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John Hubbard (I) (Actor, The Mummy's Tomb (1942))
John Hubbard (II) (Casting Director, The Bourne Ultimatum (2007))
John Hubbard (III) (Sound Department, Going to Extremes (2001))
John Hubbard (IV) (Self, The South Bank Show (1978))
John Hubbard (V) (Actor, Christmas with the Dead (2012))
L. Ron Hubbard (Writer, Battlefield Earth (2000))
Simon Hubbard (Actor, Inspector George Gently (2007))
Nolan Hubbard (Actor, Rust (2010))
Allan Hubbard (I) (Actor, Tender Mercies (1983))
Steven John Hubbard (Director, Play Fascination (2005))
Reyn Hubbard (Actor, Gatorbait II: Cajun Justice (1988))
John Hubbs
Maddison Hubbard (Actress, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (2014))
Dan Hubbard (II)
Ian Hubbard (I) (Special Effects, Godzilla (1998))
Kevin Hubbard (II) (Miscellaneous, An Audience with Dame Edna Everage (1980))
Ann Hubbard (Actress, Semper Fi (2001))
John Hubbell (Writer, I Am a Man: From Memphis, a Lesson in Life (2009))
John Hubbert (Actor, Walking Through Fires (2011))
Ron Hubbard (I)
Alun Hubbard (Miscellaneous, Chasing Ice (2012))
Susan Hubbard (I) (Writer, Realization (2006))
Dylan Hubbard (Actor, Bruno (2000))
Jen Hubbard (Producer, Zayar (2016))
Allan Hubbard (III)
Ron Hubbard (II) (Actor, Live Bait (2012))
Glenn Hubbard (Self, 1988 World Series Video: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Oakland A's (1988))
Alan Hubbard (III) (Self, When Ali Came to Britain (2012))
Ryan Hubbard (II)
Ian Hubbard (II) (Miscellaneous, Yamasong: March of the Hollows (2017))
Enron Hubbard (Special Effects, Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl (2014))
Leon Hubbard (Composer, EcoSoc (2009))
Ron Hubbard (IV) (Actor, Early to Bed (2014))
Ron Hubbard (III) (Self, Codes and Conspiracies (2014))
Jenn Hubbard (Self, America's Junior Miss (2004))
Ellen Hubbard (I) (Director, Museum of Government Waste )
Sean Hubbard (I) (Actor, The Inflicted (2012))
Don Hubbard (Actor, Gettysburg: Three Days of Destiny (2004))
Robin Hubbard (Actor, Shoot or Be Shot (2002))
Jason Hubbard (IV) (Actor, Home (2015))
Jason Hubbard (III) (Sound Department, The Watchguard (2014))
Gavin Hubbard (Actor, Paperclip Thieves (2008))
Ben Hubbard (I) (Visual Effects, Control (2008))
Ryan Hubbard (I) (Writer, The Crime of Romance (2009))
Aaron Hubbard (I) (Producer, Interview with a Hitman (2012))
Kevin Hubbard (I) (Actor, To Sir, with Love (1967))
Jason Hubbard (I) (Art Department, Grow the Fuck Up! (2010))
Ellen Hubbard (II) (Actress, Museum of Government Waste )
Jon Hubbard (II) (Actor, Ironsides (2009))
Allan Hubbard (II) (Art Department, Adventures Into Digital Comics (2006))
Jan Hubbard (Self, 30 for 30 (2009))
Colin Hubbard (Actor, The Target List (2011))
Erin Hubbard (Animation Department, Lost & Found (2012))
Devin Hubbard (I) (Composer, The Shadow and the Flame (2011))
Allan Hubbard (IV) (Self, Frontline (1983))
Dan Hubbard (I) (Actor, Big West Conference NCAA Basketball (2003))
Bryan Hubbard (II) (Self, Trauma: Life in the E.R. (1997))
Sean Hubbard (II) (Thanks, Money Moron (2013))
Devin Hubbard (II) (Animation Department, Blaze and the Monster Machines (2014))
Aaron Hubbard (III) (Self, Night Crawler: The Brett Myers Story (2009))
Bryan Hubbard (I) (Self, Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (2008))
Jon Hubbard (I) (Editor, River Cottage Autumn (2008))
Susan Hubbard (II)
Evan Hubbard (Actor, Firsthand: Encounter (2009))
Stan Hubbard (I)
Aaron Hubbard (II) (Writer, The Man Eating Beast of Wimbledon Common (2009))
Karen Hubbard (Location Management, The Testament of Tom Jacoby (2001))
