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Laura Harris (II) (Actress, The Faculty (1998))
Laura Harris Atkinson (Sound Department, Star Trek (2009))
Laura Brock (II) (Actress, The Dead Talk Back (1993))
aka "Laura Harris"
Laura Harring (Actress, Mulholland Drive (2001))
Laura Harrier (Actress, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017))
Laura Harrington (I) (Actress, What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993))
Laura Harrison (II) (Actress, Sing It! (2016))
Sura Harris (Actress, Baby Daddy (2012))
Barbara Harris (I) (Actress, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988))
Cassandra Harris (I) (Actress, For Your Eyes Only (1981))
Lara Harris (Actress, The Fisher King (1991))
Laura Harman (I) (Actress, Use Only as Directed (2014))
Laurel Harris (II) (Actress, Odd Thomas (2013))
Laura Harris (I)
Laura Harris (III) (Stunts, The Falcon and the Snowman (1985))
Laura Harris (X) (Miscellaneous, How Do They Do It? (2006))
Laura Harris (XI) (Self, Lowcountry Live (2009))
Laura Harris (VI) (Costume Designer, Huxley Pig (1989))
Laura Harris (IV) (Miscellaneous, Delgo (2008))
Laura Harris (XIII) (Make Up Department, Eve (2014))
Laura Harris (VIII)
Laura Harris (IX) (Producer, Seconds from Disaster (2004))
Laura Harris (VII) (Actress, The Zombie Diaries (2006))
Laura Harris (XV)
Laura Harris (XIV) (Actress, Written in Blood (2014))
Laura Harris (V) (Actress, Mersey Beat (2001))
Laura Hart (V) (Actress, The Benefactor (2015))
Barbara Harris (V) (Self, The Annual Friars Club Tribute Presents a Salute to Roger Moore (1986))
Laura Harkcom (Writer, Parallels (2015))
Laura Harper (IV) (Actress, Motel California (2015))
Barbara Harris (II) (Casting Department, The Shawshank Redemption (1994))
Tiara Harris (I) (Actress, Bad Boys II (2003))
Debra Harrison-Lowe (Actress, House of the Rising Sun (2011))
Laura Harling (Actress, Jane Eyre (1997))
Laura Hart-McKinny (Producer, Susie's Hope (2013))
Laura Hartley (I) (Actress, For We Walk by Faith (2015))
Alexandra Harris (III) (Actress, The Posthuman Project (2014))
Claudia Harrison (Actress, The Cat's Meow (2001))
Laura Harrison (VIII) (Writer, No Such Luck (2011))
Laura Harrison (I) (Sound Department, Impromptu (1991))
Laura Harrison (VII) (Actor, Tears for Narcissus (2013))
Laura Harrison (IX)
Laura Harris Smith (Self, It's Supernatural (2007))
Laura Harrison (XI) (Actor, After Hours (2016))
Laura Harrison (V) (Producer, Texas Majority Minority (2004))
Laura Harrison (VI) (Director, Space, Land and Time: Underground Adventures with Ant Farm (2010))
Laura Harrison (IV) (Actress, Guardians (2011))
Laura Harrison (III) (Actress, Guardians (2011))
Laura Harrison (X) (Director, The Lingerie Show (2015))
Laura Hart McKinny (Producer, Labor of Love: Healing Build (2014))
Phaedra Harris (I) (Casting Department, Cool Runnings (1993))
Laura Harrell
Laura Harbin (Producer, The Next Step (2013))
Laura Hart (II) (Actress, Birth of a Legend: The Story of the WAWA (2007))
Laura Hart (I) (Costume Department, Richard Roe (2001))
Laura Hart (IX)
Laura Hart (VII)
Laura Hart (III) (Make Up Department, Last Wishes (2014))
Laura Hart (VIII) (Make Up Department, After (2015))
Laura Hart (X) (Art Department, Case Claus'd (2015))
Laura Hart (XI) (Make Up Department, True Monsters (2015))
Laura Hart (IV) (Editorial Department, Naked Angel (2014))
Laura Hart (VI)
Laura Hartong (Actress, The Onedin Line (1971))
Samara Harris (Actress, 5 Ways to Kill Mr. Carter (1996))
Barbara Harris (VIII) (Actress, It's a Bikini World (1967))
