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Kevin Carroll (I) (Actor, Being John Malkovich (1999))
Kevin Carroll (VII) (Actor, On Sycamore (2017))
Kevin Carroll (II) (Actor, Game of Life (2007))
Kevin Carroll (XI) (Self, The Starfish Throwers (2014))
Kevin Carroll (XII) (Miscellaneous, Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez (2012))
Kevin Carroll (V) (Music Department, Whaledreamers (2006))
Kevin Carroll (VI) (Actor, The Girl Next Door (2007))
Kevin Carroll (VIII) (Actor, Punching (2013))
Kevin Carroll (IV) (Self, Impact: Stories of Survival (2002))
Kevin Carroll (IX) (Make Up Department, Dead on Campus (2014))
Kevin Carroll (X) (Producer, The Town Inside (2014))
Kevin Carroll (III)
Kevin Carrol (Miscellaneous, Justice with Judge Mablean (2014))
Kevin Carolan (Actor, Orange Is the New Black (2013))
Devin Carroll (Camera Department, The Strange Tale of the Pizza from Beyond (2017))
Tevin Carroll (Actor, Police Academy: The Series (1997))
Kevin Carr (I) (Actor, Love Potion (1987))
Gavin Carroll
Kevin Carro (Composer, Je suis, tu étais, nous serons (2011))
Kevin Carr (VII)
Kevin Carr (XII) (Actor, Split Second (2012))
Kevin Carr (II) (Cinematographer, Going Corporate (2001))
Kevin Carr (III) (Visual Effects, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005))
Kevin Carr (V) (Actor, My Last Day (2010))
Kevin Carr (XIV) (Special Effects, Jingle All the Way 2 (2014))
Kevin Carr (VI) (Self, How to Build... (2010))
Kevin Carr (IV) (Music Department, The 7 Swords (2006))
Kevin Carr (VIII) (Camera Department, Fishing Naked (2015))
Kevin Carr (X) (Miscellaneous, General Hospital (1963))
Kevin Carr (XIII) (Make Up Department, Christine Piper (2008))
Kevin Carr (XI) (Actor, Mordy to the Max (2012))
Kevin Carr (IX) (Miscellaneous, General Hospital (1963))
Tamsin Carroll (Actress, Goddess (2013))
Kevin Carraway (Director, 7 Below (2012))
Justin Carroll (I) (Actor, Passions (1999))
Kevin Carrico (Director, Moon Rock City (2017))
Kevin Carreon (Actor, The Clique (2006))
Kevin Carrao (Actor, Mary Anne Goes to the Market (2010))
Kevin Carrier (Actor, The Stranger (2013))
Erin Carroll (I) (Miscellaneous, Junebug (2005))
Erin Carroll (IV) (Costume Department, Happy Birthday to Me (2011))
Robin Carroll (I) (Production Designer, deadend.com (2002))
Erin Carroll (III) (Editor, The Final Homecoming (2003))
Colin Carroll (I) (Self, A Tale of Three Legs (2008))
Cain Carroll (Producer, Cain Carroll: Heal Neck Shoulder Pain (2011))
Eoin Carroll (Sound Department, Making Ugly (2011))
Robin Carroll (II) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Oisin Carroll (Location Management, Dreamcatcher (2003))
Edwin Carroll
Erin Carroll (V) (Producer, Breakup by Jury (in development))
Erin Carroll (VI)
Erin Carroll (II) (Actress, The Incredible Falling Apart Man (2006))
Darin Carroll (Self, Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (2011))
Colin Carroll (II) (Production Manager, The Killers Edge (1991))
Kevin Carrigan (II) (Actor, Another World (1964))
Gavin Carrol (Producer, Three Short Films About Peace (2014))
Vince Carroll (Actor, The Man Without a Country (1973))
Carroll Sevin (Sound Department, Baldwin Hills (2007))
Kevin Carrozza
Kevin O'Carroll (I) (Transportation Department, My Life So Far (1999))
Kevin O'Carroll (II) (Actor, Narrows (2013))
Calvin Carroll (Actor, Wet Cigarettes (2009))
Martin Carroll (IV) (Actor, AfterLife (2003))
Martin Carroll (I) (Actor, Time Bandits (1981))
Robert Martin Carroll (Director, Baby Luv (2000))
