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Kate Smith (I) (Self, The Kate Smith Evening Hour (1951))
Kate Smith (XI) (Actress, Extras (2005))
Kate Smith (XX) (Make Up Department, Purge of Thrones (2018))
Kate Smith (XXVIII) (Actress, Dylan the Movie (2014))
Katy Smith (II) (Producer, Who Do You Think You Are? (2004))
aka "Kate Smith"
Kate Smith (XXXVIII) (Actress, Age of Vanishment 1 (2016))
Kate Smith (XXXVI) (Actress, Chicago Fire (2012))
Kate Smith (II) (Actress, Hidden Agenda (1990))
Nate Smith (III) (Actor, Red Oaks (2014))
Pete Smith (III) (Actor, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Pete Smith (I) (Producer, Sure Cures (1946))
Kate Smith (XV) (Actress, Tiny Little Pieces (2002))
Kate Smith (XIX)
Kate Smith (XXIX) (Actress, Kids World (2001))
Kate Smith (XXXVII)
Kate Smith (XLII) (Actress, Starving Artists: A Dark Musical Series (2015))
Kate Smith (XXIII)
Kate Smith (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (2012))
Kate Smith (XXXIX) (Producer, Kirstie & Phil's Love It or List It (2015))
Kate Smith (IX) (Miscellaneous, My Bodyguard (1980))
Kate Smith (XXXII) (Actress, Icarus Rising (2013))
Kate Smith (XVII) (Miscellaneous, The Dark (2005))
Kate Smith (III) (Costume Department, Kiss or Kill (1997))
Kate Smith (XXXV) (Self, Time Team (1994))
Kate Smith (XII) (Editor, Anatomy of an Earthquake (2006))
Kate Smith (IV) (Writer, Audrey's Rain (2003))
Kate Smith (XXX)
Kate Smith (XIV) (Miscellaneous, A Little Silence (2007))
Kate Smith (XXII) (Self, Kid Detectives (2009))
Kate Smith (XXXIII) (Self, The Northerners (2015))
Kate Smith (XXI) (Art Department, Shining Time Station (1989))
Kate Smith (XXXI) (Self, Our House (1996))
Kate Smith (XXXIV)
Kate Smith (VII) (Actress, Los Bravos (2001))
Kate Smith (XIII) (Self, The Fringe: Acting Up (2006))
Kate Smith (XLI) (Producer, The Real George V (2002))
Kate Smith (XXIV)
Kate Smith (X) (Actress, Sensing Murder (2006))
Kate Smith (VIII) (Actress, Finders Keepers (1991))
Kate Smith (XXV) (Actress, Pass the Salt (2011))
Kate Smith (XXVI) (Miscellaneous, TT3D: Closer to the Edge (2011))
Kate Smith (VI) (Camera Department, Books: A Documentary )
Kate Smith (V) (Actress, Love Me or Leave (1970))
Kate Smith (XL) (Costume Designer, Tracktown (2016))
Kate Smith (XVI) (Art Department, Wendy and Lucy (2008))
Kate Smith (XVIII) (Animation Department, Fiddley Foodle Bird (1991))
Wingate Smith (Assistant Director, The Searchers (1956))
Pete Smith (V) (Self, In Melbourne Tonight (1957))
Kate Smithy
Nate Smith (XXXVII) (Actor, Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (2015))
Pete Smith (XVII) (Sound Department, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012))
Nate Smith (XX) (Visual Effects, Cowboys & Aliens (2011))
Nate Smith (XXVIII)
Nate Smith (XLIII) (Miscellaneous, Beaches: The After Party (2017))
Nate Smith (X) (Animation Department, Homesick (2009))
Nate Smith (XXV) (Actor, The Haunting Of (2012))
Tate Smith (II) (Director, Iron Brothers (2016))
Nate Smith (XXVII) (Visual Effects, Oz the Great and Powerful (2013))
Nate Smith (XIII) (Producer, Finding Jean Lewis (2009))
Nate Smith (XXII) (Producer, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain (2013))
Nate Smith (XLI) (Miscellaneous, Silent Service (2016))
Nate Smith (I) (Miscellaneous, Fritz the Cat (1972))
Nate Smith (XXIV) (Actor, Joe Jackson & the Bigger Band Live from the Count Basie Theatre (2012))
Nate Smith (II) (Self, Burning Karma (2003))
Nate Smith (V) (Art Department, Psycho Holocaust (2009))
Nate Smith (XIX) (Animation Department, Natural 20 (2012))
