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Jerry Hall (I) (Actress, Batman (1989))
Jerry Hall (IV) (Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011))
Jerry Hall (II) (Actor, Making Contact (1985))
Jari Halonen (Actor, Joulubileet (1996))
aka "Jerry Halloween"
Jerry Hall (V) (Actor, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956))
Jerry Hall (VI)
Jerry Hall (IX) (Self, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Jerry Hall (VII) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Jerry Haleva (Actor, The Big Lebowski (1998))
Jerry Hardin (Actor, The Firm (1993))
Jerry Hall (X) (Miscellaneous, Boots on the Ground )
Jerry Hall (III) (Art Department, Iron Man Three (2013))
Jerry Hausner (Actor, Paths of Glory (1957))
Jerry Hauck (Actor, Saving Mr. Banks (2013))
Sherry Hall (I) (Actor, The Prowler (1951))
Jerry Haynes (Actor, Boys Don't Cry (1999))
Jerry Harte (Actor, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980))
Jerry Hayes (VI) (Actor, Getting Out (2015))
Terry Hall (II) (Self, Pops and Lenny (1962))
Kerry Hall (II) (Actress, Brevity (2010))
Kerry Hall (I) (Miscellaneous, One Last Thing... (2005))
Jerry Harper (I) (Actor, Banjo the Woodpile Cat (1979))
Terry Hall (XVII) (Self, Crime & Punishment (2002))
Terry Hall (XXI) (Actor, Welcome to Essex (2017))
Terry Hall (XII) (Art Department, Dreadnought Dominion (2015))
Terry Hall (IX) (Actor, Fishbowl Billy (2002))
Terry Hall (X) (Self, The Face (2013))
Terry Hall (XIII)
Terry Hall (XIV)
Terry Hall (XV) (Self, American Boogeyman (2017))
Terry Hall (VIII) (Visual Effects, Armed for Action (1992))
Terry Hall (XX) (Producer, Locked Out for Good (2016))
Terry Hall (VI) (Self, THS Investigates: Kidnapping (2007))
Terry Hall (V) (Soundtrack, A Cinderella Story (2004))
Terry Hall (XVIII) (Producer, Deadnecks: The Awakening (2011))
Terry Hall (XIX) (Actor, Deadnecks: The Awakening (2011))
Terry Hall (VII) (Sound Department, Growing Greener Schools (2010))
Kerry Hall (III) (Actor, Chasing Robert (2007))
Terry Hall (XVI) (Self, QUT Big Lift 2013 Road Trip (2014))
Terry Hall (III) (Camera Department, Three Kings (1999))
Terry Hall (I) (Actor, The Other Side of the Mountain (1975))
Terry Hall (XI) (Actor, Gatwick Gangsters (2017))
Derry Hall (Composer, Libido: The Urge to Love (1971))
Perry Hall (Camera Department, Balloon Goon (2011))
Gerry Hall (Actor, Special (2014))
Jerry Hamza (Producer, George Carlin: Playin' with Your Head (1986))
Jerry Harvey (I) (Writer, China 9, Liberty 37 (1978))
Larry Hall (II) (Director, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (2006))
Jerry Hara (Cinematographer, Beyond the Headlines: Britney Spears (2017))
Jerry Harp (Actor, Once (2000))
Jerry Haas (Self, Shockwave (2007))
Jerry Hart (IV) (Self, Road Tasted with the Neelys (2008))
Jerry Haug (Miscellaneous, Gumby: The Movie (1995))
Jerry Hart (III) (Actor, An American Affair (2008))
Jerry Hart (VII)
Jerry Hart (II) (Special Effects, The Goonies (1985))
Jerry Hart (VI) (Actor, Percusión (1983))
Jerry Handy (Actor, Crazy Heart (2009))
Jerry Haar (Miscellaneous, The $10,000 Pyramid (1973))
Jerry Hart (I) (Actor, Dildo Heaven (2002))
Jerry Hamm
Jerry Hannan (I) (Soundtrack, Into the Wild (2007))
Jerry Hammond (Miscellaneous, Band of Brothers (2001))
Garry Hall (II) (Composer, Team-up (2017))
Guerry Hall (Actor, Toba (2010))
Sherry Hall (II)
Terry Halle (Editor, The Imagemaker (1986))
Terry Hale (I) (Actor, Pure Country (1992))
Barry Hall (I) (Writer, Vanishing Point (1971))
