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Larry King (I) (Self, Larry King Now (2012))
Larry King (VI) (Art Department, Breaking In (1989))
Larry King (VIII) (Art Department, Coraline (2009))
Larry King Jr. (I)
Larry King (XX) (Director, Larry King Live Webcast (2009))
Larry Kingery Fojtik (Production Manager, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (2008))
Larry King (V) (Stunts, The Last of the Mohicans (1992))
Larry King (XI) (Self, The Legend of Ivan Tors (2011))
Perry King (I) (Actor, Riptide (1984))
Larry King (II) (Self, American Masters (1985))
Larry King (XXII)
Larry King (XXI) (Self, Nelson Mandela Redrawn (2014))
Larry King (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Sergei (2016))
Larry King (XV)
Larry King (XXIV) (Producer, Pizza Night (2017))
Larry King (XII) (Art Department, Deathstalker II (1987))
Larry King (XVI)
Larry King (XVII)
Larry King (XIV) (Actor, House Arrest (2013))
Larry King (XIX)
Larry King (VII) (Music Department, You Don't Know Jack: Volume 2 (1996))
Larry King (XVIII)
Larry King (XIII) (Actor, Pose Down (2007))
Larry King (IV) (Actor, Pink Nights (1985))
Larry King (III) (Visual Effects, The Online Adventures of Ozzie the Elf (1997))
Larry King (X) (Animation Department, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011))
Harry King (V) (Actor, Christian (2004))
Terry King (XXII) (Actor, September Rayne (2017))
Larry Keating (I) (Actor, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1950))
Kerry King (Soundtrack, Law Abiding Citizen (2009))
Larry Kin (Producer, Don't Push (1999))
Larry King Jr. (II) (Miscellaneous, 7 Below (2012))
Harry King (I) (Music Department, The Big Valley (1965))
Harry King (VI) (Self, About Face: Supermodels Then and Now (2012))
Barry King (IV) (Set Decorator, Republic of Doyle (2010))
Harry King (III) (Make Up Department, Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1957))
Barry King (V) (Producer, The Message (2012))
Barry King (XI)
Barry King (VIII) (Self, 72 Hours: True Crime (2003))
Barry King (VII) (Transportation Department, Hold Fast (2013))
Barry King (IX) (Stunts, Republic of Doyle (2010))
Barry King (XII) (Actor, Thirty-Minute Theatre (1965))
Barry King (I) (Actor, Almost Made (2004))
Barry King (III) (Self, THS Investigates: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer (2005))
Harry King (II) (Actor, Lipstick (1976))
Barry King (X) (Actor, That Jew Died for You (2014))
Harry King (VII) (Make Up Department, About Face: Supermodels Then and Now (2012))
Barry King (XIII) (Self, Dark Minds (2012))
Harry King (IV) (Director, Look Who's Talking (1973))
Harry King (VIII) (Editor, Welcome to the Family: Harley-Davidson Motor Company (1997))
Barry King (VI)
Garry King (Camera Department, Field of Lost Shoes (2015))
Barry King (II) (Transportation Department, Terry (2005))
Terry King (I) (Actor, Shanghai Noon (2000))
Barry Kinyon (Actor, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986))
Terry King (III) (Stunts, Cinderella (2015))
Gerry King (III) (Self, 1 Girl 5 Gays (2009))
Larry Kinley (Self, Cincy Entertainment (2009))
Larry Kinsey (Producer, 25:13 (2009))
Larry Kish (Actor, Lethal Seduction (1997))
Larry Kirk
Larry Kim (Animation Department, RoboCop: Alpha Commando (1998))
Harry Kind (Miscellaneous, Britain's Got the Builders In (2015))
Perry King (IV) (Director, The Divide (2017))
Larry Kirsch (I) (Miscellaneous, Starman (1984))
Gerry King (I) (Sound Department, Dieppe (1993))
