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Eric H. Lasher (Camera Department, Tales from the Crypt (1989))
Eric Lasher (Camera Department, Interceptor (1992))
Eric Sherertz (Cinematographer, The Ridge (2005))
Ashe Richards (Actor, Scientific Method (2013))
Erich Scherer (Self, Feuer, Eis & Dynamit (1990))
Sheree Rich
Nicholas Herrera (II) (Actor, Journeyman (2016))
Nicholas Herrera (I) (Actor, La Maestra (2015))
Nicholas Herrera (IV) (Actor, Soon by You (2015))
Nicholas Herrera (III)
Daniela Sherer (Animation Department, The Shirley Temple (2013))
Oliver Salas Herrera (Writer, El libro talonario (2007))
Eric Sherertught (Camera Department, Kill, My Lovely (2008))
Richard Lasher (Camera Department, Summer of '42 (1971))
Nicholas Hering (Composer, SHUDDERFADE: Might of the Sword (2015))
Great American Slashers (Miscellaneous, Chiller 13: Great American Slashers (2013))
Rajender Sheri Chand (Actor, Lilith )
Kendra Sherich (Miscellaneous, The Carol Project (2006))
Günther Erich Marsch (Actor, Antigone (1968))
Joseph Nicholas Herson (Self, The Choir (2006))
Christopher Erichsen (Self, Voice - Danmarks største stemme (2011))
Rodricia Sherell Richard
Sheri Christofferson (Casting Department, Uncle Ben (1978))