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Frank Launder (Writer, The Blue Lagoon (1949))
Alexander Franks (Actor, Breakfast with Scot (2007))
Alexander Frankel (II) (Miscellaneous, Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2 (2008))
Alexander Franke (II) (Editor, Indigo Heart (2010))
Alexander Frank (V) (Actor, Jennifer's Coming Home (2014))
Alexander Frank (I) (Director, The Body Client (2018))
Alexander Frank (X) (Actor, Vychislitel (2014))
Alexander Frankson
Alexander Franklin (Art Department, The Autumn Heart (1999))
Alexander Frank (IX) (Actor, Madhouse (2014))
Alexander Frankish
Alexander Frankel (I)
Alexander Frank (III) (Director, Nemesis (2012))
Alexander Franke (III) (Cinematographer, Nachbarn (2001))
Alexander Frank (II)
Alexander Franke (I) (Actor, Das Apfelbaumhaus (2004))
Alexander Franke (IV) (Music Department, Someone (2015))
Alexander Franke (V) (Editor, Las Santeras (2017))
Frank Saunders (II) (Art Department, Natural Lies (1992))
Frank Saunders (VI) (Actor, Olie Kolonie (1975))
Frank Saunders (IV) (Writer, Take Away (2013))
Franke Saunders (Actor, Vitamin Z (2013))
Frank Saunders (I) (Self, Say Goodbye to the President (1985))
Oliver Franklin Anderson (Director, Hollow (2011))
Alison Saunders-Franklyn (Director, Hit for Six (2007))
Alexander Frank Zieglarski (Actor, 18 Bilder/Sek (2010))
Alexander Franklin Donaldson