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Kate Doherty (I) (Actress, Topsy-Turvy (1999))
Kate Doherty (III) (Actress, Knowing (2009))
Kate Doherty (VIII) (Actress, Letterkenny People (2014))
Kate Doherty (V)
Kate Doherty (VII) (Actress, Date Night (2013))
Kate Doherty (II) (Director, Beyond Our Control (1968))
Kate Doherty (VI) (Actress, Dogs in Space (1986))
Kate Doherty (IV) (Actress, The Main Course (2000))
Pete Doherty (II) (Soundtrack, Children of Men (2006))
Amie Doherty (Music Department, The Night Of (2016))
Pete Doherty (I) (Actor, No Holds Barred (1989))
Linette Doherty (I) (Actress, Saw II (2005))
Katie Doherty (II) (Editorial Department, TalentED (2013))
Katie Doherty (III) (Actress, 2Late (2014))
Katie Doherty (I) (Actress, A Brief Case (2006))
Pete Doherty (III) (Director, The Story of... The Day the Clown Cried (2016))
Aoife Doherty (Actress, The Woman in Black (2012))
Joe Doherty (I) (Actor, Weekend (2011))
Eve Doherty (Editorial Department, Game of Thrones (2011))
Steve Doherty (I) (Stunts, The Frighteners (1996))
Jane Doherty (I) (Self, Dead Tenants (2005))
Aimee Doherty (Actress, The Makeover (2013))
Laurence Doherty (Actor, Grabbers (2012))
Miche Doherty (Actor, December Bride (1991))
Sine Doherty (Actress, All the Wrong Answers (2009))
Grace Doherty (III) (Actress, Casualty (1986))
Grace Doherty (I) (Location Management, Boardwalk Empire (2010))
Royce Doherty (Composer, Seamen (1997))
Alice Doherty (II)
Mike Doherty (IV) (Self, Year of the Quarterback (2010))
Steve Doherty (IV) (Producer, One Small Life (in development))
Mike Doherty (VII) (Miscellaneous, Hot Dog (1970))
Joe Doherty (II) (Set Decorator, An Klondike (2015))
Mike Doherty (III) (Actor, 12 O'Clock High (1964))
Áine Doherty (Producer, Jar (2017))
Marge Doherty (Producer, Rock 'n' Roll Cities (1992))
Mike Doherty (V) (Camera Department, Primus Hallucino-Genetics Live 2004 (2004))
Josie Doherty (Actress, The Boxer (1997))
Diane Doherty (II) (Miscellaneous, A Shine of Rainbows (2009))
Diane Doherty (I)
Aine Doherty (Miscellaneous, Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor (2003))
Steve Doherty (VII) (Sound Department, Johnny Reid: Heart & Soul - A Place Called Love Live in Concert (2011))
Jane Doherty (II) (Miscellaneous, Miss Universe Pageant (1994))
Grace Doherty (II) (Camera Department, Knowing Aaron (2010))
Rosie Doherty (Producer, Alex Arcoleo: First Sunset (2016))
Mike Doherty (VI) (Actor, The Race (2015))
Steve Doherty (II) (Producer, Have I Got News for You (1990))
Maire Doherty (Miscellaneous, In America (2002))
Grace Doherty (IV) (Actor, Eleanor (2016))
Steve Doherty (VI)
Shane Doherty (Actor, Animals (2013))
Clare Doherty (Actress, Public Morals (2015))
Jamie Doherty (Actress, Happy Halloween 4 (1992))
Cole Doherty (Art Department, Game of Thrones (2011))
Lynne Doherty (Art Department, Pee-wee's Playhouse (1986))
Kyle Doherty (III) (Actor, Grier (2016))
Jane Doherty (III)
Steve Doherty (V) (Writer, One Small Life (in development))
Mike Doherty (I) (Composer, Echoes in the Rink: The Willie O'Ree Story (1998))
Wayne Doherty (Director, Jar (2017))
Edie Doherty (Costume Department, The Notebook (2004))
Steve Doherty (III) (Sound Department, Canhead (1996))
Alice Doherty (I) (Actress, The Burning Room (2016))
Dave Doherty (III) (Camera Department, Citadel (2012))
Kyle Doherty (I) (Composer, Breakfast (2008))
Bryce Doherty (Producer, You Better Take Cover (2015))
Julie Doherty (I) (Self, Miss Universe 2006 (2006))
Mike Doherty (II) (Self, Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story )
Kyle Doherty (II) (Animation Department, Slugterra: Return of the Elementals (2014))
Steve Doherty (VIII) (Actor, Boys (2011))
Luke Doherty (Actor, Asyrinthium (2013))
Julie Doherty (II) (Actress, Vengeance: Episode 6 - Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder (2012))
Dave Doherty (I) (Camera Department, Royal Canadian Air Farce (1993))
Kathy Doherty (III)
Kathy Doherty (I) (Writer, Fish the Dish (2016))
Kathy Doherty (IV) (Producer, Billy Idol: Rebel Yell (1984))
Kathy Doherty (V) (Producer, Lofty Ideas (1999))
Michelle Doherty (I) (Actress, What Richard Did (2012))
Katherine Doherty (I) (Actress, Disney 365 (2006))