Gerry Hale (Music Department, Noise (2007))
Terry Hale (II) (Actor, Operation Restore Hope: Tijuana (2016))
Jerry Hadley (Actor, Candide (1991))
Barry Hall (VIII) (Self, Australia's Next Top Model (2005))
Larry Hall (XVII) (Actor, Azazel (2015))
Larry Hall (XVIII) (Producer, The Block )
Larry Hall (XIV) (Actor, Brush with Danger (2015))
Barry Hall (III) (Art Department, Run Chrissie Run! (1984))
Larry Hall (IX) (Actor, The End of a Melody: From the First Drink, to the Last Breath (2010))
Garry Hall (I) (Actor, After the Titanic (2012))
Harry Hall (IV) (Actor, Devil Rider! (1970))
Harry Hall (VII) (Director, The Ghosts of Bread and Puppet (2013))
Barry Hall (V) (Assistant Director, Moby Dick (1998))
Harry Hall (III) (Sound Department, Barnaby and Me (1979))
Barry Hall (IX) (Self, Afl 360 (2010))
Larry Hall (XIX) (Actor, I's Married Now (2012))
Barry Hall (IV) (Miscellaneous, What Happened to Kerouac? (1986))
Larry Hall (X) (Self, America Declassified (2013))
Harry Hall (II) (Transportation Department, One False Move (1992))
Carry Hall (Miscellaneous, Shades of Day (2006))
Larry Hall (XIII) (Soundtrack, Office Christmas Party (2016))
Larry Hall (XV) (Actor, A Mother's Requiem (2013))
Larry Hall (VIII) (Art Department, Hawken's Breed (1987))
Larry Hall (IV) (Location Management, Creepies (2004))
Larry Hall (V) (Composer, Haunted History (1999))
Earry Hall (Self, The Thermostat (2014))
Harry Hall (V) (Actor, A Year in Provence (1993))
Larry Hall (XX) (Actor, Subconscious Reality (2016))
Barry Hall (VII) (Location Management, City Homicide (2007))
Harry Hall (VI) (Actor, Jesse James Under the Black Flag (1921))
Larry Hall (XI) (Animation Department, Teen Titans Go! (2013))
Barry Hall (II) (Transportation Department, The Honeymooners (2003))
Larry Hall (XXI) (Transportation Department, Monster Man (2003))
Larry Hall (III) (Actor, Barabbas (1961))
Harry Hall (I) (Self, Wayne King (1949))
Larry Hall (I) (Actor, Tapeheads (1988))
Larry Hall (XII) (Actor, Objective, Burma! (1945))
Jerry Hartleben (Cinematographer, Wilder Napalm (1993))
Jerry Harrison (I) (Soundtrack, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009))
Jerry Hathcock (Animation Department, Peter Pan (1953))
Jerry Hauser (IV) (Actor, The Red Skelton Hour (1951))
Harry Hallman
Jerry Harding (II) (Actor, Watch This (2016))
Jerry Haskell
Jerry Hasiak (Sound Department, Something More (1999))
Jerry Harris (VI) (Self, Fish Mavericks (2014))
Jerry Harsch (Transportation Department, Mr. Bubbs (2007))
Jerry Hamraj (Transportation Department, Power (2014))
Jerry Harris (VII) (Self, Bullwackie (1985))
Jerry Hayden (Actor, Sugar Boxx (2009))
Jerry Hardy (II) (Actor, Worth Every Penny (2014))
Jerry Harpole (Art Department, A Person Known to Me: Parcel No. 5 - A Thrilling Existence (2013))
Jerry Hanlon (III) (Writer, If You See Something, Say Something (Bus) (2014))
Jerry Hayes (VII) (Director, X: The Web Series (2013))
Jerry Hagins (II) (Producer, My Sucky Teen Romance (2011))
Jerry Hannah
Jerry Harris (XI)
Jerry Harvey (II) (Composer, The Art of Mime (1991))
Jerry Hanagan
Jerry Hanlon (I) (Writer, If You See Something, Say Something: Train (2014))
Jerry Hayes (III) (Miscellaneous, Little Red Devil (2008))
Jerry Hatton (Actor, The Name on the Bullet (2012))
Jerry Harris (X) (Producer, Justice for Jennifer (2016))
Jerry Hauer (II) (Self, Frontline (1983))
Jerry Hager (I) (Miscellaneous, Caged in Paradiso (1990))
Jerry Hance (Self, Trace Evidence: The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee (2004))
