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Joel Bailey (I) (Producer, Between the Lines (1997))
Joel Bailey (II) (Director, Consideration (2004))
Joel Bailey (IV) (Producer, American Graduate Day 2015 (2015))
Michael Bailey Smith (I) (Actor, Men in Black II (2002))
Racquel Bailey (Actor, The Night Of (2016))
Joel Bailey (III) (Miscellaneous, Syriana (2005))
Mel Bailey (II)
E.L. Bailey (Animation Department, Heavy Traffic (1973))
Del Bailey (Camera Department, Concert for George (2003))
Mel Bailey (I) (Self, Curse of the Lost Gold Mine (1994))
Raquel Bailey (Actress, The Jim Gaffigan Show (2015))
Darrel Bailey (I) (Actor, The Black Tutu (2013))
Rachel Bailey (I) (Actress, Ich bin da, ich bin da (1993))
Daniel Bailey (XI) (Camera Department, The Ninth Lane (2011))
Marcel Bailey (Sound Department, Jackals (2011))
Rachel Bailey (VII) (Visual Effects, Money Monster (2016))
Daniel Bailey (VIII) (Actor, Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire (2000))
Russel Bailey
Rachel Bailey (V) (Producer, Care (2006))
Daniel Bailey (XXI) (Actor, Nap (2015))
Daniel Bailey (IV)
Daniel Bailey (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Illume the Movie (2016))
Lionel Bailey (II) (Actor, Ceci n'est pas un chapeau (2009))
Darrel Bailey (II) (Actor, A&E (2014))
Nigel Bailey (I) (Actor, Bridge of regrets (2012))
Daniel Bailey (XII) (Director, Death by Chocolate (2014))
Laurel Bailey (II) (Actress, Dorchester Theatre (1957))
Daniel Bailey (XV) (Actor, Jarred (2014))
Daniel Bailey (VI) (Camera Department, CarJack (2011))
Daniel Bailey (XX) (Actor, Holy of Hoagies (2015))
Daniel Bailey (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, The Fishing Club (2014))
Mekel Bailey (Costume Department, Total Loss (2016))
Daniel Bailey (VII) (Actor, Sable Fable (2013))
Ariel Bailey (Actor, Drawing with Chalk (2009))
Darrel Bailey (III)
Daniel Bailey (IX) (Producer, Fox and Friends (1998))
Daniel Bailey (V) (Self, 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics Berlin 2009 (2009))
Rachel Bailey (IX)
Nigel Bailey (II) (Miscellaneous, Inheritance (2013))
Rachel Bailey (VIII) (Actress, Jinxed (2016))
Lionel Bailey (I) (Art Department, Holby City (1999))
Angel Bailey (Make Up Department, Attack of the Morningside Monster (2014))
Danyel Bailey (Actress, Life in General (2003))
Daniel Bailey (XVI) (Camera Department, Under the Blood-Red Sun (2014))
Rachel Bailey (III) (Casting Department, Chopper (2000))
Daniel Bailey (I) (Miscellaneous, Cast Away (2000))
Daniel Bailey (III) (Camera Department, Fantastic Feelings (2008))
Rachel Bailey (VI) (Costume Department, Courageous (2011))
Lionel Bailey (III) (Miscellaneous, See How They Grow: Pets (1995))
Daniel Bailey (XVII) (Miscellaneous, The Fishing Club (2014))
Samuel Bailey (Writer, The Horsemen (2012))
Daniel Bailey (X) (Actor, Treasure Chest of Horrors (2012))
Isobel Bailey (Art Department, Man of the House (2015))
Rebel Bailey (Self, When Vacations Attack (2010))
Daniel Bailey (II) (Actor, Love Sick Diaries (2010))
Muriel Bailey (Actress, Places Not Our Own (1986))
Nigel Bailey (III) (Actor, Ren (2016))
Laurel Bailey (I) (Self, C-U Tonight (1999))
Daniel Bailey (XIV) (Actor, Into the Void (2012))
Rachel Bailey (II) (Make Up Department, The Life o'Simon (2008))
Rachel Bailey (IV) (Cinematographer, Uncondition (2001))
