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John Cater (I) (Actor, The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971))
John Cater (III)
John Cater (II) (Miscellaneous, 20th Annual Trumpet Awards (2012))
John Caterino (Composer, Martha Cook (2014))
John Carpenter (I) (Writer, Halloween (1978))
John Cates (II) (Actor, Nine Dead (2010))
John Catucci (Actor, The Doodlebops (2004))
John Carter (IV) (Actor, Scarface (1983))
John Cates (IV) (Camera Department, Fast Food Nation (2006))
John Cates (V) (Miscellaneous, Bernie (2011))
John Cates (IX) (Miscellaneous, Where the Red Fern Grows (2003))
John Cates (VI) (Actor, The European Kid (2007))
John Catey (Music Department, The Nail Gun Massacre (1985))
John Cates (I) (Assistant Director, Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970))
John Cate (Music Department, Producer Sam (2013))
John Cates (III) (Writer, Marcus Finds a Voice (2014))
John Canada Terrell (Actor, She's Gotta Have It (1986))
John Cathey (I) (Actor, Avalanche (1978))
John Carter Cash (Producer, Johnny Cash's America (2008))
John Carter (I) (Editor, Men of Honor (2000))
John C. Attle (Actor, The Patty Duke Show (1963))
John Carter (XXX) (Cinematographer, Nick and Nicky (2016))
John Carpenter (V) (Self, Greatest Game Show Moments (2007))
John Carter (XVIII) (Actor, Iron Man Three (2013))
John Catto (Cinematographer, Jump! (2001))
John Cathey (II) (Miscellaneous, Ingenious (2009))
John Catan (Camera Department, Colin Fitz Lives! (1997))
John Cato (III) (Art Department, The Convent (2000))
John Catoe (Actor, Father's Day or Grandad's Device (2015))
John Cathey (III) (Camera Department, The Wreck (2008))
John Catt (II) (Thanks, Taking Liberties (2007))
John Cato (II) (Actor, Stall (2013))
John Catt (I) (Camera Department, Kingswood Country (1980))
John Cato (I) (Actor, The Act (2004))
John Catron (Miscellaneous, Deadpool (2016))
John Catenaci (Producer, BearCity 2: The Proposal (2012))
Nathanjohn Carter (Actor, Ra.One (2011))
John Catheline (Actor, The Zombinator (2012))
John Catania (Producer, The Lady in Question Is Charles Busch (2005))
John Cataldi (Animation Department, RoboCop: Alpha Commando (1998))
John Carter (V) (Special Effects, The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982))
John Carpenter (III) (Actor, Network (1976))
John Carter (XVI) (Director, The Way of War (2009))
John Cattani (Actor, BartonCC (2008))
John Catapano (III) (Self, Hangin with Web Show (2015))
John Cattle (II) (Editor, The Limelight (2012))
John Catapano (II) (Sound Department, The Big Frozen Gumshoe )
John Catuara
John Catapano (I) (Art Department, Belle's Magical World (1998))
John Cattigan (Sound Department, Bad Lieutenant (1992))
John Cattle (I)
John Catlow (I) (Sound Department, Bullseye (1981))
John Catlin (II) (Sound Department, Star Wars Legends: Legacy of the Force (2015))
John Cathro (Art Department, Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994))
John Cattel (Actor, London's Burning (1988))
John Cattapan (Actor, 10Terrorists (2012))
John Catchart
John Cathcart (II) (Self, Is It Real? (2005))
John Cataldo (Actor, Surf Sail (1978))
John Catlin (III) (Sound Department, Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day (2012))
John Catignas
John Cattaneo (Actor, Genie Pot (2012))
John Catalano (Editor, Return to Mexico City (2009))
John Cattle (IV)
John Cathcart (I) (Sound Department, Talkback (1988))
John Catrama (Actor, Ten Benny (1995))
