (2012))
Laura L. Plummer (Director, According to Us: Boston Girls Talk About Growing Up Female (2011))
Laurence Summerfield (Actor, Boys in the Trees (2016))
Lauren Lottie Summers (Costume Department, Killing Eric (2016))
Julian Rivera-Summerville (Actor, Broadway Kids Against Bullying: I Have a Voice (2016))
Laura Ann Tull (Actress, A.B.S (2012))