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Joel Rogers (I) (Actor, The God Particle: Resurrection (2016))
Joel Rogers (VI) (Actor, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993))
Joel Rogers (X)
Joel Rogers (V) (Miscellaneous, About Time (2013))
Joel Rogers (XV) (Actor, John Bosco in America (2015))
Joel Rogers (III) (Writer, Cruel & Usual (2010))
Joel Rogers (VIII) (Self, Moyers & Company (2012))
Joel Rogers (XI)
Joel Rogers (XIV) (Composer, Tension (2015))
Joel Rogers (II) (Sound Department, Sweatin' to the Oldies 2 (1990))
Joel Rogers (XII)
Joel Rogers (IX)
Joel Rogers (XVI)
Joel Rogers (XIII)
Joel Rogers (IV) (Actor, Rumby in the Jungy (2009))
Joel Rogers (VII)
Michael Rogers (V) (Actor, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007))
Rachel Rogers (II) (Actress, Fueling the Fire (2002))
Noel Rogers (Editor, The Single Guy (1995))
Mabel Rogers (Actress, Primeval (2007))
Ariel Rogers (II) (Actress, Straight Outta Compton (2015))
Mel Rogers (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Daniel Rogers (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015))
Wayne L. Rogers (Producer, Wind River (2017))
Daniel Rogers (XIV) (Actor, In with the Flynns (2011))
Nigel Rogers (I) (Cinematographer, Headlock Security )
Hazel Rogers (II) (Actress, (1963))
Daniel Rogers (V) (Editor, Extreme Makeover (2002))
Rachel Rogers (IV) (Actress, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (2007))
Isabel Rogers (I) (Actress, Jody's Bra (2011))
Marcel Rogers (Actor, Maya's Soul (2006))
Joel Rodgers (II) (Animation Department, The Road to Graceland (2001))
Joel Rodgers (I) (Art Department, Prometheus (2012))
Joel Rodgers (III) (Sound Department, Sweatin' to the Oldies 3 (1991))
Daniel Rogers (XXII) (Actor, Cooking with Caleb 4 (2016))
Daniel Rogers (III) (Camera Department, The Life of David Gale (2003))
Earsel Rogers
Daniel Rogers (XX) (Actor, Rest Stop (2015))
Sochel Rogers (Art Department, Ren (2016))
Ichael Rogers (Actor, Dope Fiend (2016))
Rachel Rogers (XI) (Actor, Killing Time (2017))
Daniel Rogers (XIII) (Actor, Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1981))
Hazel Rogers (I) (Actress, Heads Up (1925))
Daniel Rogers (IV) (Miscellaneous, Shottas (2002))
Nigel Rogers (IV)
Lionel Rogers
Isabel Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, Autumnwatch (2006))
Daniel Rogers (XI) (Actor, Flickers (1980))
Nigel Rogers (II) (Actor, Mammoth (2009))
Muriel Rogers (Actress, Frankie Howerd Strikes Again (1981))
Laurel Rogers (Actor, Take Care (2014))
Isabel Rogers (III) (Actress, Puppet Cop (2012))
Nigel Rogers (V) (Actor, Billy Budd (1966))
Lael Rogers (Miscellaneous, The Man in the High Castle (2015))
Nigel Rogers (VII) (Actor, The Sinister Vines of Dr Thorn (2016))
Rachel Rogers (I) (Actress, Let It Ride (1989))
Rachel Rogers (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Holby City (1999))
Rachel Rogers (VII) (Actress, What Lays in Tiffany's Mind (2010))
Michel Rogers (Actor, The Fergusons (2011))
Ariel Rogers (III) (Producer, Light Girls (2015))
Nigel Rogers (III)
Daniel Rogers (XII) (Director, Returns Department (2005))
Samuel Rogers (II) (Cinematographer, We Out Here (2013))
Wathel Rogers (Visual Effects, Cosmic Capers (1957))
Daniel Rogers (XXIII) (Art Department, Batman Begins (2005))
Huie L. Rogers (Self, Huie's Predigt (1981))
Daniel Rogers (I) (Actor, Smokin' Stogies (2001))
Samuel Rogers (IV) (Sound Department, Butterhead's Guide to the Galaxy (2016))
Ariel Rogers (I) (Miscellaneous, Buffalo Soldiers (2001))
Darrel Rogers (Transportation Department, Cat Chaser (1989))
Daniel Rogers (VII) (Editor, My Best Roommate (2006))
Daniel Rogers (II) (Soundtrack, Hoodwinked! (2005))
Hazel Rogers (III) (Make Up Department, Gone with the Wind (1939))
Daniel Rogers (VI) (Actor, Sideways (2004))
Daniel Rogers (XIX) (Actor, Germ Warfare (2013))
Rachel Rogers (III) (Actress, Citizen Welles (2004))
Israel Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, Traveling Without Moving (2016))
Daniel Rogers (XXI) (Editor, Crossed (2002))
Samuel Rogers (III) (Actor, Last Breath (2013))
Rachel Rogers (V) (Make Up Department, Grow (2010))
Daniel Rogers (XVII)
Israel Rogers (I) (Self, Your Kid Ate What? (2009))
Ariel Rogers (IV) (Costume Department, The Frozen Goose (2016))
Daniel Rogers (XVI)
Samuel Rogers (I) (Writer, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962))
Rachel Rogers (X) (Miscellaneous, Maddie (2016))