John Catlow (II)
John Cattell
John Cattle (III)
John Carter (XXVIII) (Transportation Department, 2012 (2009))
John Catterall (I) (Actor, Boy A (2007))
John Carter (LVI) (Camera Department, Top of the Pops (1964))
John Carter Jr. (Producer, Deliver Us from Evil (2013))
John Carter (LXVII)
John Carter (XXIV) (Editor, First Look (1988))
John Carter (LX)
John Carter (LXXX)
John Carter (LXXVIII) (Camera Department, Last Fisherman (2016))
John Carter (LXXXV)
John Carter (XXIX) (Actor, Byker Grove (1989))
John Carter (LXXXIV) (Director, Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? (2017))
John Carter (XXIII) (Art Department, Polygamous Polonius (1960))
John Carter (LIV) (Actor, Henry and the Midnight Dentist (2013))
John Carter (XXVI) (Actor, Pub Royale (1997))
John Carter (III) (Self, The Way West (1995))
John Carter (LXVI) (Self, Cold Justice (2013))
John Carter (LXXXII)
John Carter (LXXXIII)
John Carter (LXIX)
John Carter (LXVIII) (Actor, Fish Tale (2008))
John Carter (LIII) (Miscellaneous, Fast Foods Gone Global (2012))
John Carter (IX) (Camera Department, Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973))
John Carter (XL) (Self, Livin It: Unusual Suspects (2005))
John Carter (LXV) (Sound Department, Production Assistants (2014))
John Carter (XLII) (Cinematographer, Remake (2011))
John Carter (XLIII)
John Carter (XXXVIII) (Producer, The Things (2011))
John Carter (XLVI) (Camera Department, Hell for Leather (1998))
John Carter (VI) (Actor, The Great Skycopter Rescue (1980))
John Carter (LXXIV) (Actor, Legerdemain )
John Carter (XVII) (Producer, Luckless (2013))
John Carter (XIV) (Actor, Flamingo Road (1980))
John Carter (XIII) (Self, Praise the Lord (1973))
John Carter (XXXIII) (Editorial Department, On Freddie Roach (2012))
John Carpnter (Miscellaneous, Cliffhanger (1993))
John Carter (XX) (Actor, 15 to Life (2002))
John Carter (XXXI) (Actor, Romeo and Juliet (1965))
John Carter (XLI) (Miscellaneous, God of War III (2010))
John Carter (XXXIX) (Camera Department, The Thieves Guild (2005))
John Carter (LI) (Actor, Hardy Bucks (2010))
P. John Carter
John Carter (LXXXVII) (Actor, Ballin in the Fall of America: When Everything Else Fails (2015))
John Carter (LXXVI) (Actor, A Stronger Bond (2016))
John Carter (XXI)
John Carter (LIX)
John Carter (XLIX) (Self, Fatherhood 101 (2013))
John Carter (LXXXI) (Actor, The Spy Force (2017))
John Carter (LXIII) (Sound Department, Bff (2014))
John Carter (LII) (Visual Effects, The Underwater Realm (2012))
John Carter (L)
John Carter (LXX) (Music Department, A Land for Heroes (1962))
John Carter (LXI)
John Carter (LVII) (Sound Department, Ava's Magical Adventure (1998))
John Carter (LVIII) (Actor, The Cell (2013))
John Carter (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Election 1987 (1987))
John Carter (XIX) (Actor, A Modest Proposal (2005))
John Carter (LV) (Sound Department, House of Carters (2006))
John Carter (LXIV) (Cinematographer, People Like Us (2014))
John Carter (LXXIX)
John Carter (XXV) (Actor, Alabama's Ghost (1973))
John Carter (LXXI) (Miscellaneous, Mr. Thinstrangle and the Blue Text Studio (2016))
John Carter (LXXII) (Actor, The Five Hour Interview (2016))
John Carter (XLIV) (Miscellaneous, Djinn (2013))
John Carter (XXXVI) (Visual Effects, Moving McAllister (2007))
John Carter (XXXIV)
John Carter (LXXV) (Self, Blizzards: Whiteout! (1999))
John Carter (LXXIII) (Soundtrack, Trespassers (2015))
