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Judy Campbell (I) (Actress, Green for Danger (1947))
Judith Campbell Exner (Self, Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years (1997))
aka "Judy Campbell"
Judith Campbell (I) (Editor, The Dreaming (1963))
aka "Judy Campbell"
Judy Campbell-Smith (Miscellaneous, Red to White: A Family Member's Story (2015))
Judy Campbell (II) (Actress, The Cup (2011))
Billy Campbell (VII) (Actor, Dracula (1992))
Kelly Campbell (III) (Actress, Love & Friendship (2016))
Ray Campbell (III) (Actor, Breaking Bad (2008))
Rudy Campbell (Transportation Department, Best of the Best 4: Without Warning (1998))
Andy Campbell (I) (Actor, In the Woods (1999))
Buddy Campbell (Actor, Knight's End (2017))
Andy Campbell (VI) (Actor, The Famous Five (1978))
Jude Campbell (I) (Assistant Director, Cleanskin (2012))
Jody Campbell (I) (Actor, The Commitments (1991))
Gary Campbell (I) (Actor, Some of My Best Friends Are (1971))
Randy Campbell (IV) (Self, 1982 Tangerine Bowl (1982))
Cody Campbell (IV) (Self, Moments of Impact (2009))
Andy Campbell (IX) (Actor, Fourplay (2012))
Candy Campbell (II) (Producer, Micropremature Babies: How Low Can You Go? (2003))
Cody Campbell (V) (Camera Department, Scape (2010))
Randy Campbell (VII)
Sandy Campbell (V) (Self, Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me (2014))
Cody Campbell (I) (Actor, Two Brothers and Two Others (2001))
Andy Campbell (VIII) (Sound Department, Ice Boy (2014))
Jody Campbell (IV) (Actress, The Furry (2010))
Andy Campbell (IV) (Self, The Daily Buzz (2002))
Sandy Campbell (II) (Music Department, Johnny Reid: Heart & Soul - A Place Called Love Live in Concert (2011))
Andy Campbell (V) (Miscellaneous, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (2003))
Sandy Campbell (IV) (Producer, Revolution (2012))
Randy Campbell (III) (Self, Moments of Impact (2009))
Cody Campbell (III) (Art Department, Rehab for Rejects (2009))
Andy Campbell (XI) (Transportation Department, Shooting the Prodigal (2016))
Sandy Campbell (VI) (Miscellaneous, Woman in Gold (2015))
Randy Campbell (I) (Stunts, Picasso Trigger (1988))
Andy Campbell (III) (Actor, The Froome Room (1994))
Jody Campbell (III)
Cody Campbell (II) (Writer, Sinful Obsession (2005))
Sandy Campbell (III) (Miscellaneous, Rogue Saints (2011))
Randy Campbell (V) (Actor, Out of Darkness: Cleveland (2017))
Andy Campbell (II) (Camera Department, The Belfast Boys (2004))
Cody Campbell (VI) (Actor, Cruzado (2016))
Sandy Campbell (I) (Actor, Shades of Gray (1948))
Randy Campbell (VI) (Actor, Coupon Extremists (2015))
Jody Campbell (II) (Art Department, Portrait of an American Family (2008))
Mandy Campbell (II) (Sound Department, 2nd Greatest (2016))
Randy Campbell (II) (Actor, Curse of the Blair Witch (1999))
Mandy Campbell (I) (Producer, Rooney's World (2012))
Andy Campbell (X)
Candy Campbell (I) (Actress, The Calling (2002))
Kay Campbell (I) (Actress, All My Children (1970))
Kimberly Campbell (I) (Actress, Memento (2000))
Trudy Campbell
Kay Campbell (III) (Actress, Calamity Jane: L├ęgende de l'Ouest (2014))
Tony Campbell (I) (Art Director, Lantana (2001))
Guy Campbell (I) (Assistant Director, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Joy Campbell (I) (Actress, Lidsville (1971))
Lucy Campbell (V) (Director, The Pig Child (2014))
Tommy Campbell (Actor, The Dark Knight (2008))
Jonny Campbell (I) (Director, In the Flesh (2013))
Casey Campbell (II) (Writer, Reality Check (2008))
Cindy Campbell (I) (Actress, Pretty Cool (2006))
Lucy Campbell (IV) (Actress, Revenant (2013))