Jerry Havens (Actor, All Mistakes Buried (2015))
Jerry Harmon
Jerry Hanks (Producer, Revolutions (in development))
Jerry Harvey (III) (Transportation Department, Sunshine Cleaning (2008))
Jerry Hayes (II) (Production Manager, 3rd Irish Film and Television Awards (2005))
Jerry Harris (VIII) (Self, The Centre Show (1950))
Jerry Hammock (II) (Miscellaneous, State of Delinquency (2016))
Jerry Haight (Art Department, Countdown (2016))
Jerry Hartly (Self, Railroad Alaska (2013))
Jerry Hayes (VIII)
Jerry Hardt (Self, American Threnody (2007))
Jerry Harvey (VI) (Actor, Umbrellas Kill (2015))
Jerry Hagule (Transportation Department, Beauty in a Bottle (2014))
Jerry Hankins (Actor, Remember to Breathe (2013))
Jerry Hagins (I) (Self, Zombie Girl: The Movie (2009))
Jerry Hawins (Actor, I Am Still Here (2017))
Jerry Harvey (IV)
Jerry Hartke
Jerry Hancock (Self, Shark Tank (2009))
Jerry Hatch (Actor, Sojourn: A New World Anthology (2014))
Jerry Hanlon (II) (Producer, If You See Something, Say Something: Train (2014))
Jerry Hattan (Camera Department, Into the Abyss (2011))
Jerry Hammock (I) (Producer, 24th Annual Country Music Association Awards (1990))
Jerry Handley (Actor, Pray for Us Sinners (2013))
Jerry Hayes (IX) (Actor, The Crest (2017))
Jerry Hasson
Jerry Harding (I) (Special Effects, Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires: The Curse of Ed Wood! (2003))
Jerry Harkins (Location Management, Bread Pudding (2013))
Jerry Hammer (Producer, Who Says I Can't Ride a Rainbow! (1971))
Jerry Handra (Sound Department, Scalene (2011))
Jerry Haener (Actor, Channeling Yourself (2017))
Jerry Hawkins (II) (Miscellaneous, Mistaken for Strangers (2013))
Jerry Hayes (V) (Actor, Another Way to Put It (2011))
Jerry Haught (Actor, Kevin Can Wait (1983))
Jerry Harper (II) (Camera Department, Miracle Mile (1988))
Jerry Hauser (III)
Jerry Hayes (IV) (Self, Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape (2010))
Jerry Hampton (Self, I Am Cait (2015))
Jerry Harrell (Actor, Southern Redemption Part 1: From Midnight to Morning, Baby (2004))
Jerry Hager (II) (Music Department, Wendigo (1995))
Jerry Hansen (II) (Actor, Art of Deception (2017))
Jerry Harper (III) (Actor, Bogard, USA: Disappearing Small Town America (2009))
Jerry Harris (II) (Self, Israel and New Breed: Live from Another Level (2004))
Jerry Hampeys (Director, Ferdy (1984))
Jerry Harpin (Actor, Aloha Summer (1988))
Jerry Haiman (Actor, Ha-Kala (1985))
Jerry Hamshar (Transportation Department, Les Misérables (2012))
Jerry Harvey (V) (Actor, Trendi (2011))
Jerry Hayes (I) (Sound Department, Island Prey (2001))
Jerry Harper (IV) (Actor, The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (1969))
Jerry Haitian
Jerry Harris (I) (Actor, The House of Cats (1966))
Jerry Hauer (I) (Actor, Go Man Go (1954))
Jerry Hardy (I) (Actor, Lucky Luke (1991))
Jerry Handler (Director, Husk (1999))
Jerry Hamlin (Location Management, Kingdom of the Spiders (1977))
Jerry Harris (V) (Transportation Department, CSNY/Déjà Vu (2008))
Jerry Harpt (Actor, Bone Badge (2006))
Jerry Harke (Actor, Ape (1976))
Jerry Hauser (II) (Self, Crafting Your Career: How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business (2005))
Jerry Hartley
Jerry Harris (IX) (Camera Department, Wilt (2017))
Jerry Hackady (Writer, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955))
Jerry Hawkins (I) (Actor, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Jerry Hansen (I) (Sound Department, Horror of the Blood Monsters (1970))