Nate Smith (IV) (Editor, Geeks on Board (2007))
Nate Smith (XVIII) (Actor, Please Use This Song (2014))
Nate Smith (XII) (Self, Time Team America (2009))
Nate Smith (VI)
Nate Smith (XI) (Cinematographer, Million Dollar Trash (2009))
Nate Smith (XVI) (Set Decorator, Portlandia (2011))
Nate Smith (XXXIX) (Actor, Tisha Campbell-Martin: Steel Here (2015))
Nate Smith (XXX) (Self, Fear Factor (2001))
Nate Smith (XXIX) (Actor, Some Days Are Better Than Others (2010))
Nate Smith (XXVI) (Actor, Divine Intervention (2007))
Nate Smith (XXXIV) (Producer, The Greater Image (2015))
Nate Smith (VII) (Art Department, Green Room (2015))
Nate Smith (XXI) (Self, Open Minds: Chris Potter Underground (2012))
Tate Smith (I) (Visual Effects, Forbidden Zone (1980))
Nate Smith (XXIII) (Editorial Department, Bare (2012))
Nate Smith (XXXV) (Camera Department, Gutboy: A Badtime Story (2015))
Nate Smith (XLIV) (Camera Department, The Parabilius (2018))
Nate Smith (XL) (Self, 2003 GMAC Bowl (2003))
Nate Smith (IX) (Producer, The Gaskets, Loose Change Live (2007))
Nate Smith (XXXVIII) (Cinematographer, The Briefcase (2015))
Nate Smith (XV) (Assistant Director, Concrete Jungles (2009))
Nate Smith (XXXII)
Nate Smith (XIV) (Actor, What Lights Nate (2005))
Nate Smith (XVII) (Camera Department, In the Middle (2010))
Nate Smith (XXXIII) (Miscellaneous, By Sidney Lumet (2015))
Nate Smith (XXXI) (Miscellaneous, The Haunting Of (2012))
Nate Smith (XLII) (Actor, When the Mourning Comes (2016))
Nate Smith (VIII) (Sound Department, Summer People (2008))
Nate Smith (XXXVI) (Actor, Campus Razzle (2013))
Pete Smith (II) (Writer, Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1993))
Kat Smith (VI) (Actress, Juanita (2017))
Kat Smith (I) (Writer, Cloud 9 (in development))
Pete Smith (XVIII) (Director, Kayfabe (2007))
DeAunte Smith
Bette Smith (I) (Actress, Plasmatic Day (2017))
Albert E. Smith (Producer, Mysterious Cafe, or Mr. and Mrs. Spoopendyke Have Troubles with a Waiter (1901))
Pete Smith (XLII) (Camera Department, CeeLo Green is Loberace (2013))
Pete Smith (LIV) (Producer, Invizimals (2013))
Pete Smith (XXXIV) (Miscellaneous, Two Fat Ladies (1996))
Pete Smith (VII) (Camera Department, Compelling Evidence (1995))
Pete Smith (XXXIII) (Miscellaneous, Bram Fischer (2017))
Pete Smith (XXXV) (Camera Department, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010))
Pete Smith (VI) (Producer, Antiques Roadshow (1979))
Pete Smith (XV) (Camera Department, Out in the Silence (2009))
Pete Smith (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Ali (2001))
Pete Smith (XLVIII) (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Pete Smith (XXIX)
Pete Smith (LII) (Self, Catching History's Criminals: The Forensics Story (2015))
Pete Smith (XXX)
Pete Smith (LIII) (Producer, Invizimals (2013))
Pete Smith (XLIX) (Camera Department, Vampire Academy (2016))
Pete Smith (XLVII) (Actor, A Crime to Remember (2013))
Pete Smith (IX) (Cinematographer, A One Time Thing (2004))
Pete Smith (XXXVI) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Pete Smith (XXXII)
Pete Smith (XX) (Special Effects, Plankton (1994))
Pete Smith (XIV) (Visual Effects, Black Hawk Down (2001))
Pete Smith (XXXI) (Actor, Flipside: A Journey Into the Afterlife (2012))
Pete Smith (IV) (Actor, The Midnight Ace (1928))
Pete Smith (XI) (Producer, Rollcage (1999))
Pete Smith (XXXVII) (Miscellaneous, Helper (2013))
Pete Smith (XLIV) (Camera Department, Classic Artists: The Moody Blues (2006))
Pete Smith (XXI) (Special Effects, Little Minx Exquisite Corpse: Waffles for Breakfast (2008))