Laura Harkins (I) (Producer, Ratified (2007))
Aurora Harris (II) (Cinematographer, Waterveil )
Aurora Harris (I) (Actress, Televising a Revolution of Spoken Word from Detroit (2010))
Laura Harding (II) (Actress, Lavender (2011))
Laura Harden (II) (Actress, L.A. Law (1986))
Laura J Harris
Laura C. Harris (Actress, The Company We Keep (2014))
Laura Harriott (Miscellaneous, Seven Gates (1997))
Laura Harrington (IV) (Actress, K.O. (2013))
Laura Harrington (III) (Actor, ...Identity Crisis. (2013))
Laura Harrington (II) (Writer, Secrets (1986))
Laura Harvey (I) (Actress, Solid Air (2003))
Amber A. Harris (Director, Ernest & Lauren (2017))
Ora Harris (Music Department, For the Love of Jazz (2013))
Laura Hardy (III) (Actress, Once Upon a Deadtime Story (2015))
Maurah Harrison (Miscellaneous, Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (1997))
Laura Harden (I) (Actress, Phil of the Future (2004))
Laura Harding (IV) (Actress, Appalachian Man: Where Are They Now (2015))
Ardara Harris (Actor, Gateseven (2016))
Lauren Harris (IX) (Actress, Adrift in Soho (2016))
Alexandra Harris (IV) (Actress, Missed Connections (2010))
Laura Hardin (I) (Producer, When Wellness Sucks (2010))
Roger A. Harrison (Actor, Ant-Man (2015))
Laura Harbron (Producer, Skyfell (and I Can't Get Up) (2013))
Clara Harris (III) (Actress, A Christmas Melody (2015))
Laura Hardie (Actress, I'm Not Afraid of Shia LaBeouf (2015))
Laura Harvey (VI)
Laura Harding (I) (Editor, Lavender (2011))
Laura Harold (II) (Miscellaneous, Sacred )
Laura Harvey (II) (Camera Department, Lemur Island (2007))
Laura Harkins (II) (Actress, Amy Goes to College (2011))
Laura Hartley (III) (Producer, Blondie's New York and the Making of Parallel Lines (2014))
Laura Harman (II)
Laura Hardy (II) (Make Up Department, Leftovers (2012))
Laura Harlan (Actress, The Twilight Zone (1985))
Laura Harley (II) (Sound Department, Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011))
Laura Harvey (IV) (Miscellaneous, Taggart (1983))
Laura Hardy (IV) (Actress, Space Dog's (2016))
Laura Harwood (Actress, Blackout (2009))
Laura Harvey (V) (Miscellaneous, Robbed (2011))
Laura Harper (VII) (Actress, Noah's Park (2015))
Laura Hardin (II) (Actress, The Pastorate (1994))
Laura Harvey (VII) (Make Up Department, The Runner (2015))
Laura Harvey (IX) (Miscellaneous, Paranormal Instincts (2016))
Laura Harkin (Art Department, Man Up (2015))
Talaura Harms (Actress, Chasing Taste (2013))
Laura Harlos (Actress, Half Empty (2011))
Laura Harmon (II) (Self, The 2014 Miss America Pageant (2013))
Laura Harvey (VIII) (Camera Department, Echo Screen (2016))
Laura Hardy (I) (Art Department, The Royal Today (2008))
Laura Hardman (Producer, The Lark (2007))
Laura Hartley (II) (Producer, 6 Beers of Separation (2009))
Laura Harding (III) (Producer, Kirstie's Handmade Britain (2011))
Laura Harper (VI) (Actor, Rain on Film (2014))
Laura Harvey (III) (Producer, Street Monkeys (2009))
Laura Hartung (Miscellaneous, Survivor (2000))
Laura Hartman (Producer, Potluck: The Anything and Everything Talk and Entertainment TV Show (2008))
Laura Harper (V)
A. Laura Hart
Laura Harper (III) (Production Designer, Coffees (2012))
Laura Harper (I) (Art Director, Bully (2001))
Laura Haruk (Actress, Time Agent (2008))
Laura Harper (II) (Actress, The Marchioness Disaster (2007))
Laura Harmon (I) (Art Department, Lost in Space (1998))
Laura Harden (III) (Actress, Child of the '70s (2012))
Laura Harada (Music Department, The Hagstone Demon (2011))
Laura Harkins (III) (Actress, Daddy Issues (2012))
