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John McArdle (I) (Actor, Brookside (1982))
John McArdle (II) (Actor, Carry on Cowboy (1965))
John McArdle (IV) (Actor, Wake Wood (2009))
John McArdle (III) (Actor, Xy (2012))
John McArdle (V) (Art Department, Kill Your Darlings (2013))
Aidan McArdle (Actor, The Duchess (2008))
Susan McArdle (Actress, Sightseers (2012))
John McCardle (Miscellaneous, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002))
Brian McArdle (Actor, Hot Guys with Guns (2013))
John M. Carey (Production Manager, Blue Water, White Death (1971))
Bryan McArdle (Actor, Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny (2010))
Erin McArdle (Editor, 9/11: As We Watched (2016))
Megan McArdle (Self, The War Room with Michael Shure (2012))
Megan Mcardle (Actress, Now with Alex Wagner (2011))
Jon McArdle (I)
Helen McArdle (II) (Self, William at 30 (2012))
Sean McArdle (I) (Director, Ninety Degrees and Sunny (2010))
Sean McArdle (III) (Special Effects, Up River (2017))
Kevin McArdle (I) (Actor, Damon (2006))
Jon McArdle (IV) (Camera Department, Walmart Soundcheck (2006))
Jon McArdle (V) (Camera Department, This Day Forward (2016))
Sean McArdle (II) (Visual Effects, In Production (2016))
Devon McArdle (Actress, Goodbye to You (2001))
Jon McArdle (III) (Camera Department, Jarring (2009))
Kevin McArdle (II) (Actor, Scout (2015))
Owen McArdle (Producer, Tallafornia (2011))
Helen McArdle (I) (Producer, A Mug's Game (2012))
Jon McArdle (II) (Cinematographer, A Cut Above: 100 Seasons of Duke Basketball (2005))
John M. Carter (Director, Brainbloodvolume (2016))
John McArthy (III)
John McArtor (Producer, Closure (2013))
John McArthy (I) (Composer, Red Rose (2011))
John McArthur
John M. Carroll (Art Department, Star Trek: First Contact (1996))
John McArthy (II) (Camera Department, Skyfall (2012))
John M. Carpenter (Actor, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015))
Allison McArdle (II) (Actor, Vampires in Virginia )
Kathryn McArdle (II) (Miscellaneous, Snatchers (2017))
Kathleen McArdle (I) (Producer, Phases of Mahina (2015))
Julien McArdle (Producer, On Piracy: On Piracy & the Future of Media (2007))
Shannon McArdle
Kathleen McArdle (II)
Allison McArdle (III) (Actress, Sometimes It's a Song (2016))
Martin McArdle
Steven McArdle (Actor, The Killing (2015))
Tamsin McArdle (Production Manager, Stop Treating Me Like a Kid (2006))
Kathryn McArdle (I) (Producer, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (2004))
Kristin McArdle (Sound Department, In Your Wildest Dreams (1991))
Justin McArdle (Location Management, Hush (2008))
Meghan McArdle (I) (Editor, French Cricket (2014))
Meghan McArdle (II) (Assistant Director, A Christmas Star (2015))
Allison McArdle (I) (Actress, The White Horse (2014))
Lillian McArdle (Actress, Lux Video Theatre (1950))
Morgan McArdle (Art Department, Cannibal Clown Killer (2015))
Christen McArdle (Producer, Alias: The Roughest Cut (2006))
Alison McArdle (Music Department, The Last September (1999))
John M. Carreiro (Miscellaneous, Silence (2014))
John McCardell (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Sean McArdle Kawakami (Self, Jôhô purezentâ toku dane! (1999))