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James Griffith (I) (Actor, The Killing (1956))
Griffith Jones (Actor, Miranda (1948))
Alan Jones-Griffiths (Actor, Baker Boys (2011))
James Griffiths (VI) (Director, The Mayor (2017))
Philip Jones Griffiths (Camera Department, The Deer Hunter (1978))
D. Charles Griffith (Director, No Woman's Face Remember (2015))
James Griffiths (I) (Actor, The Nation's Health (1983))
Phillip James Griffith (Actor, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
James Griffith (V) (Cinematographer, The Shrine (2010))
James Griffith (XII) (Composer, Detour (2016))
Gwenllian Jones-Griffith (Assistant Director, It's My Shout: Short Films from Wales (2016))
Philip Jones-Griffiths (Self, Great Journeys: The Ho Chi Minh Trail (1989))
James Griffiths (X) (Sound Department, Annabelle: Creation (2017))
James Griffith (XVI) (Camera Department, Darken (2017))
James Griffiths (XIII) (Camera Department, Capio (2017))
James Griffiths (III) (Miscellaneous, Spider (2002))
James Griffiths (XV) (Self, Rhondda Round-Up (1957))
James Griffiths (IX) (Actor, Twisted Showcase (2012))
James Griffiths (IV)
Charles Griffith (IV) (Miscellaneous, Great American Railroad Journeys (2016))
James Griffiths (VIII) (Cinematographer, Ice, Sweat and Tears (2013))
James Griffith (IX) (Camera Department, Natural Selection (2011))
Drew James Griffiths (Composer, Antisocial )
James Griffith (XIV) (Cinematographer, Lights Out! (2012))
James Griffith (II) (Art Department, This Means War (2012))
Charles Griffiths (I) (Actor, Captain Kidd and Ditto (1915))
James Griffith (III) (Soundtrack, Epic Movie (2007))
Charles Griffith (III) (Transportation Department, Pray for Death (1985))
James Griffiths (VII) (Cinematographer, Goodbye... (2012))
James Griffith (VIII) (Actor, Don't See It Alone (2008))
Charles Griffiths (III) (Director, The Sexy Brutale (2017))
James Griffith (VII) (Actor, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2002))
James Griffith (X) (Actor, The Red Hand Gang (1977))
James Griffith (XIII) (Actor, Dead Dudes in the House (1989))
Charles Griffith (I) (Transportation Department, Paris, Texas (1984))
Frances Griffiths (I) (Actress, Love in the Wilderness (1920))
James Griffith (XI) (Actor, How to Stop Being a Loser (2011))
Brian James Griffith (Composer, The Mystery Language of the Initiates (2014))
James Griffiths (II) (Self, The Money Programme (1966))
James Griffith (VI)
James Griffiths (V) (Writer, Danger Mouse (2015))
James Griffiths (XII)
Charles Griffiths (II) (Miscellaneous, Wild Africa (2001))
James Griffith (IV) (Music Department, Lawless (2012))
Charles Griffith (II) (Actor, The Healing (1983))
James Griffiths (XIV) (Producer, The Sexy Brutale (2017))
James Griffiths (XI) (Make Up Department, My Daughter's Keeper (1991))
Frances Griffiths (II) (Self, World of Strange Powers (1985))
Pippa Griffith-Jones
J.M.G. Griffith-Jones
Jamie Griffith-Jones (Actor, Our Life Together (2012))
Rae Griffith-Jones (Producer, Top Ten Ways to Contact the Dead (2005))
Robin Griffith-Jones (Actor, The Veil of the Temple (2003))
Kate Griffiths-Jones (Actress, Championship (2002))
Raymond Garnes Griffiths
Doris Ffoulkes-Griffith (Actress, That Lass of Chandler's (1929))
Alistair James Griffiths
Carole Griffiths-Jones (Make Up Department, Gig-l (2013))
Louisa Griffith-Jones (Producer, Animal Precinct (2001))
Camilla Griffith-Jones (Miscellaneous, Judge John Deed (2001))
Griff Rhys Jones (Actor, Not the Nine O'Clock News (1979))
Ron Jones (VI)