Jerry King (VII) (Actor, The Divine Emerald (2004))
Perry King (II) (Actor, Anything But Frogs (2014))
Terry King (XIII) (Sound Department, The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls (2009))
Terry King (IV) (Actor, Eat the Rich: The Cannibal Murders (2000))
Gerry King (II) (Sound Department, Project: Threshold (2009))
Jerry King (XIII) (Actor, Gaff It Girl (2017))
Terry King (X) (Production Manager, Jack Holborn (1982))
Jerry King (XI) (Actor, Enter Darkness (2011))
Jerry King (I) (Stunts, RoboCop 2 (1990))
Jerry King (IX) (Transportation Department, In the Valley of Elah (2007))
Terry King (XIV) (Cinematographer, The Hagenbeck Story (1971))
Perry King (V) (Actor, Escape the Living Dead (2016))
Jerry King (II) (Art Department, The Faculty (1998))
Terry King (VIII) (Editor, Eventhough (2013))
Jerry King (V) (Sound Department, Foreclosure (1982))
Jerry King (IV) (Special Effects, Blind Horizon (2003))
Jerry King (XIV) (Actor, Confessions of a Pedalphile (2011))
Terry King (XX)
Gerry King (IV) (Actor, Release (2010))
Terry King (XXI) (Sound Department, The Block NZ (2014))
Jerry King (VI) (Self, Comedienne (1984))
Terry King (XVII) (Cinematographer, Chronus (2012))
Jerry King (XII) (Composer, Miser! The Musical (2011))
Terry King (XII) (Make Up Department, Bohemibot (2009))
Terry King (V) (Actor, Comeback Season (2006))
Jerry King (III) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Terry King (XVIII) (Self, The Genius of Invention (2013))
Terry King (XI)
Terry King (XVI)
Gerry King (V) (Actress, Rivers of Eden (2015))
Terry King (XV) (Sound Department, The Great Food Race (2014))
Terry King (VII)
Jerry King (XV) (Self, Raymond Carver: Dreams Are What You Wake Up From (1989))
Jerry King (X)
Terry King (VI)
Jerry King (VIII) (Actor, The Wednesday Play (1964))
Terry King (II) (Costume Designer, You're Killing Me... (2003))
Perry King (III) (Self, The George Gobel Show (1954))
Larry Kirwan (Self, Music of Ireland: Welcome to America (2010))
Larry Kingston (Self, The Porter Wagoner Show (1961))
Barry Kinsman
Larry Kirsh (Stunts, Mob Boss (1990))
Larry Kirkman (Producer, Frontline Journalists: Death & Danger in Afghanistan (2006))
Larry Kirin (Director, NFL2Night (1998))
Larry Kidder (Producer, Stephanie's Heart: The Story of Baby Fae (2009))
Larry Kidney (Self, The World's Strongest Man (1980))
Larry Kiser (Actor, How You Look to Me (2005))
Larry Kirsch (II) (Camera Department, When We Were Kings (1996))
Larry Kizzar (Actor, Larry Kizzar, Survivor (2010))
Larry Kilgore (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Larry Kirsch (III) (Miscellaneous, Trading Places (1983))
Larry Kimura (Actor, Language Matters with Bob Holman (2015))
Larry Killam (Actor, The Rhino Brothers (2002))
Larry Killip (Miscellaneous, The Map Reader (2008))
Larry Kimball (Self, This Old House (1979))
Larry Kitchen (Actor, Such Subtleties (2010))
Larry Kirkley (Producer, Misguided Altruism (2015))
Harry Kinnard (Miscellaneous, Battleground (1949))
Harry Kintama (Editor, Victor's Secret (2010))
Harry Kinne Jr. (Actor, Right Foot, Left Foot or The Daring Young Man in the Cubicle (2004))
Harry Kinsky (Actor, Ho ritrovato mio figlio (1954))
Harry Kinzle (Sound Department, American Playhouse (1981))
Harry Kinney (Miscellaneous, Attack of the Mutant Penguins (1995))
Larry Kitagawa (I) (Actor, Red Dress (2013))
Larry Kinley Jr. (Actor, Foxy Brown (1974))
Harry Kingston (I) (Actor, Buck Rogers (1950))
Sherry King (Actress, Sensation Generation (1969))
Perry King Jr.
