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Malcolm Kaye (Actor, Forbidden (1984))
Jamie Malcolm (I) (Self, Mornings with Kerri-Anne (2002))
Graeme Malcolm (I) (Actor, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead (2009))
Malcolm Hayes (Actor, Black Joy (1977))
Malcolm McKay (I) (Writer, Cruel Train (1995))
Malcolm Freeman (Actor, The Night Manager (2016))
Malcolm Ayer (Assistant Director, Vera (2017))
Malcolm McKay (III) (Self, Doctor Who Confidential (2005))
Malcolm McKay (II) (Miscellaneous, Sky Pirates (1986))
Orvile Malcolm (Self, Heart Beat (2007))
Jamie Malcolm (II) (Actor, Judge Minty (2013))
Maude Malcolm (Actress, The Scarab Ring (1921))
Julie Malcolm
June Malcolm (Actress, The Bernie Mac Show (2001))
Blake Malcolm (Camera Department, Losing Chase (1996))
Annie Malcolm (Actor, Eyes Nose Mouth (2009))
Joe Malcolm (II) (Actor, Death of the Land (1978))
Clare Malcolm (Actress, Mash Up (2006))
Anne Malcolm
Clive Malcolm (Actor, The Yarns of Billy Borker (1964))
Joe Malcolm (I) (Camera Department, Win, Lose or Draw Late (2004))
Jesse Malcolm (Cinematographer, The Contrivance of Dr. Bromegrass (2010))
Pete Malcolm
Shane Malcolm (Visual Effects, Passengers (2014))
Jamie Malcolm (III)
Bruce Malcolm (Producer, Gary: Tank Commander's Election Special (2016))
Mike Malcolm (Actor, The Littlest Cthulhuist (2015))
Kyle Malcolm (Actor, Train Set )
Anna-Kay Malcolm (Casting Department, Chess Boxing (2011))
Malcolm Mackay (I) (Producer, Walker Stalker (2008))
Malcolm Mackay (IV)
Malcolm Mackay (III) (Self, The Crime Thriller Club (2013))
Kai Malcolm Beare (Actor, Birthday (2009))
Malcolm Mackay (II) (Self, Open Hearing (1960))
Graeme Malcolm (III) (Actor, American Masters (1985))
Malcolm Wiseman Jr. (Actor, Moron Interrupted... (2006))
Arlette Malcolm (Actress, Mr. Wizard's World (1983))
Sue Malcolmson (Editor, Dating Violence (1999))
Malcolm Foreman (Cinematographer, Sneezing Baby Panda: The Movie (2015))
George Malcolm (II) (Music Department, The Man Who Finally Died (1963))
Gabrielle Malcolm (Actress, What's Wrong with Adam? (2010))
Malcolm Wiseman (II)
Malcolm Coleman (I) (Actor, Lucifer (1987))
Malcolm Coleman (II) (Miscellaneous, Oprah's Master Class (2011))
Marlene Malcolm (Actor, Local Live Canada (2013))
George Malcolm (I) (Cinematographer, The Squatter's Daughter (1933))
Jesse Malcolm Sweet (II) (Cinematographer, Shuî Guî (2013))
George Malcolmson (Self, The Poseidon Project (2013))
Suwannee Malcolm (Miscellaneous, The Leftovers (2014))
Neville Malcolm (Actor, The Edge of Love (2008))
Lonnie Malcolm (Actor, Disco Godfather (1979))
Steve Malcolmson (Actor, Magma Head (2003))
Charmaine Malcolm (Actress, White Collar Blue (2002))
Lorraine Malcolm (Self, Strange But True? (1993))
Malcolm Leemans (Self, La cuoca bendata (2016))
Lee Malcolmson
Malcolm Demanuele (Actor, Do Re Mi Fa (2016))
Suzanne Malcolm (Actress, Race Walkers (2009))
Michelle Malcolm (II) (Producer, A Bulldog for Christmas (2013))
Joanne Malcolm (Make Up Department, To Make Me Feel Your Love (2012))
Christie Malcolm (Self, WRAL Murder Trials (2003))
Jannille Malcolm (Actress, Anthony (2014))
Sophie Malcolm (Actor, Leave (2011))
Roxanne Malcolm (Assistant Director, Glove (2013))
Michelle Malcolm (I) (Actress, L'enfant d'eau (1995))
Jesse Malcolm Sweet (I) (Director, La rue de la Longue Haie (2012))
Charlie Malcolm (I) (Actor, Deadly Illusion (1987))
George Malcolm-Smith (Writer, Are You with It? (1948))
Malcolm Wiseman (I)
Charlie Malcolm (II) (Writer, Innocence (2016))
Jacqueline Malcolm (Producer, Going Forward (2015))
Leanne Malcolm (Actress, Target (1999))
Angelique Malcolm (Actress, Love in Limbo (1993))
McKenzie Malcolm (Actor, The Door (2014))
Graeme Malcolm (II) (Director, All Over the Place: Europe (2015))
Maurice Malcolm (Composer, You Never Know (2010))
Carrie Malcolm (Miscellaneous, Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (2017))
Mary Lee Malcolm
Malcolm Thayer McLaren (Actor, Far Too Gone (2004))
Charles Horace Malcolm (Writer, Bachelor Brides (1926))
The Malcolm Parker Singers (Self, Starlight Rendezvous (1962))