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Karey Kirkpatrick (Writer, Over the Hedge (2006))
Nora Kirkpatrick (Actress, The Office (2005))
Corey Kirkpatrick (Actor, The Dooms Chapel Horror (2016))
Sage Kirkpatrick (Actress, Dexter (2006))
Chris Kirkpatrick (I) (Self, Summer Music Mania 2002 (2002))
Daren Kirkpatrick (Self, Graveyard Carz (2011))
Kevin Kirkpatrick (I) (Actor, Gamers (2006))
Lesley Kirkpatrick
Joey Kirkpatrick (II) (Self, Pilchuck: A Dance with Fire (2015))
Casey Kirkpatrick (I) (Miscellaneous, Dead at the Box Office (2005))
Mikey Kirkpatrick (Actor, Hairapy (2014))
Ryley Kirkpatrick (Sound Department, Sochi Pride (2016))
Alley Kirkpatrick (Sound Department, Simpleton (2014))
Sidney Kirkpatrick (Self, Decoding the Past: The Other Nostradamus (2005))
Casey Kirkpatrick (II) (Visual Effects, Sausage Party (2016))
Hayley Kirkpatrick
Kelsey Kirkpatrick (Actor, Deadwind: The Sharting Dead (2015))
Joey Kirkpatrick (I) (Self, Chihuly in the Hotshop (2008))
Maggie Kirkpatrick (Actress, Prisoner (1979))
Jess Kirkpatrick (Actor, D.O.A. (1949))
Laura Kirkpatrick (Self, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Kathryn Kirkpatrick (Actress, Okja (2017))
Jason Kirkpatrick (I) (Actor, 2 Guns (2013))
Bruce Kirkpatrick (I) (Actor, Twelve Monkeys (1995))
Kyle Kirkpatrick (Actor, Uncaged (2017))
Amy Kirkpatrick (Actress, My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988))
Kirk Patrick (Camera Department, Sabotage (1939))
W. Kirkpatrick (Sound Department, The House on 92nd Street (1945))
Curry Kirkpatrick (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Harry Kirkpatrick
Danny Kirkpatrick
Kerry Kirkpatrick (I) (Producer, The Dark (2011))
Gilda Kirkpatrick (Self, The Real Housewives of Auckland (2016))
Wally Kirkpatrick (Art Department, Red Ball Express (1952))
Daniel Kirkpatrick (V) (Actor, Jogger (2017))
Karen Kirkpatrick (III) (Actress, United 93 (2006))
Rob Kirkpatrick (I) (Editorial Department, Beetlejuice (1989))
Jamie Kirkpatrick (Editorial Department, Lost in Translation (2003))
Kevin Kirkpatrick (III) (Make Up Department, The Avengers (2012))
Nancy Kirkpatrick (Miscellaneous, The Making of 'The Iron Giant' (2000))
Terry Kirkpatrick (Self, America's Book of Secrets (2012))
Johnny Kirkpatrick (Actor, Outrage (1998))
Timothy Kirkpatrick (III) (Music Department, You Can Count on Me (2000))
Andy Kirkpatrick (II) (Self, Knowing Andy (2006))
Kerry Kirkpatrick (II)
Tony Kirkpatrick (Art Department, The Vampire Hunters Club (2001))
Buffy Kirkpatrick (Casting Department, I Capture the Castle (2003))
Melody Kirkpatrick
Andy Kirkpatrick (I) (Cinematographer, Fairyland: The Story of Opal Whiteley (2004))
Emily Kirkpatrick (VI) (Make Up Department, Roads, Trees and Honey Bees (2018))
Emily Kirkpatrick (III) (Art Department, Certainty (2011))
Mallery Kirkpatrick (Miscellaneous, Lumines II (2006))
Roy Kirkpatrick (Art Department, The Muppet Movie (1979))
Darcy Kirkpatrick (Actor, Neon Rider (1989))
Emily Kirkpatrick (V) (Miscellaneous, Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates Jr. (2010))
Kirsty Kirkpatrick (Actress, End of Term (2017))
Paddy Kirkpatrick
Ally Kirkpatrick (Actress, Girl Seeking (2014))
Kelly Kirkpatrick (I) (Art Department, Hungarian Salami (2007))
Dorothy Kirkpatrick (II) (Make Up Department, The Road to Nashville (1967))
Emily Kirkpatrick (I) (Actress, Worst Fears (2016))
Billy Kirkpatrick (Actor, The Ronains: Vampyre (2017))
Tracy Kirkpatrick (I) (Miscellaneous, Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005))
Perry Kirkpatrick (Actor, The Preacher's Sin (2015))
Cindy Kirkpatrick (Writer, Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. (1991))
Jenny Kirkpatrick (Self, Channel Report (1976))
Jay Kirkpatrick (Composer, And What Remains (2009))
Ray Kirkpatrick (Actor, Joe (2012))
