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Susie Johnson (I) (Casting Department, Halloween II (1981))
Susie Johns (I) (Actress, It's Never Too Late (1984))
Susie Johns (II) (Producer, Three Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Days (2010))
Susie Johnson (IV) (Actor, Disposable (2013))
Susie Johnson (III) (Actress, A Night in the Life of Vinyl Eddie (2007))
Susie Johnson (V) (Actress, The Barn (2016))
Susie Johnson (II) (Miscellaneous, Girlfriends (2000))
Susie Johns (III) (Actress, Cherry (2010))
Susie Johnson (VI) (Costume Designer, Forest Bathing: Friends W/Benefits (2017))
Susie Johnstone (Actress, Playing Fair (2015))
Susie Johnston (Actress, Runaway Charlie (2015))
Susie John (Actress, Chimera (1991))
John Susi (Actor, Palaban (2000))