Rachel Rogers (IX) (Actress, Containment (2015))
Daniel Rogers (X) (Visual Effects, Game Room (2010))
Daniel Rogers (IX) (Writer, Bubble Wrap Can Kill You (2006))
Nigel Rogers (VI)
Rachel Rogers (VI) (Transportation Department, The Devil's Mercy (2008))
Samuel Rogers (V) (Self, ESPN Friday Night Fights (1998))
Daniel Rogers (VIII) (Composer, Monsieur Coccinelle (1938))
Raphael Rogers (Director, Seraphim (2012))
Michael Rogers (III) (Actor, Mission: Impossible (1996))
Joel K. Rogers (Producer, Argo: Inside Story (2013))
Michael Rogers (VI) (Actor, The Mosquito Coast (1986))
Michael Rogers (XXIX) (Actor, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999))
Michael Rogers (IV) (Writer, Killer Fish (1979))
Nathaniel Rogers (II) (Actor, Ghost House: A Haunting )
Michael Rogers (XXVI) (Self, Cops (1989))
Michael Rogers (XXVII) (Camera Department, Like a Bag of Rocks (2011))
Michael Rogers (VIII) (Camera Department, Love Don't Cost a Thing (2003))
Michael Rogers (XXXVI)
Celeste L. Rogers (Miscellaneous, Emotions (2007))
Michael Rogers (XL) (Producer, How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) (2015))
Michael Rogers (XXIII) (Visual Effects, Deadpool (2016))
Kirk Michael Rogers (Assistant Director, Bedtime Stories (2008))
Michael Rogers (XLIV) (Writer, Loneliness Is Soul (1998))
Craig Michael Rogers (Miscellaneous, Whispers in the Dark (1992))
Emily Ariel Rogers (Actress, The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man (2015))
Michael Rogers (LI) (Camera Department, Play by Play (2017))
James Michael Rogers (Actor, Reunion (2013))
Michael Rogers (L) (Actor, The Best of India, Late at Night (2016))
Michael Rogers (XLVII) (Miscellaneous, Top Gear (2002))
Michael Rogers (XLI) (Self, Follow the Zebra (2014))
Michael Rogers (VII) (Actor, Water Rats (1996))
Michael Rogers (XXVIII) (Self, Chasing Legends (2010))
Michael Rogers (XLIX) (Self, Snapped (2004))
Michael Rogers (XXXIX) (Actor, All Out Dysfunktion! (2016))
Michael Rogers (XIV) (Cinematographer, Catastrophe: Surviving the Hurricane (2004))
Michael Rogers (XLIII)
Michael Rogers (XX) (Animation Department, The Vatican Revealed (1999))
Nathaniel Rogers (I) (Actor, Flirting's for Dummies (2009))
Michael Rogerson (II)
Michael Rogers (XXXIII) (Actor, The Fountain of Life (2012))
Michael Rogers (XXXVII)
Michael Rogers (XVI) (Stunts, Whisper (2007))
Michael Rogers (LII) (Miscellaneous, The History of Comedy (2017))
Michael Rogers (XXXIV) (Actor, Meaning of Violence (2014))
Michael Rogers (XLII) (Actor, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (2012))
Michael Rogers (X) (Miscellaneous, Appalachian Trial (2004))
Michael Rogers (XXXII) (Miscellaneous, Stubbs the Zombie in 'Rebel Without a Pulse' (2005))
Michael Rogers (XXII) (Special Effects, Brothers (2009))
Michael Rogers (XI)
Michael Rogers (XVIII) (Actor, The 30 Bones of Unfortunate Joey Jones (2006))
Michael Rogers (XV) (Location Management, The Operative (2000))
Michael Rogers (LIII) (Miscellaneous, The History of Comedy (2017))
Michael Rogers (XXI)
Michael Rogers (XLVIII) (Cinematographer, Night with a Temptress (2013))
Michael Rogers (XXXVIII) (Editorial Department, Self Inflicted (2014))
Rachael Rogers (Actress, Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (2003))
Michael Rogers (XIII) (Actor, The Treasure Map (1999))
Michael Rogers (I)
Michael Rogers (XIX) (Self, Outrage (2009))
Michael Rogers (XVII) (Actor, Watching the Detectives (2008))
Michael Rogers (XXXV) (Cinematographer, The New Woman: Annie Londonderry Kopchovsky (2013))
Michael Rogers (XLVI) (Miscellaneous, The Eighties (2016))
Ray Daniel Rogers (Actor, Prayers for Bobby (2009))
Michael Rogers (XLV) (Actor, Dope Fiend (2016))
Michael Rogerson (I) (Actor, Kavanagh QC (1995))
Michael Rogers (IX) (Actor, A Four Letter Word (2007))
Michael Rogers (XII) (Producer, Crime Wave: 18 Months of Mayhem (2008))
Michael Rogers (XXXI) (Writer, Speed Dating: In 60 Seconds or Less (2003))
F. Michael Rogers (Self, Heroes of the 354th Fighter Group )
Michael Rogers (XXX) (Actor, Forced Evolution (2012))
Ethan Samuel Rogers (Editor, Not So Super: The Diary of a Wannabe (2010))
Michael Rogers (II) (Editorial Department, Shrek the Halls (2007))
Daniel Rogerson (Actor, Blue Streak (1999))
Michael Rogers (XXV) (Actor, The Egg Factory (2008))
Michael Rogers (XXIV) (Cinematographer, Top Coat Cash (2017))
Joe Bill Rogers (Self, Solved (2008))
Joel Townsley Rogers (Writer, Suspense (1949))