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Joe Frazier (I) (Self, Rocky (1976))
Joe Frazier (II) (Cinematographer, Battle Scarred (2013))
Joe Frazier (IV) (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Joe Frazier-Mahaffey (Miscellaneous, Animals Distract Me (2011))
Joe Frazier (III) (Stunts, A Leg up (2015))
Wayne Frazier (I) (Actor, Ithaca: No Control (2015))
Aaron Andre Frazier (Actor, Ballers (2015))
Carrie Frazier (I) (Casting Director, Leaving Las Vegas (1995))
Bruce Frazier (I) (Music Department, JAG (1995))
Loree Frazier (Actress, The Terminator (1984))
Marve Frazier (Producer, A Genius Leaves the Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z (2014))
Rylee Frazier (Actor, The Missing Page (2016))
Chace Frazier
Luke Frazier (II) (Composer, 2016 Hispanic Heritage Awards (2016))
Steve Frazier (I) (Actor, The Parade (1984))
Rae Frazier (Miscellaneous, After the Fall (2014))
Kyle Frazier (II) (Producer, Yarrow's Boy (2013))
Clare Frazier (Actor, Cookie Monsters (2016))
Irene Frazier
Mike Frazier (II) (Sound Department, Plates (2008))
Rose Frazier (Actor, Caseworker (2014))
Luke Frazier (I) (Camera Department, Thinking Out Loud (2014))
Lance Frazier (Self, 2004 Toyota Gator Bowl (2004))
Kane Frazier (Miscellaneous, Hopelessly in June (2011))
Jesse Frazier (III) (Camera Department, Skip Distance (2013))
Bryce Frazier (Self, America's Toughest Jobs (2008))
Mike Frazier (V)
Mike Frazier (IV) (Writer, Deflower (2014))
Dave Frazier (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
Diane Frazier (Self, Shockwave (2007))
Duane Frazier (Actor, AirHeads (2010))
Mike Frazier (III) (Composer, Body in a Dumpster (2008))
Steve Frazier (IV) (Actor, Supposedly Dreaming (2011))
Nate Frazier (Self, 2008 EagleBank Bowl (2008))
Luke Frazier (III) (Actor, River of Fear (2015))
Steve Frazier (III) (Make Up Department, The Bangles: Syria Mosque Concert (1986))
Julie Frazier (Editor, 4th and Forever (2011))
Gale Frazier (Actress, The Space Refugee (1981))
Zane Frazier (Self, UFC 1: The Beginning (1993))
Tye Frazier (Actor, Anacostia (2009))
M.E. Frazier Jr. (Actor, Bully (2017))
Jane Frazier (II)
Bruce Frazier (IV) (Sound Department, Data (2013))
Shane Frazier (Self, Weird, True & Freaky (2008))
Lee Frazier (Editorial Department, EuroTrip (2004))
Sadie Frazier (Writer, Someone to Turn to (2012))
Eddie Frazier (I) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Bruce Frazier (II) (Actor, Superbadazz (2008))
Wayne Frazier (II) (Self, AFL-NFL World Championship Game (1967))
Jesse Frazier (I) (Producer, Hot Lead Hard Fury (2016))
Wayne Frazier (III)
Steve Frazier (VII) (Sound Department, Noober (2015))
Eddie Frazier (II) (Music Department, Rainbow 'Round My Shoulders (1952))
Cie Frazier (Actor, Hvor er liget, Møller? (1971))
Jane Frazier (I) (Actress, The Siamese Connection (2008))
Bruce Frazier (III) (Self, The Bachelor (2002))
Gable Frazier (Miscellaneous, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004))
Kyle Frazier (I)
Dee Dee Frazier (Actress, Hurt (2006))
Blake Frazier (I) (Actor, Hammer City (2011))
Annie Frazier (Miscellaneous, Cold Mountain (2003))
Andre Frazier (Self, NBC Sunday Night Football (2006))
Marie Frazier (Miscellaneous, The Brothers (2001))
Mike Frazier (I) (Self, Colony of Summer (1996))
Kyle Frazier (III) (Self, A Creation Evolution Debate (2003))
Blake Frazier (II) (Writer, Tangled Sheets (2014))
Jesse Frazier (IV) (Self, Street Level (2015))
Jesse Frazier (II) (Writer, Hot Lead Hard Fury (2016))
Steve Frazier (II) (Writer, The Yellow Ranger (1984))
Steve Frazier (VI) (Actor, Evil Kin (2013))
Steve Frazier (V)
Janie Frazier (Animation Department, Feminist Rapper (2013))
AshLee Frazier (Self, The Bachelor (2002))
Joel Frazier
Charlie Frazier (Writer, Clemency (2010))
Candice Frazier (Actress, Free Money (1998))
Tony Maurice Frazier (Actor, Before the Nightmares (2017))
Joshua Lee Frazier (Actor, Most Daring (2007))
Kevin Lee Frazier (I) (Actor, Alternative Facts (2018))
Carrie Frazier (III) (Director, Breaking & Entering (2014))
Candace Frazier (Actress, The Intruder (1999))
Maurice Frazier (Miscellaneous, Power (2014))
Rose Freymuth-Frazier (Actress, Undressed (1999))
Reagan Joelle Frazier (Camera Department, Gilded (2016))
Jerome Frazier (Actor, Good Time (2017))
