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Louis Ferreira (I) (Actor, Motive (2013))
aka "Justin Louis"
Justin Louis (III) (Visual Effects, Avatar (2009))
Justin Louis (II) (Producer, The Deviants (2004))
Justin Baldoni (Actor, Jane the Virgin (2014))
aka "Justin Louis Baldoni"
Joba Chamberlain (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Justin Louis Weiss (Actor, Brando Unauthorized (2011))
Justin Long (I) (Actor, Live Free or Die Hard (2007))
Justin Louie (Miscellaneous, Grimm (2011))
Justin Lo (I) (Director, The Conrad Boys (2006))
Justin Lord (I) (Actor, Down in the Delta (1998))
Justin Lopez (II) (Actor, Balls of Fury (2007))
Justin Loyal (Actor, Heroes (2006))
Louis C. Justin (Director, Return to the Quadead Zone (2014))
Justin Lo (II) (Actor, Tin sun yut dui (2006))
Justin Louras (Actor, Super Power Monster Tentacle Club (2007))
Justin Lopes (Miscellaneous, The Next Step (2013))
Justine Louis (Actress, Nous quatre (2015))
Louis Justin
Justin Loh (Sound Department, Innocents (2012))
Justin Low (II) (Producer, The Price (2015))
Justin Lo (III) (Music Department, Shi tu xing zhe (2016))
Justin Low (I) (Composer, Nova (1974))
Justin Long (VI) (Visual Effects, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008))
Justin Long (X) (Actor, Vice News (2013))
Justin Lotito (Actor, Regionrat (2017))
Justin Lovell (I) (Cinematographer, All-In (2012))
Quentin Louis (Cinematographer, Un ange passe (2015))
Martin Louis (Actor, Buying Time (1989))
Justin Lotz (Actor, The Magnificent Seven (2016))
Kirstin Louie (Actress, Tomorrow (2014))
Cristián Louit (Writer, Horacio y los Plasticines (2013))
Justin Long (VII) (Actor, Claustrum (2013))
Justin Lothrop (I) (Producer, As You Are (2016))
Justin Love (I) (Writer, Hell of a Job (2012))
Justin Lowcay (Actor, Internecionem )
Justin Lowe (II) (Director, The Ride (2009))
Justin Looney
Justin Lovell (II) (Animation Department, Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005))
Justin Lotak (Sound Department, Yasuni Man (2016))
Justin Lopez (I) (Actor, Moments (2009))
Justin Lopez (VIII) (Special Effects, Panda (2017))
Justin Lopez (VI) (Editor, A Hapless Man in a Day of Misfortune (2014))
Justin Lodge
Justin Lopez (III) (Actor, The Ungrateful Killers (2011))
Justin Lowe (V) (Actor, Electric Six: Psychic Visions (2012))
Justin Lovett (II) (Director, Horse Life (2013))
Justin Loomis (Actor, Mr. Halloween (2007))
Justin Lord (II) (Actor, Young Hero (2015))
Justin Long (XIII)
Justin Lopez (IV) (Actor, Pain Love & Passion (2012))
Justin Lopez (V)
Justin Long (V) (Miscellaneous, The Carbon Copy (2009))
Justin Lowell (Miscellaneous, The Visit (2011))
Justin Losada (Actor, The Players (2013))
Justin Lomax (I) (Editor, The Gift (2005))
Justin Lowe (IV) (Camera Department, Heaven Adores You (2014))
Justin Loys (Actor, Dead Teenagers (2007))
Justin Lord (III) (Self, The Puzzle Place (1994))
Justin Lockey (Music Department, Dawn (2012))
Justin Locke (Cinematographer, Still Take You Home (2010))
Justin Lomax (III) (Producer, Tinker (2013))
Justin Long (IX) (Actor, Maintain Right: William Tell (2012))
Justin Love (II) (Camera Department, The Time May Be Coming (2015))
Justin Lovell (III) (Cinematographer, Jason Day 'Never Say Die' (2015))
Justin Lowrey
Justin Loeb (Camera Department, Flicka (2006))
