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Anne Jeffreys (Actress, Topper (1953))
Jeffrey Sayre (Actor, Major Difficulties (1938))
Jeffrey Samai (Actor, Spotlight (2015))
Jeffrey Sanna (Actor, Star Maps (1997))
Jeffrey Sands (Actor, Wild Honey (1972))
Jeffrey Santos (I) (Actor, Dahil sa pag-ibig (2012))
Jeffrey Saver (Music Department, From Broadway with Love: A Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook (2013))
Jeffrey Salce (Actor, You're the Pest (2016))
Jeffrey Saupp
Jeffrey Saad (Self, United Tastes of America (2010))
Jeffrey Saez (Assistant Director, Last Full Show (2005))
Jeffrey Sake (Actor, Grinder (2016))
Jeffrey Sass (Miscellaneous, Ray (2004))
Jeffrey Sapin (Actor, Moonbeams (2001))
Jeffrey Sachs (Self, Poor Us: An Animated History of Poverty (2012))
Jeffrey Sabo (Composer, Catherine King (2014))
Jeffrey Said (Writer, Only the Hard Way (2011))
Jeffrey Salas (Assistant Director, El Sonido de las Cosas (2016))
Jeffrey Swann (Actor, Don't Hang Up (1974))
Jeffrey Santos (II) (Miscellaneous, Separada (1994))
Jeffrey Santana (I) (Actor, Super Cyclone (2012))
Jeffrey Sangalang (Actor, Animalia (2017))
Jeffrey Santos (IV) (Actor, Kaleidoscope World (2013))
Jeffrey San Augustin (Special Effects, The New Adventures of Lassie (2014))
Jeffrey Santiago Jr. (Composer, Victory (2011))
Jeffrey San Roque (Miscellaneous, Lorenzo's Time (2012))
Jeffrey Santos (V) (Actor, Team Fortress 2: Overwatch Takeover (2017))
Jeffrey Sanchez (I) (Actor, Got No Fetish (2015))
Jeffrey Sandelman (Miscellaneous, Dancing in Jaffa (2013))
Jeffrey Santos (VI) (Producer, The Wait (2017))
Jeffrey Santone (Miscellaneous, Awkward Silence (2017))
Jeffrey Sandford Olson
Jeffrey Sanford (Actor, The Bunk Witch Project (2000))
Jeffrey Sandler (Composer, Promises of Home (2012))
Jeffrey Sanchez (III) (Actor, Census (2017))
Jeffrey Santos (III) (Costume Department, Operation Rogue (2014))
Jeffrey Sanfilippo (I) (Producer, The Boneyard (1991))
Jeffrey Santana (II) (Actor, Sorta' Horny (2013))
Jeffrey Sanzel (Actor, Fear No Evil (1981))
Jeffrey Sanfilippo (II) (Self, Unwrapped (2001))
Jeffrey Santoro (Producer, Completely Normal (2015))
Jeffrey Sanchez (II) (Actor, Ante Up (2015))
Jeffrey Tanner (I) (Actor, The Idolmaker (1980))
Jeffrey Saunders (Producer, Hope (2006))
Jeffrey Salomonson (Actor, Westenwind (1999))
Jeffrey Sargent (IV)
Jeffrey Satinover (Self, What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? (2004))
Jeffrey Salthouse
Jeffrey Saffle
Jeffrey Saatjian (Actor, Beirut... Hide & Seek (2011))
Jeffrey Salane (Composer, Orchid Live at Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, DK (2001))
Jeffrey Saabeel (Self, Idols! (2002))
Jeffrey Sawalha
Jeffrey Sawdon (Camera Department, The Big Day (2016))
Jeffrey Sallusto (Actor, Yearn (2005))
Jeffrey Sacino (Make Up Department, The West Wing (1999))
Jeffrey Saville (Actor, Eliza's Romeo (1922))
Jeffrey Salter (Camera Department, Alma's Rainbow (1994))
Jeffrey Salcedo (Actor, Stills (2014))
Jeffrey Saresky (Stunts, Floating (1997))
Jeffrey Salsbury (Actor, Frames of Mind (2013))
Jeffrey Salberg (Producer, Grizzly Mountain (1997))
Jeffrey Salisbury (I) (Actor, Syncretic Noise (2016))
Jeffrey Saddoris
Jeffrey Savant (Producer, Wanna Buy a Chocolate Bar (2013))
Matthew Jeffrey Sama (Art Department, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014))
Jeffrey Sargent (II) (Actor, House of Manson (2014))
Jeffrey Sargent (I) (Cinematographer, The Complaint (2016))
Jeffrey Savell (Self, BBQ with Franklin (2015))
Jeffrey Salamone (Self, Impact: Stories of Survival (2002))
Jeffrey Salgado (Producer, Pipe (2011))
Jeffrey Sargent (III) (Sound Department, Look Whose Sharing Thanksgiving (2015))
Jeffrey Sauter (Actor, Tous les garçons et les filles de leur âge... (1993))
Jeffrey Salisbury (II)
Jeffrey Sarpong (Self, Ajax: Daar hoorden zij engelen zingen (2000))
Jeffrey Satwicz (Self, The Olin Experience (2005))
Jeffrey Sammons (Actor, The Hammer of Hank Aaron (2015))
Jeffrey "NY" Sanders (Actor, Daisy and Ray (2011))
Jeffrey Santo Domingo (Actor, The Jungle Book: Make-A-Wish (2016))
Jeffrey Santana-Perez (Actor, There's Quite A Mess In The Theater Tonight (2018))
Jeffrey Skinner (Camera Department, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
Jeffrey Sonnefeld (Camera Department, Sisters (2010))
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld (Self, Work in Progress (1993))
Jeffrey Scheuermann (Camera Department, Restaurant Divided (2013))
Jeffrey Schann (Actor, The L Word (2004))
Jeffrey Danneman (II) (Cinematographer, Equality (2010))
Jeffrey Danneman (I) (Actor, Jesus Henry Christ (2003))
Jeffrey Tanner (II) (Sound Department, Human Resources (2014))
Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto (Producer, Turn Down for 2014 (2014))
Jeffrey Sahapatanavana (Art Department, Locked Away (2010))
Jeffrey Shannon Meyers (Actor, Peter Plum (2011))
Mary-Anne Kenny-Jeffrey
Ann Jeffrey (Animation Department, The Railway Dragon (1989))
Jeffrey Lau (I) (Writer, Sai yau gei: Sin leui kei yun (1995))