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Rosemary Lane (Actress, The Oklahoma Kid (1939))
Rosemarie Frankland (Actress, We Shall See (1964))
Diane Roseman (Actress, The Scorpio Factor (1989))
Rosemary La Planche (Actress, Strangler of the Swamp (1946))
Hope Rosemary (Actress, Six Gun Savior (2016))
Rosemary Lang (Actress, Saraband (1948))
Jane Roseman (Actress, A Very Natural Thing (1974))
Rosemarie Rose (Actress, College Girls (1999))
Rosemary Land
Rosemary Bane (Producer, The Split (2012))
Dane Rose Marcial (Actor, Keepsake (2013))
Rosemarie Bergmans (Actress, Johan en de Alverman (1965))
Rose Marie C. Polansky (Costume Department, Stuck on You (2003))
Rose Mary Evans (Writer, The Secret Path (1999))
Deane Rosemary Norton (Actress, Starving Artists (1997))
Rosemarie Blank (Director, Rit over de grens (1994))
Rosemary Jenner (Actress, Schalcken the Painter (1979))
Rose-Marie Rosenback (Actress, Stormskärs Maja (1975))
Rosemary Orlando (I) (Miscellaneous, Chain Reaction (1996))
Rosemarie Poveromo (Miscellaneous, And Then They Were Dead... (2004))
Stephanie Rose Maria (Actress, JFK Studios® & Tween Animations Cupcakes 2: Life of Death )
Rose Marie Rosenlof (Actress, Killpoint (1984))
Rosemarie Gerona (Miscellaneous, Beauty and the Bestie (2015))
Rose Marie Rodrigues (Producer, Charity Poker Festival (2008))
Micelle Rose Marino (Actor, The Mad Ones (2017))
Marie-Rose Manougian (Actress, Hinkerort zorasune (2010))
Marie-Rose Mascarello (Editorial Department, Toi... le venin (1958))
Rosemary Platero (Make Up Department, Descension (2007))
Rosemarie Roman (Location Management, The Amazing Race Philippines (2012))
Rosemarie Roth (Costume Designer, Bonditis (1968))
Rosemary Calderon (Art Director, Groupie (2010))
Choate Rosemary Hall (Miscellaneous, The Kennedys: The Curse of Power (2000))
Rosemarie Romeo (Actress, The Island of Doctor Moron® (2016))
Rosemary Calderone (Actress, La Stanza Rossa: The Red Room (2017))
Rose-Marie Robson (Make Up Department, Barna från Blåsjöfjället (1980))
Rose-Marie Rouquet (Self, Ce soir (ou jamais!) (2006))
Rosemarie Roberts (Actress, Xtasy: The Real Story - Part 1 (2006))
Rosemarie Robinson (Actress, Homeless (2015))
Rosemary Le Roy Layng (Producer, Say Yes (1986))
Rosemarie Romero
Rosemarie Plattner (Writer, Am Dam Des (1975))
Rosemary Gunner (Actress, Television World Theatre (1957))
Rosemary Schachner (Producer, No Good Heroes (2016))
Rosemary Sayner (Actress, No Hiding Place (1959))
Rosemarie Lindner (Actress, Liberator (2012))
Rosemarie Ranner (Actress, Ehen vor Gericht (1970))
Rosemarie Matner (Actress, Don Juan, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 78 (1980))
Rosemary Garner (I) (Producer, American Masters (1985))
Rosemarie Gardner (Make Up Department, Scrambled Feet (1983))
Rosemary Turner (III) (Self, Whatever Happened to the Gender Benders? (2005))
Rosemarie Gardiner (Make Up Department, The Kraft Music Hall (1967))
Rose Marie Ragner (Actress, The Vernonia Incident (1989))
Rosemarie Lerner (I) (Art Department, Un día sin sexo (2005))
Rosemarie Trautner (Miscellaneous, Die Habsburger - Eine europäische Familiengeschichte (1992))
Rosemarie Teffner (Miscellaneous, Obsession (1997))
Rosemary Warner (Miscellaneous, The Outsider (1994))