Dorothy Kirkpatrick (I) (Actress, Hostile Takeover (1997))
Kathy Kirkpatrick (Self, Witnesses NYC (2013))
Kelly Kirkpatrick (II) (Editor, Ghost Hunters (2004))
Carly Kirkpatrick (Art Department, Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 (1999))
Timothy Kirkpatrick (I) (Actor, The Vernon Johns Story (1994))
Cathy Kirkpatrick (Miscellaneous, Becoming Mr. Buyer (2015))
Kelly Kirkpatrick (III) (Set Decorator, Beneath the River (2009))
Kelly Kirkpatrick (V) (Actor, Lovestruck! The Musical (2015))
Jeremy Kirkpatrick (Self, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005))
Becky Kirkpatrick (Producer, Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees (2002))
Tracy Kirkpatrick (II) (Miscellaneous, Dirty Laundry (2015))
Andy Kirkpatrick (III) (Actor, The Love That Would Not Die (2016))
Gary Kirkpatrick (Self, The First 48 (2004))
Ellery Kirkpatrick (Miscellaneous, Money Matters (2011))
Peggy Kirkpatrick (Actress, The Long Night (1976))
Kelly Kirkpatrick (IV) (Miscellaneous, Teller Visions (2014))
Brody Kirkpatrick
Libby Kirkpatrick
Scott Kirkpatrick (Camera Department, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006))
Tim Kirkpatrick (IV) (Actor, The Try Out (2013))
Russ Kirkpatrick (Producer, Susan's Story (2017))
Dave Kirkpatrick (Actor, Small Talk (2016))
Sami Kirkpatrick (Actor, Over the Hedge (2006))
Courtney Kirkpatrick (Casting Department, Iron Man 2 (2010))
Kimberley Kirkpatrick (Make Up Department, Gran Torino (2008))
McKinley Kirkpatrick (Miscellaneous, Mind the Gap )
Brenda Lokey-Kirkpatrick (Miscellaneous, Public Enemies (1996))
Sean Kirkpatrick (I) (Miscellaneous, Hancock (2008))
Karen Kirkpatrick (II) (Actress, Horse Camp (2016))
Colin Kirkpatrick (Art Director, Anger Management (2012))
Ryan Kirkpatrick (I) (Actor, Inside the Osmonds (2001))
Ronald Kirkpatrick (Self, Storage Hunters (2011))
Madison Kirkpatrick (I) (Actress, Alleys of Wrath 3 (2013))
Dugg Kirkpatrick (Make Up Department, Little Miss Sunshine (2006))
T.K. Kirkpatrick (Art Director, The Descendants (2011))
Gillian Kirkpatrick (Actress, Emmi (2017))
Wayne Kirkpatrick (Soundtrack, Almost Famous (2000))
Darrell Kirkpatrick (Actor, Ironheart (1992))
Maia Kirkpatrick (Actress, Charlotte's Web (2006))
Jeff Kirkpatrick (I) (Actor, Abigail's Woods (2008))
Herbert Kirkpatrick (I) (Cinematographer, The Millionaire (1955))
Allen Kirkpatrick (Editor, The Big Blue Marble (1974))
Leila Kirkpatrick (Producer, Death in Paradise (2011))
Jeane Kirkpatrick (Self, Cold War (1998))
Tim Kirkpatrick (I) (Actor, Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006))
Glenn Kirkpatrick (I) (Director, Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong (2016))
Alana Kirkpatrick (Special Effects, Maleficent (2014))
Daniel Kirkpatrick (II) (Camera Department, Stoker (2013))
Jimmie Kirkpatrick (Actor, Whiplash (2014))
Dan Kirkpatrick (Music Department, Lyla Wolf: Infractus (2011))
Lauren Kirkpatrick (II) (Make Up Department, A Horse for Summer (2015))
Donovan Kirkpatrick (Actor, You've Got a Friend in Me (2016))
Chris Kirkpatrick (II) (Editor, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Lauren Kirkpatrick (I) (Camera Department, On Story (2011))
Clare Kirkpatrick (Production Designer, Shed (2016))
Page Kirkpatrick (Actress, The Trio of Minuet (2003))
Douglas Kirkpatrick (I) (Miscellaneous, Beneath (2007))
Rob Kirkpatrick (VII) (Sound Department, Jake and the Kid (1995))
David Kirkpatrick (V)
Jena Kirkpatrick (Actress, Paparazzi!: Tales of Tinseltown (1995))
Daniel Kirkpatrick (III) (Art Department, Sun Records (2017))
Dennis Kirkpatrick (II) (Producer, Pride Fighting Championships (2006))
Sean Kirkpatrick (VI) (Sound Department, True Life (1998))
Sue Kirkpatrick (Make Up Department, Li'l Abner (1959))
