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Ken Darby (I) (Music Department, How the West Was Won (1962))
Ken Darby (II) (Self, NBC Sunday Night Football (2006))
Ken Darby Chorus (Actor, Music in the Sky (1945))
The Ken Darby Singers (Composer, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955))
Karen Darby (I) (Actress, Words of Woodman (2011))
Anton Darby (II) (Actor, The Dragon's Opponent (1973))
Ben Darby (II)
Ben Darby (I) (Actor, The Dead Walk (2011))
Karen Darby (II) (Camera Department, American Masters (1985))
Glen Darby (I) (Producer, Other Side (2016))
Glen Darby (II) (Editor, M Countdown Remix (2010))
Jonathan Darby (I) (Director, Contact (1992))
Rosie Carnahan-Darby (Writer, Short Poppies (2014))
Finn Darby (Actor, Short Poppies (2014))
Linda Darby (Self, Women Behind Bars with Trevor McDonald (2013))
Rhonda Ross Kendrick (Actress, Another World (1964))
Ian Darby (Actor, Midnight Sonder (2016))
Dan Darby (I) (Actor, New Day New Fate (2012))
Jan Darby
Dan Darby (II) (Miscellaneous, Britain's Got Talent (2007))
Hayden Darby (Art Department, Dirty Politics (2018))
Eileen Darby (Miscellaneous, Biography (1987))
Lauren Darby (Actress, Pennsylvania Holy Ghosts (2014))
Allen Darby
Cullen Darby (Producer, J Club TV (2015))
Stephen Darby (Self, Goal Rush: Football League Tonight (2016))
Darren Darby (Self, Crash Test Mommy (2004))
Alan Darby (Music Department, I'll Be There (2003))
Anton Darby (I) (Assistant Director, A Touch of Frost (1992))
Ron Darby (II) (Actor, Kenny (2006))
John Darby (II) (Stunts, The Lost Children (2006))
John Darby (V)
John Darby (I) (Miscellaneous, Shrek the Musical (2013))
Ron Darby (III) (Art Department, Open Range (2003))
Susan Darby (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Erin Darby (II) (Production Manager, Erroneous Convictions (2012))
Bryan Darby (Actor, Rare Bird (2006))
Ron Darby (IV) (Director, Island Driver TV (2013))
Erin Darby (I) (Actress, Time Chasers (1994))
Dylan Darby
Jon Darby (Art Director, We Take the Low Road (2018))
Megan Darby (Make Up Department, A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale (2015))
Sean Darby (Actor, Strike, Strike, Strike (2011))
Brian Darby (I) (Actor, Eli Parker Is Getting Married? (2003))
Brian Darby (II) (Miscellaneous, When Zachary Beaver Came to Town (2003))
Dean Darby (Director, Godfather II: Vito's Proposal (2012))
John Darby (VI) (Actor, Limitless Potential (2015))
John Darby (IV)
Justin Darby (Actor, Amazing Stories (1985))
Maureen Darbyshire (Actress, The Professionals (1977))
Kerron Darby (Actor, The Javone Prince Show (2015))
Kaitlyn Darby (Art Department, Alpha House (2013))
Karsyn Darby (Actress, Scream: The TV Series (2015))
Kendall Goddard (Editorial Department, The Little Death (2014))
Ken Dandar (Actor, The Profit (2001))
Kenneth Darby (Actor, Back the Blue (2018))
Darby Kennedy (Stunts, The Blue Max (1966))
Shawn Darby (Self, The Great Biker Build Off (2003))
Anton Darby (III) (Costume Department, The Royal Bodyguard (2011))
Jason Darby (I) (Actor, Snap Judgment (2011))
Britton Darby (Actress, Love Ya (2014))
Mason Darby
Kevin Darby (II)
Amanda Darby (Production Manager, The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012))
Dwain Darby (Miscellaneous, Second Wind (2016))
Kathryn Darby (Actress, Children's Hospital: The Chaplains (2014))
Brandon Darby (Self, Better This World (2011))
Byron Darby (Self, 1983 NFL Draft (1983))
Jocelyn Darby (I) (Actress, Private Number (2014))
Nathan Darby (Self, The Men Who Killed Kennedy (1988))