Rosemary Turner (I) (Art Department, Mystery!: Campion (1989))
Rosemarie Lerner (II) (Director, Quipu: Calls for Justice (2017))
Rosemarie Weinert (Editorial Department, Der bunte Traum (1952))
Rosemary Garner (II) (Producer, Tiny Office (2013))
Rosemary Turner (II) (Actress, Doomwatch (1970))
Rosemarie Wagner (Actress, Nydenion (2010))
Rosemarie Havranek (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Rose-Mari Molander (Actress, Den ljusnande framtid (1941))
Rosemary Holland (Miscellaneous, Voices (1995))
Rosemarie Lang (Actress, Les noces de Figaro (1999))
Rosemarie Punzalan (Camera Department, Ricky Goes to Hollywood (2010))
Rosemarie Sangalang (Actress, Pridyider (2012))
Rosemary Blankson (Actress, Pants in the Family (2007))
Rose Marie Walano (Actress, Gifted & Talented: A Musical Short Film (2013))
Rosemary Orlando (II) (Actress, Satan's Children (1975))
Rosemary Kingsland (Writer, The Munch Bunch (1980))
Rosemary Allan (II) (Self, The Man Who Made Beamish (1986))
Rosemary Richland (Actress, Nicole (1976))
Rosemary Hyland (Miscellaneous, Ringo (1978))
Rosemary Blanchard (Miscellaneous, The Selig Experience (2015))
Rosemary Borland (Director, Waking (2017))
Rose Marie B. Calano (Miscellaneous, Naglalayag (2004))
Rosemarie Castaland (Actress, In Living Color (1990))
Rosemary Cleveland (Art Department, Till Dad Do Us Part (2001))
Rosemary Beland (Music Department, Stone of Destiny (2008))
Rosemarie Malan (Actress, Kyk na die Sterre (1960))
Rosemary Allan (I)
Rosemary Landry (Actress, The Medium (1977))
Rosemarie Castellano (Actress, Amazing Stories (1985))
Rosemary Johansson (Actress, Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer (1989))
Rosemary Evans (II) (Editor, The Flying Doctors (1986))
Rosemary Varanese (Actress, Concrete Angels (1987))
Rosemary Ransley (Self, Better on the Inside (2011))
Rosemary Haney (Producer, Verlosser (2012))
Rosemary Hanes
Rosemary F. Manso (Self, Emerging (2015))
Rosemary Mazanet
Rosemary Evans (I) (Actress, The Naked Country (1985))
Rose-Marie Göransson (Make Up Department, Mosebacke Monarki (1967))
Rosemary Keane
Rosemary Devaney (Art Department, Aemorraghe (2014))
Rosemary Straney (Miscellaneous, Illegal Aliens (2007))
Rosemary Kanspedos (Self, Cult Killer (2006))
Rosemary Hanson (Art Director, Relationships Are Confusing (2006))
Rosemarie Cane (Actress, Fetch a Pail of Water (1999))
Rose-Marie Johansson (Music Department, Hjordeliv (2008))
Josemaria Solanes (Writer, We Know What We Know (2010))
Julianne Rose Marquez (Production Manager, Nuwebe (2013))
Kellyrose Marie Roberson (Actress, Occupational Hazards (2015))
Rosemarie & Roy Pfeiffer
Annamarie Rose Mallory (Actress, Wives with Knives (2012))
Rosemarie Höllenreiner
Rosemarie Lanfranchi (Actress, La rusna pearsa (1993))
Rosemary Landry-Stokes (Actress, Entangled Minds (2017))
Rose-Marie Langbridge
Rosemarie Langhammer (Actress, Don Juan, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 78 (1980))
Rosemarie Sansonetti (Actress, Mira (1988))
Rosemarie Lerner Maria Court (Director, Quipu: Calls for Justice (2017))
Rosemarie Flohr-Schleusener (Art Department, Plötzlich 70! (2012))
Rosemarie Reisnerschrammel (Actress, Die kleine Figur meines Vaters (1980))