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Peter Krause (I) (Actor, The Truman Show (1998))
Peter Krause (IV) (Actor, Kingdom Hearts (2002))
Peter Kraus (VII) (Self, The Bachelorette (2003))
House Peters Jr. (Actor, King of the Rocket Men (1949))
Peter Kraus (I) (Writer, 8 x 1 in Noten (1973))
House Peters (Actor, Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman (1925))
Peter Krause (II) (Cinematographer, Sun Alley (1999))
Peter S. Krause (Editor, Poars (2006))
Peter Krause (VII) (Actor, Familjen (2002))
Peter Krause (V) (Cinematographer, Berlin um die Ecke (1965))
Peter Krause (VI) (Actor, Nie mehr zweite Klasse! (2008))
Peter H. Krause (Miscellaneous, Die Tintenfische (1966))
Peter Krause (III) (Make Up Department, Vênus (2001))
Dieter Krause (I) (Actor, The Man Between (1953))
Dieter Krause (IV) (Self, The Way It Was (1974))
Dieter Krause (III) (Actor, Verraten - Sechs Freunde und ein Spitzel (2007))
Dieter Krause (II) (Cinematographer, Wenn schon - denn schon (1986))
Peter Kraus (II) (Make Up Department, Jonathan (1970))
Peter Kraus (V) (Actor, Tiere bis unters Dach (2010))
Peter Kraus (IV) (Producer, Resolved (2007))
Peter W. Kraus (Miscellaneous, Frozen Assets (1992))
Peter Kraus (III) (Actor, Kitz'n'Glamour Party 2015 zum Auftakt des Hahnenkamm Rennens (2015))
Peter Kraus (VI) (Actor, Stray (2015))
Peter Krausz (Art Department, Afterglow (1997))
Rolf-Dieter Krause (Self, Europamagazin (1989))
Wolf-Dieter Krause (Actor, Was das Leben so verspricht (1983))
Thomas Peter Kraus (Actor, Antiques Roadshow (1997))
Dean West (I) (Actor, Twister's Revenge! (1988))
Peter Hagen (I) (Writer, Nachtwache im Paradies (1937))