Guy Campbell (II) (Assistant Director, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Kasey Campbell (II) (Actor, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012))
Clay Campbell (I) (Make Up Department, The Donna Reed Show (1958))
Brittany Campbell (II) (Actress, Brittany Campbell: Heroes (2015))
Sindy Campbell (Miscellaneous, Ready Player One (2018))
Ashley Campbell (I) (Actress, The Trust (2016))
Guy Campbell (IV) (Camera Department, Dearly Departed (2010))
Joey Campbell (I) (Actor, Film Amateura (2004))
Pinky Campbell (Actress, Yeh Mohabbat Hai (2002))
Mary Campbell (V) (Writer, Heritage (1971))
Ashley Campbell (X) (Self, Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me (2014))
Billy Campbell (II) (Actor, Love Actually (2003))
Rory Campbell (I) (Actor, Batman Begins (2005))
Lady Colin Campbell (Self, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (2002))
Zoey Campbell (Actress, The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael (2005))
Amy Campbell (V) (Actress, Dangerous (2007))
Grady Campbell (Visual Effects, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002))
Ruby Campbell (IV) (Actress, The Dissenter (2013))
Lucy Campbell (XI) (Self, Secrets of the Dead (2000))
Tony Campbell (IX)
Roy Campbell (IX) (Actor, Now I'll Sleep (2014))
Sally Campbell (II) (Producer, Evil Dead (2013))
Lindsey Campbell (II) (Actress, BBC Comedy Feeds (2012))
Cassidy Campbell (II) (Actress, The Crime That I Live In (2016))
Jud Campbell (Writer, Forlorn Gaze (2008))
Jude Campbell (II) (Actor, The Hooligan Factory (2014))
Jude Campbell (III) (Actor, The File Room (2014))
Jude Campbell (IV) (Actor, My Son Woke Me Up (2013))
Nicky Campbell (Self, The Big Questions (2007))
Audrey Campbell (I) (Actress, Olga's Girls (1964))
Cherry Campbell (III) (Actress, Katie Morag (2013))
Tracy Campbell (III) (Actor, Meet the Browns (2009))
Lucy Campbell (I) (Actress, Difunta Correa (1975))
Carey Campbell (II) (Actor, Equilibrium (2011))
Roy Campbell (V) (Producer, Fred Hammond's Christmas... Who Needs It (2007))
Gary Campbell (IX) (Art Department, Me and Orson Welles (2008))
D'Jay Campbell (Actress, Sacrament (2014))
Carey Campbell (I) (Miscellaneous, Black Cloud (2004))
Tony Campbell (VIII) (Self, Vlinders: Die Campbells (2014))
Mary Campbell (XI)
Gary Campbell (XI) (Miscellaneous, Morgan (2016))
Gay Campbell (II)
Kelly Campbell (V) (Actress, Almost Normal (2005))
Lucy Campbell (XIII) (Camera Department, Dale (2015))
Roy Campbell (II) (Composer, Survival in New York (1989))
Kelly Campbell (XVIII)
Gary Campbell (III) (Camera Department, Won't Anybody Listen (2001))
Kelly Campbell (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt (2013))
Lucy Campbell (XII)
Kelly Campbell (XXIV) (Actress, Server Life (2015))
Gary Campbell (XIII) (Stunts, Mapmaker (2001))
Mary Campbell (VII) (Actor, Make Your Weather (2009))
Kelly Campbell (XIII) (Self, Lingerie Football League (2009))
Mary Campbell (VI)
Tony Campbell (XIII) (Actor, Mirrored Shades (2016))
Ray Campbell (VIII) (Actor, Fletcher Drive (2012))
Lucy Campbell (III) (Producer, The House of Grace (2013))
Trey Campbell (II) (Writer, Quarter Century: New York (2015))
Toby Campbell (Actor, Dream Storm (2001))
Amy Campbell (XIII)
Troy Campbell (V) (Miscellaneous, 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards (2012))
Mary Campbell (XIII) (Actress, Knuckles (2016))
Kelly Campbell (XXII)
Ruby Campbell (II)
Amy Campbell (XV) (Actress, Exploring Weird New York (2008))
Abby Campbell (I)
Jay Campbell (II) (Art Department, Emmanuelle: First Contact (1994))
Cy Campbell (Sound Department, Orange Drive (2011))