Jackie Frazier (Actress, Shoot the Moon (2008))
Willie Frazier (I) (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Simone Frazier (II)
Jacqueline Frazier (III)
George Frazier (XII) (Actor, Chadley Bales (2014))
George Frazier (XI) (Actor, Black-ish (2014))
Cadence Frazier (Actress, Plum (2008))
Corrie Frazier (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Felipe Frazier (Sound Department, Behind the Last Door (2014))
Richie Frazier (Actor, The Irrepressibles: The Unforeseen (2014))
George Frazier (IV) (Actor, The Collector (2012))
George Frazier (IX)
Khary Wae Frazier (Composer, Detroit (Blank) City (2013))
Lyrique Frazier (Actress, The Business (2013))
Jason E Frazier
Willie Frazier (II) (Self, Henry Rollins Uncut: New Orleans (2008))
Stephanie Frazier (Actress, Careful What You Wish For (2016))
Antoinette Frazier (Actress, Charlie Christmas: Corndogs and Justice (2011))
George Frazier (X) (Actor, Awkward. (2011))
Kevin Lee Frazier (II)
Trenece Frazier (Producer, Siblings (2008))
Richard E. Frazier (Location Management, A Family for Joe (1990))
Kandi Nicole Frazier (Actress, The Greatest Intergalactic Hero (2001))
Caroline Frazier
Whyllie Frazier (Actress, A Beautiful Day (2008))
Nicole Frazier
George Frazier (II) (Camera Department, Save the American Wild Horse (2007))
Gina Marie Frazier (Actress, The 30 Second Guaranteed Foolproof Ancient Cantonese Method (2004))
Jessie Frazier (Actor, Uncommon Valor (1983))
Donnie Frazier (Actor, Chef Julian (2015))
Tockeone Frazier (Costume Department, We're Seeing Someone (2010))
Marnie Frazier (Miscellaneous, The Thunderers )
Annie Frazier Henry (Writer, Singing Our Stories (1999))
Billie Frazier (Actress, Algorithms (1995))
Michelle Frazier (Actress, Charlie Christmas: Corndogs and Justice (2011))
Ronald E. Frazier (Production Manager, Taxi (1978))
George Frazier (VII) (Actor, The Bad Coming Back (2013))
Celeste Frazier (Actress, Rodney (2004))
Marilee Frazier Koch (Camera Department, Love Thy Nature (2014))
Cookie Frazier (Sound Department, Shattered Serenity (2012))
Lemelle Frazier (Writer, House of Payne (2006))
Simone Frazier (I) (Actress, Conversion (2006))
Catherine Frazier (Actress, Lurking in Suburbia (2006))
Suzanne Frazier
Danielle Frazier (Actress, The Street Cleaner (2007))
Valente Frazier (Make Up Department, America's Next Top Model (2003))
George Frazier (III) (Self, 1981 World Series (1981))
Skipper Lee Frazier (Actor, Reborn (1981))
Chantelle Frazier (Production Designer, We Are the Sea (2010))
Camille Frazier (Cinematographer, Seriously (2015))
John Nyrere Frazier (Actor, Dustclouds (2007))
Charlotte Frazier (II) (Actor, Eros Ink (2013))
Cherie Frazier (Actress, Matthew 18 (2014))
Trevese Frazier (Actress, The Wilmington Incident (2011))
L'Merchie Frazier (Self, Tavis Smiley (2004))
Jacqueline Frazier (I) (Director, Shipley Street (1981))
Scottie Frazier (Actor, Fried Green Tomorrows: Juliette, GA Lives (2006))
Tommie Frazier (Self, Through These Gates (2013))
Kevin Lyle Frazier (Actor, Juliana (2017))
Charlotte Frazier (I) (Producer, The Unforgiven (2011))
Jasmine Frazier (Actress, I, Witness (2017))
Yvette Frazier (Casting Department, Changing (2010))
George Frazier (VIII) (Producer, After the Sweat Dries (2014))
Natalie Frazier (Miscellaneous, Joey Diaz: Sociably Unacceptable (2016))
James Pete Frazier (Self, Steppin: A Chicago Dance (2009))
George Frazier III (Camera Department, Hamlet (2000))
George Frazier (V) (Producer, Hindsight (2011))
Leslie Frazier (Self, NFL on FOX (1994))
Bill 'Snake' Frazier (Actor, Good Boy (2009))
Jacqueline Frazier (II) (Sound Department, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Terrence Frazier (Miscellaneous, Saga (2008))
Karlee Frazier (Actress, Psychology of Secrets (2013))
Kaylee Frazier (Actress, Time Left (2017))
George Frazier (VI) (Self, The Merv Griffin Show (1962))
Freddie Frazier
Blaine Frazier (Writer, Professor Johnson (2017))
George Frazier (I) (Art Department, Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed (1998))
Deborah Isibue-Frazier (Miscellaneous, America's Funniest Home Videos (1989))
Ricie Gilmore-Frazier (Miscellaneous, Gideon Falls (2008))
Michele Frazier Baldwin (Self, Lady Ganga: Nilza's Story (2015))
Suzanne Frazier Wilkins (Actress, Joy (2015))