Terry Kingley (Actor, Five Days One Summer (1982))
Larry Keeling (Actor, The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller (2013))
Larry Kinsella
Larry Kinnebrew (Self, 1983 NFL Draft (1983))
Hilary King (I) (Miscellaneous, Nearly No Christmas (1983))
Hilary King (II)
Harry Kinghorn (Actor, Janet King (2014))
Barry Kingsbury
Barry Kingston (Art Department, The Fast and the Furious (2001))
Harry Kingston (II) (Actor, Yiddle and His Fiddle (1912))
Harry Kingsley (Actor, Public Defender (1917))
T. Larry Kirkland Sr. (Self, O.J.: Made in America (2016))
Larrie King (Art Department, The American Standards (2008))
Larry Keating (III) (Actor, Shortland Street (1992))
Larry Keating (II) (Sound Department, The Family Man (2000))
Larry Keating (V) (Editor, The Artist and the Computer (1976))
Larry Keating (IV) (Director, Les grands duels du sport (2001))
Jerry King Musser (Actor, Exit (1997))
Larry L. King (Writer, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982))
Larry Killebrew (Self, Katrina: A Volunteer Story (2006))
Larry Kilgore III
Larry Kitigawa (Actor, Wondrous Woman (2007))
Larry Kian Fong Lai (Actor, Sex.Violence.FamilyValues. (2013))
Larry Kitagawa (II)
Larry Kirchner (III) (Self, America Haunts (2008))
Larry Kishpaugh
Larry Kirchner (I) (Actor, Article 99 (1992))
Larry Kirchner (IV)
Larry Kirchner (II)
Larry Kirschner (Producer, Spirtual Warfare (2015))
Larry Kirstein (Producer, The Hawk (1993))
Larry Kirkegaard (Self, This Is Tomorrow (2008))
Larry Kopeikin
Harry Kinsella (Actor, Home (1983))
Harry Kindermann (Self, Im Himmel, unter der Erde - Der jüdische Friedhof Weißensee (2011))
Terry Kingsley-Smith (Actor, Molly and Lawless John (1972))
Corry Kingsbury (Animation Department, Denver, the Last Dinosaur (1988))
Gene Perry King (Actor, 6 Feet Below Hell (2017))
Jerry Kingsley (Producer, A Touch of the Sun (1979))
Terry Kingston (I) (Actress, Mr. BBQ (2002))
Terry Kingston (II) (Actor, The Marrying Kind (1952))
Hilary Kingsley (Self, 100 Greatest TV Moments from Hell (2000))
Robert Hillary King (Writer, Angola 1, 2 & 3 (in development))
Larry Keating Jr. (Actor, My Three Sons (1960))
Larry P. King (Art Department, Public Enemies (1996))
Larry 'Kermit' Hawkins (Transportation Department, Single and Dealing with It (2003))
Larry Klingman (I) (Producer, Donald Duck's 50th Birthday (1984))
Larry Klingman (IV) (Sound Department, Celebration at Big Sur (1971))
Larry Kemmerling (Camera Department, Ice from the Sun (1999))
Larry Klingman (III) (Miscellaneous, The Invisible Man (2000))
Larry Kemmerling Jr. (Camera Department, On Thin Ice: The Making of 'Ice from the Sun' (1999))
Larry Flickinger (Self, Ken Carter: Stuntman to the End (2014))
Jacqueline Casselberry King (Producer, Cobb: A Detroit Legend (1995))
Godfrey Ho (Director, Ninja Terminator (1985))
Larry Vaira (Actor, Dawn of the Dead (1978))
Larry Smith (VII) (Actor, The Intervention of Brad (2006))
Lawrence King (II) (Art Department, He Was Once (1989))
aka "Larry King"
Larry Esposito (I) (Self, Sweet Beat (1959))