Justin Long (VIII)
Justin Long (XII) (Producer, Road to Rio: The U.S. Paralympic Team Trials (2016))
Justin Loggia (Camera Department, Mesada (2012))
Justin Lofton (Self, NASCAR on Fox (2001))
Justin Lohnes (Actor, Robin Hood (2015))
Justin Logan (I) (Miscellaneous, The Delicate Art of the Rifle (1996))
Justin Lopez (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Homesman (2014))
Justin Lozano (Camera Department, Frat Wars (2016))
Justin Lomax (II) (Producer, Life of Leopold (2011))
Justin Lott (Editorial Department, On The Spot: Johnny Wright's Quest for the Next Supergroup (2011))
Justin Lovato (Actor, In the Middle of the River )
Justin Lowe (III) (Producer, The Letterbox (2015))
Justin Loncar
Justin Lober (Miscellaneous, The Paper Route (1999))
Justin Loche (Camera Department, Reservation (2010))
Justin Long (XI) (Miscellaneous, REX RAY: How to Make a Rex Ray (2009))
Justin Lovett (I) (Cinematographer, Elena (2015))
Justin Lowe (I) (Director, The Floating Chain (2014))
Justin Lovell (IV) (Cinematographer, Choir! Of 1999 Voices Sings Prince 'When Doves Cry' (2016))
Justin Lovett (III) (Camera Department, A.K.A. The Surgeon (2015))
Justin Logan (II) (Actor, Squatch! Curse of the Tree Guardian (2012))
Justin Locklear (Actor, Violet (2008))
Justin Lourenco (Director, Recon (2016))
Louisa Austin (Self, Top Chef (2006))
Louise Austin (Producer, Evil Bong (2006))
Louis Bustin (III) (Special Effects, Snapp (2017))
Louis Bustin (II) (Visual Effects, Muse (2014))
Louis Bustin (I) (Actor, Vatel (2000))
Jean-Louis Aoustin (Actor, Come Undone (2000))
Justin C. St. Louis (Actor, Ragged Isle (2011))
Justine Louise
Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince (Director, Roundhay Garden Scene (1888))
Costantin Louis Popa (Assistant Director, David's Birthday (2009))
Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin (Actress, My King (2015))
Justin Longacre (Actor, Poetry Speaks (2010))
Justin Logan Curtis (Actor, Chloe (2013))
Justin Lockhart (Miscellaneous, The Last Rescue (2015))
Justin Lockword (Actor, Broken Faith (2012))
Justin Logston (Actor, The Prophet's Son (2012))
Justin Loeloff (Self, Winter (2011))
Justin Lostutter (Camera Department, Fast Five (2011))
Justin Lockwood (Writer, Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street (2016))
Justin Lothrop (II) (Actor, Rolling Stoned )
Justin Longo-Him Shum (Sound Department, Risk Factor (2015))
Justin Lothrop (III) (Producer, Everybody's Gay (2011))
Justin Lowings (Animation Department, Hustle (2004))
Justin Lonesome (Actor, Love the Coopers (2015))
Justin Long-Him Shum (Sound Department, The Sugar Bowl (2011))
Justin Longorio (Art Department, Dr. T & the Women (2000))
Justin Lombardi (Miscellaneous, Cake Wars (2015))
Justine Louise Dutton (Stunts, Tales of the Frontier (2012))
Amoros Augustin Lou (Actor, Accession (2014))
Dustin Loughridge (Camera Department, Hillbrook Gardens (2016))
Austin Loudenslager (Editorial Department, Full Battle Rattle (2008))
Ellena Louise Austin (Actress, Flux (2015))
Louis-Augustin Roy (Writer, Modèles (2015))
Louis Augustin (Actor, Il Sant' Alessio (2007))
Austin Lounge Lizards (Soundtrack, Sicko (2007))
Augustine Louis Bernal (Transportation Department, Girl 6 (1996))
Louise-Marie Hustings (Actress, Fort Boyard (1990))