Jason Darby (II) (Writer, Flight Sim World (2017))
Kejuan Darby (Actor, Roseland (2017))
Shannon Darby (I) (Make Up Department, Sneak a Peek (2013))
Adrian Darby (Miscellaneous, Masterchef Goes Large (2005))
Allison Darby (Miscellaneous, The Strangely Normal (2012))
Glenn Darby (Visual Effects, Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001))
Sharon Darby (Editor, Those Were the Days (2011))
Shannon Darby (II) (Make Up Department, Screw (2013))
Travon Darby (Make Up Department, Fire and Ice (2016))
Joann D'Arby (Editorial Department, The Brothers Grimm (2005))
Julian Darby (Cinematographer, Platinum (2015))
Carolyn Darby (Miscellaneous, Kill the Irishman (2011))
Kevin Darby (I)
Jonathan Darby (II) (Miscellaneous, Doctors (2000))
Jocelyn Darby (II) (Thanks, Smarter Every Day (2011))
Joceyln Darby
Mary Ellen Darby (Make Up Department, Derelict (2012))
Morgen Darbyshire (Miscellaneous, Silent Hill: Homecoming (2008))
Cathleen Darby (Actress, Little Shop of Erotica (2001))
Kathleen Darby (Miscellaneous, Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show (1984))
Brenda Larby (Actress, Fair City (1989))
Ken Darge (Producer, Zen Dog (2016))
Ken D'Arcy (Actor, Five Under Five Project (2016))
Ken Darpoh (Miscellaneous, BET Experience: Celebrity Basketball Game (2017))
Caden Dar Bateman (Actor, Lodge 49 (2018))
Ryan Bain-Darby (Actress, War of Our Children (2011))
Bendar Bashir (Actor, We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993))
Robbie Ann Darby (Actress, Tobi (2011))
Linda Darby-Coring (I) (Producer, Velveteen (2013))
Darby Kennerly (Actress, Soiled Doves (2015))
Sekendar Ali (Actor, Nishidhdho Prem (2007))
Kendare Blake (Writer, Anna Dressed in Blood (in development))
Tk Skendarian
Ken Darmento (Make Up Department, Eager to Die (2010))
Darby Hendrickson (Self, Wild Live (2007))
Glynn Darbyshire (Actor, The Red Mosquito )
Gavin Darbyshire (Actor, Little Moments (2014))
Linda Darbyshire (I) (Actress, The Red Mosquito )
Christian Darbyshire (Producer, Milton's Secret (2016))
Linda Darbyshire (II) (Actress, The Red Mosquito )
Jolanda Darbyshire (Miscellaneous, Talk to Her (2002))
Michael John Darby (Self, Moving Art (1991))
Keli Schurman-Darby (Actress, Safety Not Guaranteed (2012))
Christian Darby (I)
Linda Darby-Coring (II) (Producer, The Wolf and the Owl (2015))
Christian Darby (II)
David Kerby-Kendall (Actor, Pub Games (2012))
Allison Darby Gorjian (Costume Department, The New Thirty Movie (2013))
Suellen Darblay
Sébastien Darbois (Assistant Director, Âge sensible (2002))
Youssef Bendarbal (Self, Le grand journal de Canal+ (2004))
Brenda Cedarblade (Actress, Hack-O-Lantern (1988))
Upendar Bhagat (Stunts, The Other Side of the Door (2016))
Bastien Darbellay (Actor, Höhenflug - Eine Expedition ans südliche Ende der Welt (2008))
Maureen Darbishire (Composer, Across the Lake (1988))
Lavendar Bourque (Actress, Green Gables Fables (2014))
Gurgen Darbinyan (Producer, Reflection (2014))
Brian Kendaris (Actor, Bringing Up Bobby (2009))
Jacob Eskendar (Writer, Birth of the Beatles (1979))
Kendarious Jordan (Actor, The Products of the American Ghetto )
Kenda Rae Perez (Self, Maxim Hometown Hotties (2007))
Ken Darlington (Actor, The Comic Strip Presents... (1982))
Darlene Kendall (Thanks, Boobs: An American Obsession (2010))
Ufuk Asiliskendar (Actor, Arabian Nights (2000))
Darlene Kuykendall (Actress, Approaching the Unknown (2016))
Justin Darbyson-Billingham (Animation Department, The Stanley Dynamic (2014))