Pete Smith (XLIII) (Composer, Post Mortem (2012))
Pete Smith (X) (Art Department, Punchline (1988))
Pete Smith (XXIV) (Actor, Timestretched (2008))
Pete Smith (XII) (Music Department, The Secret Agent (1996))
Pete Smith (XXII) (Camera Department, Motorworld (1995))
Pete Smith (XLV)
Pete Smith (XXXVIII) (Actor, The One Armed Bandit (2012))
Pete Smith (XIX) (Sound Department, As He Lay Falling (2014))
Pete Smith (VIII) (Self, The 100 Greatest Musicals (2003))
Pete Smith (LI) (Composer, Missing Circuits (2016))
Pete Smith (XXIII) (Actor, The Wickeds (2005))
Pete Smith (XL) (Actor, The Tattooist (2007))
Pete Smith (XVI) (Self, The Lost Race (1999))
Pete Smith (XXV)
Pete Smith (XXVIII) (Camera Department, Mao's Last Dancer (2009))
Pete Smith (XXXIX) (Actor, Is Anyone Listening (2012))
Pete Smith (XXVII) (Actor, SSI: Sex Squad Investigation (2006))
Okcate Smith (Actor, Love Is Real (2014))
Sammy Kate Smith
Cate Smit (Actress, The Last Days of Disco (1998))
Katie Smith (XVIII) (Director, Crossroads (2015))
Mary Kate Smith (II) (Self, King of the Nerds (2013))
Emilia Kate Smith (Actress, Hello Au Revoir (2018))
Kate Shoesmith (Self, Good Morning Britain (2014))
Marykate Smith (Actress, The Nightingale Princess (2006))
Mary Kate Smith (I) (Actress, Titanic Part II (2013))
Kate Smith-Morse (Actress, Top Dog (2013))
Olivia-Kate Smith (Actress, Theatre Coven (2015))
Tanya Linette Smith (Actress, Danika (2006))
Katie Smith (XXXI) (Actress, Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (2015))
Scott E. Smith (I) (Stunts, xXx (2002))
Cosette Smith (Actress, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (2012))
Charlotte Smith (I) (Actress, A Victim of Jealousy (1910))
Lynette Smith (V) (Actress, I Hate My Neighbor! (2017))
Angielette Smith (Costume Department, Saturday Night Live (1975))
Lanette Smith (Actress, The Steve Harvey Show (1996))
Andrette Smith
Clete Smith (Writer, Grandma's Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast (in development))
Deronte Smith (Producer, Prosper (2014))
Dalante Smith (Actor, Some Sunny Day (2008))
Wyotte Smith (Actor, Brass (1983))
Annette Smith (II) (Miscellaneous, Preacherman Meets Widderwoman (1973))
Scott E. Smith (II) (Visual Effects, Net Games (2003))
Matt E. Smith (Producer, P.A.P.A.s (2011))
Lynette Smith (VI)
Lynette Smith (VII) (Actress, Guns and Grams (2016))
Bette Smith (XIV) (Actor, Real (2015))
Dwight E. Smith
Yvette Smith (Actress, I Still Have Joy (2016))
Annette Smith (III) (Make Up Department, Day Off (2016))
Donte Smith (I)
Evette Smith (Make Up Department, Disorder (2011))
Pete Smith Oam (Actor, The Rhino Club (2006))
Danette Smith (Miscellaneous, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1999))
Patte Smith (Self, Babies Are Murdered Here (2014))
Janette Smith (Actress, Sense of Place (1978))
Sanette Smith (Actress, Hostage (1987))
Lynette Smith (VIII) (Self, Leroy Styles: Golden Youth Ft. Anjulie (2017))
Bette Smith (II)
Celeste Smith (I) (Actress, Proverbs (2017))
Celeste Smith (II)
Shante Smith (II)
Donte Smith (II) (Make Up Department, The Undershepherd (2012))
Devante Smith
Dante Smith (II) (Camera Department, Denis Leary's Merry F#%$in' Christmas (2005))
Dante Smith (I) (Actor, Marc Chung Protects His Address (2017))
Colette Smith (Producer, Blue Vinyl (2002))
Pete Smithie (Actor, Fame (1982))
Nanette Smith (Costume Department, D-Day the Sixth of June (1956))
Robert E. Smith (II) (Art Department, Neil Young: Heart of Gold (2006))
Livitte Smith (Actor, Recruited (2013))