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Kim Alexis (Self, The Magic of David Copperfield XII: The Niagara Falls Challenge (1990))
Kim Alexie (Miscellaneous, The Business of Fancydancing (2002))
Alexis Maldonado (II) (Actress, Summer Forever (2015))
Adam Alexi-Malle (Actor, Assassin's Creed: Revelations (2011))
Alexis Kim (Miscellaneous, Lil Tokyo Reporter (2012))
Alexis J. Kim (Actress, Sweet Blight (2016))
Brandy M. Alexis (Actress, Pastor Jones 2: Lord Guide My 16 Year Old Daughter (2006))
Alexis Mallet (Director, Un regard (2006))
Alexis Ziman (Transportation Department, The Breed (2006))
Alexis Maldonado (III) (Miscellaneous, Mired (2016))
Alexis Mallard (I) (Editorial Department, Grace of Monaco (2014))
Jim Alexiou (Actor, Remembrance (2002))
Kim Alexander (I) (Actor, Frustrated Wives (1974))
Kim Alexander (VII)
Kim Alexander (II) (Actress, Crime Scene (2004))
Kim Alexander (IX) (Actress, My Baby's Daddies (2009))
Kim Alexander (X) (Self, Picking Up America (2010))
Kim Alexander (IV) (Camera Department, Carter High (2015))
Kim Alexander (VI) (Animation Department, The Pendle Witch Child (2011))
Kim Alexander (III) (Director, Brave in the Attempt: A Special Olympics Story (2004))
Kim Alexander (V) (Self, Call It Democracy (2005))
Joachim Alexis Fleischer (Miscellaneous, Battle Isle: The Andosia War (2000))
Alexis Maldonaldo
Alexis Mallard (II)
Alexis Maldonado (I) (Production Manager, Fuera de temporada (2004))
Alexis Maldonado (V)
Alexis Weimann (Editor, Papá (2011))
Alexis Grimard (Actress, Real Detective (2016))
Alexis Daimant (Camera Department, The Love Witch (2016))
Alexis Dimaras (Miscellaneous, O aftarhismos stin ekpaidefsi (1986))
Kim Alex Larochelle (Producer, Homogène (2015))
Kim Alexander Orerød (Producer, Zebra Grand Prix (2009))
Alexis Nshimyimana Neuberg (Self, Artist in Residence (2013))