Tavon Hubbard (Self, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Darin Hubbard (Editor, Duel Masters (2004))
Kevin Hubbard (III)
Stan Hubbard (II) (Actor, Gyrating Rocket (2016))
Jason Hubbard (II)
Ron Hubbard (V) (Self, Flip or Flop (2013))
Ben Hubbard (II) (Actor, Air Swings (2013))
Dan Hubbard (III) (Camera Department, Leave My Flowers Alone (2012))
Dan Hubbard (V) (Actor, Dragon Soccer (2010))
Alan Hubbard (I) (Art Department, Where the Red Fern Grows (2003))
Susan Hubbard (III) (Casting Department, Tangled (1997))
Brian Hubbard
Dean Hubbard
Brenden Hubbard (I) (Producer, Cul-de-Sac (2016))
R. Glenn Hubbard (Self, Inside Job (2010))
Lucien Hubbard (Writer, The Star Witness (1931))
Jordan Hubbard (I) (Actor, Fruit of the Fungus (2016))
Adrian Hubbard (I) (Location Management, World War Z (2013))
Merilyn Hubbard Herr (Actor, The Magic Toy Shop (1955))
Lynarion Hubbard (Editorial Department, The League (2009))
Dustin Hubbard (Producer, For Christ's Sake (2010))
Adam Hubbard Johnson (Producer, Donnybrook (2008))
Jean Hubbard-Boone (Actress, The Glass Shield (1994))
Martin Hubbard (Art Department, Inception (2010))
Steven Hubbard (I) (Visual Effects, X: First Class (2011))
Lauren Hubbard (Actress, Parthenon (2017))
Nelron Hubbard (Actor, Slime City Massacre (2010))
Paul Stephen Hubbard (Actor, Takers (2010))
Kristen Hubbard (Actress, Cherry (2010))
Logan Hubbard-Potter (Actor, White Armour (2015))
Kerrin Hubbard (Actress, Uptown Girls (2003))
Adrian Hubbard (II) (Self, 2013 Discover BCS National Championship Game (2013))
Steven Hubbard (II) (Producer, The Girl on the Mat (2016))
Brenden Hubbard (II)
Kybron Hubbard
Steven Hubbard (IV) (Actor, Inaction (2007))
Melvin Hubbard (I) (Stunts, Mission (2016))
Rhaelen Hubbard (Actress, The Rush Chairman (2017))
Sifu Alan Hubbard (Actor, Tou du (2002))
Gordon Hubbard (Make Up Department, Blackbeard's Ghost (1968))
Stephen Hubbard (II) (Producer, Bibleman (1995))
Madelon Hubbard (Actress, Around the World in Eighty Days (1956))
Preston Hubbard (Actor, Light of Day (1987))
Brayan Hubbard (Self, Kinderen voor kinderen (1980))
Austin Hubbard (Actor, Rock Hard (2009))
Kathryn Hubbard (Miscellaneous, Crystal Math (2011))
Leigh Ann Hubbard (Actress, Faces (2012))
Colton Hubbard (Composer, ...And Wife (2001))
Kirsten Hubbard (Writer, Wanderlove (2017))
Coleen Hubbard (Director, The Contents of Her Purse (2010))
Melvin Hubbard (II) (Miscellaneous, The Great Christmas Light Fight (2013))
Marvin Hubbard (II) (Actor, The Big Deal (2009))
Doreen Hubbard (Miscellaneous, Inspector Mom (2006))
Brendan Hubbard (Camera Department, American Greed (2007))
Jameson Hubbard (Actor, Hench-Man (2014))
Brandon Hubbard (Writer, Black Ice (2016))
Stephen Hubbard (I) (Miscellaneous, Americana Music Honors & Awards (2012))
Jordan Hubbard (II) (Camera Department, Rebecca (2015))
Carinn Hubbard
Corbin Hubbard (II) (Cinematographer, The Birth of Trees (2011))
Steven Hubbard (III)
Jonathan Hubbard (Cinematographer, CW 30 Screening Room (2013))
Christian Hubbard (Production Manager, Rink )
Justin Hubbard (Actor, Arlette (1997))
Nathan Hubbard (Editor, The Three Swords (2015))
Marvin Hubbard (I)
Neilson Hubbard (Soundtrack, Something Borrowed (2011))
Jen Jensen Hubbard (Miscellaneous, Blue Like Jazz (2012))
Vernon Hubbard II (Actor, Happy Birthday Erik Lemprecht (2011))
DeAdrian Hubbard (Actor, Inner Demons the Thrillogy (2013))
Corbin Hubbard (I) (Sound Department, Hungry For Love (2011))
Evelyn Hubbard (Self, The Marty Stuart Show (2008))
Taunia Hottman-Hubbard (Actress, Taking Woodstock (2009))
Alison Hubbard-Miller (Self, Raggedy: The Magical Legacy of Johnny Gruelle (2013))
Emma Jean Hubbard-Wright
William Franklin Hubbard (Actor, Dream X (2012))