Daniel Bailey (XIX)
Maikel Bailey (Actor, Animated Stories from the New Testament (1987))
Michael Bailey (XXXI) (Actor, Kill Kane (2016))
James Michael Bailey (Actor, A Gathering of Old Men (1987))
G. Daniel Bailey (Actor, The Park Bench (2014))
Michael Bailey (XII) (Camera Department, Shattered (2007))
Michael Bailey (IV) (Camera Department, Antiviral (2012))
Michael Bailey (XXV) (Self, Dive Detectives (2009))
Michael Bailey (XXXII) (Actor, Babylon Beach (2013))
Michael Bailey (XIV)
Michael Bailey (II) (Production Designer, Clayhanger (1976))
Michael Bailey (XXXVI) (Producer, Best Cases Ever: Ghosts Caught on Tape (2007))
Michael Bailey (XIII) (Camera Department, Give Us This Day (1949))
Mitchel Bailey (Self, All My Crazy Friends 2... A Few More Nuts (2000))
Michael Bailey (V)
Annabel Bailey (I) (Make Up Department, Desire (2013))
Michael Bailey (XXVIII) (Camera Department, Molly Maxwell (2013))
Michael Bailey (XLIV) (Self, The Cause (2017))
Michael Bailey (XIX) (Camera Department, Centurion (2010))
Michael Bailey (III) (Writer, The Planet's Funniest Animals (1999))
Michael Bailey (X) (Self, 50 Greatest Magic Tricks (2002))
Nathaniel Bailey (Self, Known Universe (2009))
Michael Bailey (I) (Actor, Mitr: My Friend (2002))
Michael Bailey (VII) (Art Department, Shakespeare in Love (1998))
Michael Bailey (XX) (Writer, Fighting Angels: The Series (2008))
Michael Bailey (VI) (Miscellaneous, Timewatch (1982))
Michael Bailey (XLII) (Self, Australian Story (1996))
Michael Bailey Smith (II) (Art Department, Civilization (1991))
Michael Bailey (XXVI) (Producer, Face Off (2011))
Michael Bailey (XL) (Camera Department, Avril Lavigne: The Best Damn Tour - Live in Toronto (2008))
Michael Bailey (XXXIV) (Assistant Director, Prison Planet (1992))
Michael Bailey (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Magic (1978))
Michael Bailey (XXI) (Producer, It's Worth What? (2011))
Daniel Bailey-Graham (Actor, Not Exactly Jamie Oliver (2011))
Michael Bailey (XVII) (Actor, The Root and the Offspring (2010))
Michael Bailey (XXXIX) (Editor, Commuter Husbands (1974))
Michael Bailey (XXX) (Camera Department, Risk Factor (2015))
J. Michael Bailey (II) (Actor, Jonah and the Great Fish (2011))
Michael Bailey (XVI)
Michael Bailey (XLI) (Actor, The Long Home (2017))
Patty Tuel Bailey (Actress, I Flunked Sunday School (2006))
Michael Bailey (XXXIII) (Actor, The Attendant (2012))
J. Michael Bailey (I) (Self, Bi the Way (2008))
Michael Bailey (XXXV) (Writer, The Operatunist (2013))
Michael Bailey (XV) (Actor, Graduation Day (2008))
Michael Bailey (XXII) (Self, Solved (2008))
Michael Bailey (XXIII) (Actor, Shark in the Park (1989))
Michael Bailey (XLIII) (Actor, You and I Both Know (2016))
Michael Bailey (XXXVIII) (Actor, Crime of Passion (1970))
Michael Bailey (XXVII)
Michael Bailey (XVIII) (Actor, The Boathouse Detectives (2010))
Michael Bailey (XI) (Actor, Jazz in the Diamond District (2008))
Annabel Bailey (II) (Actress, Detension (2016))
Michael Bailey (XXIV) (Camera Department, The Barrens (2012))
Rachael Bailey (Costume Department, Stepfather III (1992))
Michael Bailey (XXIX) (Actor, Heartburn (2013))
Michael Bailey (XXXVII) (Actor, Bass Hunter (2015))
Raquel Bailey-Harrison (Thanks, Canines (2008))
Autavia Sherel Bailey (Actress, Inside Amy Schumer (2013))