Daniel Kirkpatrick (I) (Music Department, Rounding Third (2007))
Sam Kirkpatrick (Production Manager, CollegeHumor Originals (2006))
Chris Kirkpatrick (VIII) (Visual Effects, Isa (2014))
David Kirkpatrick (VII)
Andrew Kirkpatrick (IV) (Cinematographer, Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey (2012))
Chris Kirkpatrick (IX) (Miscellaneous, The Mine (2015))
Sean Kirkpatrick (X) (Miscellaneous, American Hercules: Babe Ruth (2015))
Chris Kirkpatrick (III) (Special Effects, Centurion (2010))
Joe Kirkpatrick (Assistant Director, Hate Crime (2017))
Will Kirkpatrick (Producer, Silent Melody (2016))
Robert Kirkpatrick (I) (Visual Effects, The Wicker Man (2006))
Sara Kirkpatrick (II) (Art Department, The Fairweather Girl (2010))
Martin Kirkpatrick (Actor, MC Connect: Bigger Than That (2017))
Kirk Kirkpatrick (Actor, Paranoid (2000))
Jeanne Kirkpatrick (Producer, Godsmack Live (2002))
Todd Kirkpatrick (Self, THS Investigates: Kidnapping (2007))
Ken Kirkpatrick (Transportation Department, The Claim (2000))
Melvin Kirkpatrick (Actor, Hometown Boy Makes Good (1990))
Alice Kirkpatrick (II) (Production Designer, Valentine's Day (2017))
Chris Kirkpatrick (V) (Editorial Department, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014))
Lyman Kirkpatrick (Actor, Americas in Transition (1982))
Brent Kirkpatrick (II) (Miscellaneous, James and the Giant Peach (1996))
Georgia Kirkpatrick
Michael Kirkpatrick (I) (Actor, Blink (1993))
Peter Kirkpatrick (Actor, Bad Boys (1983))
Steve Kirkpatrick
Herbert Kirkpatrick (II) (Actor, Split Image (1982))
John C. Kirkpatrick (Actor, When Love Walks In (2005))
Damian Kirkpatrick (Self, Christianity: A History (2009))
Robert Kirkpatrick (IV) (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Kevin Kirkpatrick (VII) (Editor, Bicicles (2017))
Sean Kirkpatrick (IV) (Soundtrack, Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 (1999))
Kevin Kirkpatrick (VI) (Cinematographer, Disguntled (2013))
Chris Kirkpatrick (VII) (Actor, Chronicles of the Dead (2012))
Foote Kirkpatrick
Patti Kirkpatrick (II) (Miscellaneous, Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal (2003))
Tim Kirkpatrick (III) (Actor, Law & Order (1990))
Seamus Kirkpatrick (Music Department, Monkeys Are Pink (2015))
Ann Kirkpatrick (II) (Self, Congressional Hearing on Treatment for Military Sexual Trauma (2013))
Kendrick Kirkpatrick (Director, The Chat Room (2011))
Robbie Kirkpatrick (III) (Transportation Department, Citadel (2012))
Frank Kirkpatrick (Self, Frontline (1983))
Payton J. Kirkpatrick (Transportation Department, The Ring (2002))
Tim Kirkpatrick (VI)
Edward Kirkpatrick (Actor, The Curse of NBA Jam (2010))
David Kirkpatrick (VI) (Self, Just Rollin' (2006))
D. Shone Kirkpatrick (Writer, Lying in Wait (2001))
Erin Kirkpatrick (Actress, American Experience (1988))
David Kirkpatrick (II) (Self, 9am with David & Kim (2006))
Beth Kirkpatrick (Actress, America's Got Talent (2006))
Mike Kirkpatrick (I) (Visual Effects, Comedy Whacked (2009))
Ryan Kirkpatrick (III)
Rick Kirkpatrick (II)
Lewis Kirkpatrick (Camera Department, The Bellboy (1960))
Mike Kirkpatrick (II) (Actor, Hammer (2009))
Andrew Kirkpatrick (II) (Sound Department, The White Pony (1999))
David Kirkpatrick (I)
Dana Kirkpatrick (I) (Miscellaneous, Mortified (2006))
John Kirkpatrick (II)
Megon Kirkpatrick (Actress, The Horror Vault 3 (2010))
John Kirkpatrick (VI) (Miscellaneous, Hugh's Chicken Run (2008))
Robbie Kirkpatrick (II) (Assistant Director, Cruise of the Gods (2002))
Jack Kirkpatrick (Actor, Rufflefeather: Sixation (2016))
Kevin Kirkpatrick (IV) (Producer, Lemonade: Detroit (2013))
Joshua Kirkpatrick (Make Up Department, Maneater (2016))
Andrew Kirkpatrick (VII) (Director, Missing (2007))
James D. Kirkpatrick (Editorial Department, Kung Fu Panda (2008))
Alan Kirkpatrick (Actor, Felt (2011))