Kelly Campbell (VI) (Self, NFL on FOX (1994))
Kelly Campbell (IV) (Miscellaneous, Kingpin (1996))
Lary Campbell (Director, It Had to Be You (2012))
Troy Campbell (I) (Producer, A Place to Dance (2006))
Ray Campbell (V) (Miscellaneous, The Loving Story (2011))
Kay Campbell (II) (Writer, Inside the Mind of Mr D.H.Lawrence (2013))
Trey Campbell (VII) (Actor, Xanax a Love Song (2015))
Remy Campbell (Director, Independent Lens (1999))
Lucy Campbell (II) (Make Up Department, Ealing Comedy (2008))
Ray Campbell (IV) (Composer, Five Dollars an Hour (2003))
Troy Campbell (VIII) (Producer, Sketchy (2012))
Tony Campbell (IV) (Self, 1984 NBA Draft (1984))
Trey Campbell (I) (Camera Department, Three Count (2016))
Kelly Campbell (XXIII) (Assistant Director, The Love Machine (2016))
Amy Campbell (X) (Producer, You Kill Me (2010))
Roy Campbell (IV) (Self, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Ray Campbell (IX) (Writer, Dole Day Afternoon (2014))
Joey Campbell (II) (Actor, Kindergarten Tycoon (2014))
Clay Campbell (IV)
Joey Campbell (III) (Costume Department, Tomorrowland (2015))
Tony Campbell (VII) (Director, Twixt Cup & Lip (2002))
Mary Campbell (IV) (Special Effects, Splatter University (1984))
Carey Campbell (III) (Actor, One Love (2003))
Gary Campbell (VIII) (Self, Weird Travels (2003))
Tony Campbell (XI) (Actor, Speed Kills (2017))
Trey Campbell (III) (Camera Department, Honeymoon (2014))
Trey Campbell (VI)
Amy Campbell (I) (Actress, Keep Breathing (2000))
Kelly Campbell (II) (Make Up Department, Eight Days a Week (1997))
Coby Campbell (Actor, Space Kid (1999))
Ruby Campbell (I) (Actress, Love Goggles (1999))
Gary Campbell (II) (Transportation Department, 88 Minutes (2007))
Tony Campbell (II) (Editorial Department, Boomerang (1992))
Tony Campbell (XII) (Self, Dream Team (1997))
Guy Campbell (V) (Miscellaneous, Some Girls (2012))
Jay Campbell (VI) (Art Department, Primary (2014))
Roy Campbell (III) (Producer, .357 (2005))
Kelly Campbell (XVI) (Actress, Adam (2016))
Kelly Campbell (XII) (Actress, Bad Cars (2012))
Gary Campbell (VII) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Troy Campbell (II)
Mary Campbell (XII) (Actress, The X-Files (1993))
Troy Campbell (VII) (Actor, Brash Young Turks (2016))
Kelly Campbell (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Working Class (2011))
Tony Campbell (V) (Sound Department, The Unexpected (2012))
Lucy Campbell (XVII) (Art Department, The Phoenix and the Magic Carpet (1995))
Abby Campbell (II) (Actress, The Monster Within (2015))
Lucy Campbell (IX) (Director, Retirement (2014))
Lucy Campbell (X) (Writer, 8-bit (2016))
Rory Campbell (II) (Actor, Wisdom of Shaolin )
Roy Campbell (I) (Actor, Broker's Follies (1937))
Lucy Campbell (VI) (Miscellaneous, Harrow: The School on the Hill (2001))
Ray Campbell (II) (Sound Department, Last Night (1998))
Ray Campbell (VII)
Katy Campbell (Production Manager, I Like to Play Games (1995))
Ray Campbell (VI)
Kelly Campbell (I) (Actress, Magic Flute Diaries (2008))
Amy Campbell (VI) (Producer, Against Our Will Campaign (2011))
Joy Campbell (II) (Actress, Sweet Savior (1971))
Lucy Campbell (VII)
Kelly Campbell (XV) (Actor, Band Life (2014))
Gary Campbell (X)
Gary Campbell (XV)
Mary Campbell (I)
Ray Campbell (I) (Art Department, Notting Hill (1999))
Tony Campbell (III) (Art Department, Moulin Rouge! (2001))
Jay Campbell (V) (Producer, A Journey Through the First Year of Life (1985))
Lucy Campbell (XIV) (Production Designer, The Worst Alien in the World (2015))
Amy Campbell (XI) (Actress, Danger 5 (2011))
Kelly Campbell (XX) (Actor, BIT Parts (2012))