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Jimmy Baio (Actor, Soap (1977))
Jimmy Baird (Actor, Fury (1955))
Jimmy Bain (Soundtrack, Bad Teacher (2011))
Jimmy Bates (I) (Actor, Father Knows Best (1954))
Jimmy Baya (Actor, Move Over, Darling (1963))
Jimmy Baxter (II) (Actor, Green is Gold (2016))
Jimmy Barnes (II) (Soundtrack, The Lost Boys (1987))
Jimmy Barnatán (Actor, Los Serrano (2003))
Jimmy Baines (Stunts, Sanctum (2011))
Jimmy Baylor (Miscellaneous, Sesame Street (1969))
Jimmy Baires (Actor, On the Job Training (2007))
Jimmy Baillie (Actor, Skid Row (2013))
Jimmy Bailey (Music Department, Telescope (1947))
Jimmy Bays II (Stunts, Witchboard 2 (1993))
Jimmy Baron (I) (Actor, Risky Business (1983))
Jimmy Baker (I) (Actor, Soldier (1998))
Jimmy Bang (Sound Department, Witchtrap (1989))
Jimmy Ball (Actor, Bronson (2008))
Jimmy Baer (Camera Department, Ismael Zacarias (1994))
Jimmy Baes (Actor, Preuve d'amour (1988))
Jimmy Badstibner (Miscellaneous, The Pacifier (2005))
Jimmy Bazan (Editor, Sweet Home Alabama 4 (2013))
Jimmy Backman (Actor, Hennes svarta vingar (2013))
Jimmy Barker (IV)
Jimmy Bangley (Actor, Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel (2000))
Jimmy Baxter (I) (Actor, The Magnificent Six and ½: Time Flies (1971))
Jimmy Barranco (Producer, Missing Girl (2017))
Jimmy Bates (III) (Actor, Imagine (2013))
Jimmy Baril (Actor, Pastor Jones: Samuel and Delia (2008))
Jimmy Barge (Actor, Sheffey (1977))
Jimmy Bardin (Editorial Department, Se vende perro que habla, 10 euros (2012))
Jimmy Baldwin (Composer, Harpman, Hank and the Spirit Guide (2015))
Jimmy Barker (II) (Self, Shades of Gray (2009))
Jimmy Barreau (Actor, Les grandes marées (1993))
Jimmy Baudrand (Actor, Parlez-moi d'amour (2002))
Jimmy Baker (III) (Actor, The Broken Road (2007))
Jimmy Barnes (I) (Actor, Ceiling Zero (1936))
Jimmy Bauer (Actor, Make a Wish (1937))
Jimmy Baudin (Actor, La Comptine (2011))
Jimmy Baker (II) (Actor, One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942))
Jimmy Barkan (Self, Yoga, Inc. (2007))
Jimmy Baste (Actor, L'incorruptible (2010))
Jimmy Babiera (Actor, Katotohanan o guniguni? (1960))
Jimmy Barnett (IV) (Self, World of Strange Powers (1985))
Jimmy Babjack (Self, Mr. Smithereen Goes to Washington (2001))
Jimmy Baker (IV) (Miscellaneous, Dinner Date (2010))
Jimmy Barker (V) (Self, Hollywood Comes to Australia (1951))
Jimmy Barresi (Actor, La cour des grands (2008))
Jimmy Bassett (Actor, Immortalz Atlanta (2016))
Jimmy Backus (Actor, Delaware Shore (2017))
Jimmy Bates (IV) (Director, Enchanted Kingdom (2016))
Jimmy Bandini (Editor, The Bible According to Hollywood (1994))
Jimmy Bacca (Actor, Autumn Sage (2006))
Jimmy Barnes (III) (Actor, The Jones Family in Borrowing Trouble (1937))
Jimmy Barbosa (Camera Department, The Devil's Chair (2007))
Jimmy Ballard (Actor, Don't Knock the Rock (1956))
Jimmy Barragán (Visual Effects, Fetih 1453 (2012))
Jimmy Barron (Producer, Witch's Brew (in development))
Jimmy Barden (Actor, Profiles in Courage (1964))
Jimmy Bardo (Actor, Handicapped: A Documentary About Bad Golf (2009))
Jimmy Baron (II) (Actor, Basketball Jones: The Overseas Journey (2015))
Jimmy Baldoz (Miscellaneous, Sanay (1985))
Jimmy Barker (I) (Writer, In Your Dreams (2013))
Jimmy Barreto (Actor, The Curse of Manizales (in development))
Jimmy Barry (Self, Older Than Ireland (2015))
Jimmy Bates (II) (Cinematographer, Enchanted Kingdom (2016))
Jimmy Banks (Sound Department, The Plymouth Show (1958))
Jimmy Baeyens (Self, Chasing the Director (2010))
Jimmy Bandal (Sound Department, The Real Housewives of Sydney (2017))
Jimmy Baker (VI) (Producer, Freedom Spectacular (1964))
Jimmy Balcos (Miscellaneous, Sa'yo lamang (2010))
Jimmy Baker (V) (Actor, Go Girls (2009))
Jimmy Bacar (Miscellaneous, Target Sparrow Unit (1987))
Jimmy Bad Boy (Self, El verano de tu vida (2005))
Jimmy Batten (Actor, Ladybird Ladybird (1994))
Jimmy Barbot (Actor, Je Suis ta Dernière Rose (2016))
Jimmy Barker (III) (Camera Department, A Friendly Nightcap (2013))
Jimmy Barnett (I) (Camera Department, ABBA: The Movie (1977))
Jimmy Barnett (II) (Camera Department, Rage (2009))
Jimmy Bason
Jimmy Battle (Camera Department, Tomorrow (1972))
Jimmy Bascuñán (Composer, El día del presidente (1979))
Jimmy Barre (Transportation Department, B.B. King: The Life of Riley (2012))
Jimmy Bartel (Self, AFL Game Day (2008))
James Jimmy Bacon (Actor, Who Killed Jane Doe? (2016))
Jimmy Batchelor (Transportation Department, About a Boy (2002))
Jimmy Balodimas (Producer, Happythankyoumoreplease (2010))
Jimmy Bautista (Actor, Andres de Saya Mabagsik na daw (1982))
Jimmy Barouixs (Self, Columbus Neighborhoods: University District (2011))
Jimmy Barnhart (II)
Jimmy Battista (Self, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (1995))
Jimmy Barbosa Levy (Producer, Núpcias Vermelhas (1975))
Jimmy Barnhart (I) (Actor, Sins of the Father (2009))
Jimmy Babineau (Camera Department, Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006))
Jimmy Baudelaire (Production Manager, Le jour de la comète (2014))
Jimmy Balletto (Actor, Violet Tendencies (2010))
Jimmy Barraford (Actor, Nana )
Jimmy Bazianas
Jimmy Banacolocha (Casting Department, Infidels (2009))
Jimmy Baskerville (Miscellaneous, Margaret Cho: Cho Dependent (2011))
Jimmy Bannos Jr. (Self, Heritage (2015))
Jimmy Batchelder (Visual Effects, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003))
Jimmy Bartholomew (Miscellaneous, A Night Without Armor (2016))
Johannes 'Jimmy' Bammert