John Carter (XV) (Self, Wish You Were Here...? (1974))
John Carter (XII) (Actor, Kids (1995))
John Carter (XI) (Actor, Aurora of the North (1914))
John Carter (XXII) (Self, The Spirit of '69: The Legacy of Alpha Phi Alpha at the University of Georgia (2014))
John Carter (XLV) (Sound Department, Lie Awake (2011))
John Carter (VII) (Location Management, Nickel & Dime (1992))
John Carter (VIII) (Art Director, Bucktown (1975))
John Carter (XLVII) (Make Up Department, Top 10 Weddings of 2011 (2011))
John Carter (XLVIII) (Editor, 5up 2down (2006))
John Carter (XXXV) (Self, Zygote Party vs Tea Party (2014))
John Carter (LXII) (Cinematographer, The Great Australian Doorstep (2008))
John Carter (LXXVII) (Actor, Dirty Work (2016))
John Caritero (Miscellaneous, Boy Golden (2013))
John Carter (XXXVII) (Actor, Dark Measures (2009))
John Catterall (II) (Miscellaneous, Great British Railway Journeys (2010))
John Catsimatidis (II) (Producer, The First American (2016))
John Catsimatidis (I) (Producer, 86th Greek Independence Day Parade (2017))
John Carlos Catalan (Camera Department, Third Eye (2014))
John Carter Brown (Actor, Surviving Christmas (2004))
John Catherwood (Miscellaneous, Game of Thrones (2011))
John Carr Watson (Actor, Xena: Warrior Princess (1995))
John Chater (II) (Cinematographer, Lion - Night and Day (2012))
John Chater (IV) (Camera Department, Racing Extinction (2015))
John Chater (I) (Cinematographer, I Am Divine (2013))
John Chater (III) (Camera Department, Free to Rock (2017))
John C. Waters (Actor, Intangibles (2004))
John Catrambone Jr. (Camera Department, In My Mind (2013))
John Catch Henson (Miscellaneous, Were the World Mine (2008))
John C. Atkinson (Visual Effects, The Plot to Kill Nixon (2005))
John Catchings (I) (Self, Amy Grant: Building the House of Love (1994))
John Catchings (II) (Music Department, Ever Ever on II (2010))
John Catturini (Editorial Department, Amazonico soy (2008))
John 'Catfish' Pursell (Self, Johnny O'Keefe: The Wild One (1984))
John Catanzaro (Actor, Chasing Robert (2007))
John Cannatella (Actor, The Third Testament (2010))
John Carter Wolfe
John Canterbury (Actor, Kaniig (2013))
John Carpenter (XXI) (Producer, Rewind This! (2013))
Peter John Casey (Director, Vengeance for Chloe Darling (2016))
John Cato L. Finnebråten (Visual Effects, Kongens nei (2016))
John Cain Carter (Self, Late Show with David Letterman (1993))
John Carpenter (XXV) (Sound Department, Radio with Pictures (1976))
John Carpenter (XVIII)
John Campbell Hunter
John Callister (II) (Transportation Department, Belle (2013))
John Carpenter (XIV) (Actor, The Runway (2010))
John Carpenter (XI) (Sound Department, Rain of the Children (2008))
John Carpenter (II) (Self, Be My Guest (1965))
John Callister (I) (Editor, Monkeys (1989))
Volter John Caber (Self, Pinoy Idol (2008))
John Carpenter (X) (Miscellaneous, Red Lipstick (2000))
John Carpenter (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Tori & Dean: Inn Love (2007))
John Carlos McMaster (Actor, Goldrush (2013))
John Carpenter (XII)
John Carpenter (IX) (Self, The Unexplained (1996))
John Carpenter (XVII) (Editorial Department, Snack Off (2014))
John Carpenter (VIII) (Self, Stasis: Marine Corps (2012))
John Carpenter (XX)
John Carpenter (XV) (Production Manager, Substitution (1970))
John Carpenter (XXIV)
John Carter Craig (Actor, Crimson Peak (2015))
John Carpenter (XXII)
John Carpenter (XIX) (Actor, Swimsuits Optional (1983))