Kevin Carrigan (VI) (Self, Blue Gold: American Jeans (2014))
Kevin Carrigan (IV) (Producer, The Mummy Road Show (1997))
Kevin Carrigan (III) (Actor, I Believe in America (2007))
Kevin Carrel Footer (Director, Small Town, Big Vision (2008))
Kevin Carranza (I) (Actor, Total Recap (2012))
Kevin Carranza (II) (Camera Department, Total Recap (2012))
Kevin Carrington (Writer, Carrington: Episode 1 - Get Away (2012))
Kevin Carragee (Actor, For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism (2009))
Kevin Carragher (Miscellaneous, Homeland (2011))
Kevin Carrasco (Miscellaneous, Eleven (2014))
Kevin Carretta (Miscellaneous, The Forsaken (2001))
Kevin Carrigan (V) (Costume Designer, A Body Without a Head (2009))
Kevin Carrillo (Actor, Link (2013))
Kevin Carrigan (I) (Art Department, Death Becomes Her (1992))
Kevin Carruthers (Actor, Faded Dreams (2007))
Kierstin Carroll (Actress, Blue's Clues (1996))
Martin Carroll (II) (Director, World Championship Snooker (1973))
Dustin Carroll (I) (Actor, Two of Your Glorious Few (2010))
Martin Carroll (IX) (Art Department, Superstore (2015))
Martin Carroll (VII) (Camera Department, Cut Down the Puppet Strings (2014))
Justin Carroll (III) (Self, Code Blue: New Orleans (2000))
Corwin Carroll (Producer, Hear Our Stories. Share Yours. (2014))
Austin Carroll (II) (Camera Department, Suburban Backlot (2012))
Martin Carroll (III) (Miscellaneous, Hell's Angels '69 (1969))
Justin Carroll (II) (Miscellaneous, Moving Violations (1985))
Martin Carroll (VI) (Producer, The Callback Queen (2013))
Simon Kerwin Carroll (Camera Department, Doom Runners (1997))
Caitlin Carroll (I) (Art Department, Chasing Butterflies (2009))
Austin Carroll (VII) (Costume Designer, Home (2015))
Caitlin Carroll (II)
Austin Carroll (III) (Casting Director, From the Woods (2013))
Jasmin Carroll (III) (Actor, Misguided Kings (2017))
Jasmin Carroll (I) (Casting Director, The Beat and Path: Walk of Shame (2014))
Caitlin Carroll (IV) (Writer, Forgiving All My Enemies (2011))
Austin Carroll (V) (Costume Designer, Aloki (2013))
Justin Carroll (IV) (Camera Department, Happy Beltane! (2015))
Benjamin Carroll (II) (Actor, It's Not Just a Joke (2016))
Benjamin Carroll (III) (Actor, Everything & Everything & Everything (2014))
Caitlin Carroll (III)
Austin Carroll (IV) (Set Decorator, Indio, CA (2012))
Austin Carroll (VI) (Art Department, Called to Serve (2013))
Merlin Carroll (Visual Effects, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007))
Jasmin Carroll (II) (Producer, Conflicted (2015))
Austin Carroll (I) (Self, The One: Making a Music Star (2006))
Justin Carroll (VI) (Writer, Along the Way (2014))
Dustin Carroll (II)
Justin Carroll (V)
Justin Carroll (VII) (Producer, DICE Awards Intro Film (2013))
Martin Carroll (V) (Self, Mr. Ocean Liner (2010))
Caitlin Carroll (V) (Writer, HerStory: Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation (2014))
Vincent Carroll (I) (Camera Department, Dirty War (2004))
Courtney Erin Carroll (Actress, Giraffes (2016))
John Vincent Carroll (Writer, Rheingold Theatre (1953))
Vincent Carroll (II) (Miscellaneous, The Clinic (2003))
Vincent Carroll (III) (Music Department, In Motion (2000))
Paul Vincent Carroll (Writer, Saints and Sinners (1949))
Vincent O'Carroll (Camera Department, Goodbye Lover (1998))
Carroll Devine (Actress, At Last (2005))
LaNee Griffin-Carroll (Miscellaneous, Tough Love (2009))
Kathleen Erin Carroll (Actress, Pablo Steel (2014))
Erin Livingston Carroll (Self, The Steve Katsos Show (2009))