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Jeff Daniels (I) (Actor, The Martian (2015))
Jeff Daniels (X) (Director, The 10 Conditions of Love (2009))
Jeff Daniels (VI) (Director, Cry Wolfe (2014))
Jeff Daniel Phillips (Actor, The Lords of Salem (2012))
Jeff Daniels (XVII) (Camera Department, Extreme Cruise Ship (2010))
Jeff Daniels (XI) (Self, NWA: 53rd Anniversary 'Battle of the Belts 2001' (2001))
Jeff Daniels (XX) (Writer, Same Time Tomorrow (2015))
Jeff Daniels (III) (Assistant Director, Outside (2002))
Jeff Daniels (XIII) (Cinematographer, Kinder als Geiseln - Eine Frau im Visier Pekings (2009))
Jeff Daniels (XII) (Actor, Skipp'n the Heat (2015))
Jeff Daniels (XVIII) (Cinematographer, Buckwild: WV to the NYC (2013))
Jeff Daniels (XIX) (Editor, Eyewitness War (2013))
Jeff Daniels (XXI) (Writer, Standing Tallgrass (2015))
Jeff Daniels (XIV) (Camera Department, Fake-Out (1982))
Jeff Daniels (II) (Miscellaneous, Hunting Hitler (2015))
Jeff Daniels (V) (Assistant Director, A Stranger Within (2003))
Jeff Daniels (XV) (Miscellaneous, Flying Anvils (2011))
Jeff Daniels (XXII) (Writer, From the Town Up (2015))
Jeff Daniels (IX) (Composer, Memorial (2008))
Jeff Daniels (XVI) (Self, The Car's the Star (1994))
Jeff Danis (II) (Writer, Daddy Knows Best (2012))
Jeff Danis (I)
Jeff Daniel (I) (Miscellaneous, BET Hip Hop Awards 2008 (2008))
Jeff Danniels
Jeff Daniel (II) (Actor, Something Blue (2009))
Jeff Daniel (III) (Music Department, My Kid Could Paint That (2007))
Jeff Danielson (Actor, Why Is Fantasy Sports Illegal in Iowa? (2015))
Geoff Daniels (Production Manager, Dr K's Exotic Animal ER (2014))
Cliff Daniels (I) (Actor, 13th Alarm (1925))
Cliff Daniels (III) (Actor, X.C. (2011))
Cliff Daniels (II) (Miscellaneous, Blinded by the Light (1980))
Jeff Daniel Miller (Actor, Death Games (1980))
Jeff Danelek (Self, Ancient Aliens (2009))
Cliff Danielson (Actor, Seven Sweethearts (1942))
Jeff J. Daniels (Visual Effects, You Got It Dude (2008))
aka "Jeff Daniels"
Daniel Jefferson (Actor, The Dark Knight (2008))
Ulf Danielsen (Actor, Unit 1 (2000))
Daniel L. Jeff (Assistant Director, Domésticas (2001))
Jeff Mcdaniel (Actor, Interrogation (2009))
Jeffrey Daniel (Self, The Michael Jackson Story (2003))
Jeffrey R. Daniels (Cinematographer, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (2008))
aka "Jeff Daniels"
Jeff McDaniel See (Actor, Cruel Music Video (2014))
Jeffry McDaniels (Miscellaneous, The Devil and Leroy Bassett (1973))
Jeffrey Daniels (IV)
Jeffrey Daniels (I) (Art Department, Fargo (1996))
aka "Jeff Daniels"
Jeffrey Daniels (III) (Self, Top of the Pops: The Story of 1982 (2016))
Jeffrey A. Danielson (Camera Department, Boiler Room (2000))
aka "Jeff Danielson"
Jeff 'J.D.' Daniels (Camera Department, Blonde Heaven (1995))
Jeffrey Daniels (V) (Camera Department, Booze Traveler (2014))
Jeffrey Daniels (II) (Miscellaneous, Another Part of Me (2005))
Daniel Seff (Self, Top à... (1964))
Daniel Seeff (Music Department, The Way Forward (2005))
Daniel Sieff (I) (Editor, For Every Year (2004))
Daniel Sieff (II)
F. Daniel Somrack (Producer, Champions Forever (1989))
Daniel Jeffery (I) (Sound Department, Lifers (2014))
Jeffrey Daniel Flynn (Miscellaneous, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013))
Sven-Olof Danielsson (Sound Department, Blank päls och starka tassar (1993))
Daniel Effiong (Actor, Goddammit It's Monday (2012))
Schwartzkopff Daniel (Producer, Benson, Child Clown (2013))
Ulf Danielsson (Self, På spåret (1987))
Jan Olof Danielsson (Actor, Anderssonskans Kalle (1972))
Roderick F. Daniels (Actor, Nice Dreams (1981))
Jesse F. Daniels (Self, Elisa Victoria at RAW: Los Angeles Marvel Interview (2013))
Rudolf Danielewicz (Actor, Falko & Madonna (2013))
Leif Danielsen (Editor, TV2/Lorry (1989))
Daniel A. Jeffries (Actor, Gambit Origins (2014))
Daniel Jeffries (I) (Editorial Department, American Gothic (1988))
Daniel Paul Jeffery (Composer, Outline (2013))
Danielle Jeffries (I) (Actress, Jewslim (2008))
Daniel Jefferies (II)
Daniel Jeffries (II) (Actor, Pope (2016))
Daniel Jeffrey (I) (Miscellaneous, Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype (2010))
Daniel Jeffrey (II) (Sound Department, Tabatha's Salon Takeover (2008))
Jeffrey McDaniel (Producer, Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie (2015))
Danielle Jeffries (II)
Daniel Jefferies (III) (Actor, 90 Days )
Daniel Jefferies (I) (Actor, To Serve Them All My Days (1980))
Daniel Jeffery (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Railway: First Great Western (2013))
Daniel Jeffreys
Jeffery McDaniel
Jeffrey Daniel Schmidt (Actor, Microeconomics (2012))
Daniel Staseff (Actor, Jacob Is Ready (2016))
Daniel Steffen (IV)
Daniel Steffen (II) (Actor, Schwerelos (2012))
Daniel Steffey (II) (Miscellaneous, The Frontier (2015))
Daniel Shaeffer (Actor, Siguiente (1999))
Daniel Steffen (III) (Miscellaneous, Troldspejlet (1989))
Daniel Etim Effiong (Producer, Down and Out (2012))
Daniel Schieffelin (Transportation Department, Christmas with a Capital C (2011))
Daniel Straseff (Actor, Rupert's Time (2015))
Daniel Saul Zeff
Daniel Thau-Eleff (Actor, Voice-Over (2009))
Daniel Steffey (I) (Composer, Reflections (2013))
Daniel Schaeffer (Actor, The Benita Show (2011))
Daniel Jefferson White (Actor, Ramune Soda: Asian Food Grocer Commercial (2011))
Ian Jeffrey Daniel Goins (Miscellaneous, Darkness Reigns )
Daniel Jeffrey O'Brien (Set Decorator, Wait Your Turn (2009))
Jeffrey Daniel Caldwell
Jeff Peterson (V) (Actor, Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy (1999))
Jeff Phillips (V) (Art Department, The Maker (1997))
Jeff Phillips (II) (Camera Department, Survivor (2000))