Laura Harley (I) (Music Department, Mud (2009))
Laura Harold (I) (Miscellaneous, How I Live Now (2013))
Ana Laura Harp (Writer, Cutting Loose (1980))
Tamara Harris (Make Up Department, The Rouseabout (2003))
Lauren Harris (I) (Producer, A Spinal Tap Reunion: The 25th Anniversary London Sell-Out (1992))
Tiara Harris (II) (Self, Funeral Boss (2013))
Clara Harris (IV) (Actress, Nazareth (2017))
Shandra Harris (Actress, Resculpting Venus (1999))
Laura Anne Harris (Actor, Swan Song (2016))
Sandra Harris (V) (Producer, Out of Europe Into Africa (1986))
Sara Harrison (I) (Producer, The 1993 US Open Tennis Championships (1993))
Kendra Harris (Actress, Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012))
Sandra Harrison (I) (Actress, Blood of Dracula (1957))
Tara Harris (II)
Laura L. Parris (Writer, 1110 (2015))
Sara Harris-Davies (Actress, Trip Trap (1996))
Laura Harrelson
Laura Harlay Ibarra (Actress, Decadencia (2015))
Maura Harrington (Self, The Pipe (2010))
Myra Harris (Casting Department, Rescue from Gilligan's Island (1978))
Graham Harris (V) (Self, Ancient Apocalypse (2001))
Sandra Harris (IV) (Actress, Country Strong (2010))
Barbara Harris (III) (Actress, Everybody's All-American (1988))
Graham Harris (III) (Art Department, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005))
Cara Harris (Actress, Making the Connection: The Service Learning Revolution (2014))
Debora Harris
Clara Harris (II) (Actor, Mama Harris: Portrait of a Grandmother (2014))
Vondra Harris (Actress, I Am Alone (2015))
Graham Harris (IV) (Actor, Ghosts (2006))
Tara Harris (IV) (Self, No Way Out: The King Keraun Documentary (2016))
Nedra Harris (Self, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Graham Harris (I) (Sound Department, The Taming of the Shrew (1967))
Corra Harris (Writer, I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (1951))
Sandra Harris (VI) (Actress, Flesh Eaters from Outer Space (1989))
Barbara Harris (XI) (Special Effects, Ten (2013))
Sara Harris (V) (Costume Department, Scott and Sid (2016))
Barbara Harris (XIV) (Self, Be a C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocate) (2013))
Cora Harris (Actress, Harlem Hotshots (1945))
Barbara Harris (IX) (Actress, The Symphony of Leif (2010))
Tara Harris (III) (Actress, Single & Dating in Vancouver (2013))
Debbra Harris (Self, Skyway Down (2011))
Tara Harris (I) (Actor, Victim (2011))
Debra Harris (II)
Sandra Harris (II) (Camera Department, Politically Incorrect (1993))
Lanora Harris (Actress, In the Name of the Brotherhood (1996))
Barbara Harris (VI) (Self, The Black List: Volume Two (2009))
Eira Harrison (Self, Treasure Hunt (1982))
Kiera Harris (Actress, Framing Frankie (2005))
Debra Harris (III)
Bobra Harris (Actress, Kraft Theatre (1947))
Sara Harris (I) (Transportation Department, The Lost Room (2006))
Sara Harris (IV)
Cierra Harris (Casting Department, Selma (2014))
Zara Harris (Production Manager, Smile, Baby, Smile (2013))
Barbara Harris (VII) (Miscellaneous, Attention Shoppers (2000))
Sa'Myra Harris (Actress, Hart of Dixie (2011))
Sara Harris (III) (Actress, Animorphs (2007))
Mora Harris
Sandra Harris (VII)
Clara Harris (I) (Actress, Roman Citizen (2015))
Graham Harris (VI) (Camera Department, The Library )
Alcira Harris (Actress, The Weapon, the Hour, & the Motive (1972))
Graham Harris (II) (Stunts, One More Kiss (1999))
Cora Harrison (Actress, Finding Neverland (2004))
Sandra Harris (III)
Kiara Harris (Actress, Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years (1999))
Sara Harris (II)