Katherine Doherty (II) (Miscellaneous, The Leak (2015))
Kathy Lee Doherty (Actress, The Shadow (1994))
Berlie Doherty (Writer, Dear Nobody (1997))
Mary Jane Doherty (Director, Secundaria (2014))
Richard E. Doherty (Director, My Chorus (2000))
Linette Doherty (IV)
Antoinette Doherty (Actress, Buddy Jackson (2006))
Janette Doherty (Actress, Midnight Healing (2000))
Bronte Doherty (Actress, All Saints (1998))
Charde Doherty (Actress, Bootmen (2000))
Natalie Doherty (Miscellaneous, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012))
Roseanne Doherty (Self, When Paddy Met Sally (2012))
Michelle Doherty (II) (Editorial Department, Sausage Party (2016))
Madeline Doherty (Actress, Anastasia (1997))
Corinne Doherty
Pearse Doherty (Soundtrack, The Run of the Country (1995))
Cassie Doherty (Actress, GhostWatcher 2 (2005))
Connaire Doherty (Cinematographer, Crimes That Shook Ireland (2012))
Adrienne Doherty (Miscellaneous, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996))
Blaise Doherty (Self, 72 Hours: True Crime (2003))
Marcee Doherty-Elst (Actor, Richard II (2014))
Cammie Doherty (Miscellaneous, Good Friday Feast (2017))
Bobbie Doherty (Actress, Welcome to Grandpaville (2013))
Larry Joe Doherty (Actor, Texas Justice (2001))
Lawrence Doherty (Self, Fad Gadget by Frank Tovey (2006))
Catherine Doherty
Danielle Doherty (I) (Producer, Principal Don (1997))
Laurie Doherty-Bee (Miscellaneous, Sweet Friggin' Daisies (2002))
Nicole Doherty (I) (Actress, Book of Rules (2003))
Deirdre Doherty (II) (Actor, Viral Beauty (2017))
George Doherty (II) (Editorial Department, The Zookeeper (2001))
Christine Doherty (I) (Actress, A Smile Like Yours (1997))
Miss Eve Doherty (Costume Department, Thrills (2001))
Debbie Doherty (Actress, The Great American Girl Robbery (1979))
Françoise Doherty (I) (Director, The Girl Bunnies. Rocketship (2016))
Danielle Doherty (II) (Actress, Absent Father (2008))
Willie Doherty (Director, Secretion (2013))
James E. Doherty (Miscellaneous, Brotherly Love (2015))
Jackie Doherty (Art Department, The Naked Brothers Band (2007))
Aiofe Doherty-Ayres (Actress, Trial & Retribution (1997))
Charlie Doherty (II) (Miscellaneous, The Pact (2013))
Claire Doherty (Art Department, Nothing Personal (1995))
Christine Doherty (II) (Writer, Figure 2.1 (2015))
Michelle Doherty (III) (Miscellaneous, Baseball (1994))
George Doherty (I) (Miscellaneous, Vanilla Sky (2001))
Charlie Doherty (I) (Self, Brighton Marathon (2013))
Florence Doherty (Miscellaneous, Winnipeg Direct (2011))
Sophie Doherty (I) (Actress, Red Dwarf (1988))
Marjorie Doherty
Michelle Doherty (IV)
Marianne Doherty (Actress, Baby Boom (1987))
Françoise Doherty (II) (Writer, Les Lapines (2008))
Geannine Doherty (Casting Department, The Wedding Singer (1998))
Suzanne Doherty (Costume Department, Roadkill: A Love Story (2014))
Janice Doherty (Miscellaneous, Bering Sea Gold (2012))
Sierra Rose Doherty (Actress, Sign of the Times (1999))
Sophie Doherty (II)
Nicole Doherty (II) (Actress, Stick It (2006))
Kerrie Doherty (Self, The 47th Rose of Tralee (2005))
Deirdre Doherty (I) (Miscellaneous, Tiger's Revenge (2014))
Hollie Doherty (Actress, Catharsis (2017))
Libbie Doherty (Producer, Pirate Express (2014))
Michelle Doherty (V)
Louise Doherty (Actor, Verbatim (2011))
Charlie Doherty (III) (Actress, Big Brother (2000))
Stephanie Doherty (Actress, Me Myself I (1999))
Brooke Doherty (Actress, Underbelly (2008))
Patricia Anne Doherty (I) (Production Manager, Glengarry Glen Ross (1992))
Kathryn Doherty (Actress, A Smile Like Yours (1997))
Kathleen Doherty
Octavie Doherty-Haigh (Actor, The Girl Bunnies. Rocketship (2016))
Kate Dougherty (I) (Art Department, The Green (2011))
Kate Dougherty (III) (Art Department, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014))
Kate Dougherty (II) (Production Designer, Hands (2008))
Kate Dougherty (V) (Art Department, Dark Horse (2011))
Kate Dougherty (VI) (Camera Department, Captivated (2012))
Kate Dougherty (IV) (Art Department, Moonrise Kingdom (2012))
Kimberly Michelle Doherty
Pascale Doherty-Haigh (Actor, The Girl Bunnies. Rocketship (2016))
Patricia Anne Doherty (II) (Actress, Legs Apart (2000))
Kate Daugherty (Casting Department, Grantham & Rose (2014))