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Jeb Stuart Adams (Actor, The Goonies (1985))
aka "Jeb Adams"
Rob Adams (I) (Actor, Forrest Gump (1994))
Deb Adams (Actress, Eliza and I (1997))
Joe B. Adams (Producer, The Woodshed (2012))
Bob Adams (I) (Actor, Strictly Ballroom (1992))
J.B. Adams (Actor, Far from Heaven (2002))
Caleb Adams (III) (Casting Director, Rise of the Protector (2015))
Caleb Adams (V) (Production Manager, People of the Delta (2016))
Caleb Adams (IV) (Production Manager, People of the Delta (2015))
Caleb Adams (II) (Stunts, Réalité (2014))
Caleb Adams (I) (Camera Department, The Dinner (2012))
Ryan B. Adams (Actor, The Italian Job (2003))
Rob Adams (III) (Miscellaneous, Shut Up & Sing (2006))
Bob Adams (IX) (Art Department, Funny Face (1957))
Rob Adams (X) (Self, Countryfile (1988))
Rob Adams (II) (Sound Department, Big Brother (2000))
Bob Adams (XVI)
Barb Adams (Location Management, The Intervention of Brad (2006))
Rob Adams (V) (Art Department, Halo: Reach (2010))
Rob Adams (IX) (Self, Ice Road Truckers (2007))
Bob Adams (II) (Composer, The Cape Town Affair (1967))
Bob Adams (XII) (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Bob Adams (X) (Self, The Great Egg Race (1979))
Bob Adams (VII) (Self, Divine Trash (1998))
Bob Adams (XVII) (Actor, Donovan (2017))
Rob Adams (VIII) (Self, The Human Scale (2012))
Bob Adams (XV) (Miscellaneous, Desire Under the Elms (1958))
Bob Adams (XIII) (Sound Department, WWII in HD: The Air War (2010))
Bob Adams (XI) (Sound Department, Ethan (2011))
Bob Adams (XIV) (Sound Department, Vietnam in HD (2011))
Bob Adams (VIII)
Rob Adams (XI) (Composer, Phantom on the Cliff (2015))
Rob Adams (VII) (Art Department, John the Salesman (2006))
Rob Adams (VI)
Bob Adams (III) (Miscellaneous, Double Happiness (1994))
Bob Adams (XVIII) (Actor, Justice )
Rab Adams (Actor, The Last Love Letter (2015))
Rob Adams (XII) (Actor, The Amazing Wizard of Paws (2015))
Bob Adams (V)
Rob Adams (XIII) (Self, Community Designs (2016))
Rob Adams (IV) (Miscellaneous, 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards (2010))
James B. Adams (Self, Autism: Made in the U.S.A. (2009))
Adam Sebag (Miscellaneous, Santorini Blue (2013))
Beba D'Amico (Actress, Tato siempre en domingo (1962))
Mike Badami (Producer, Racing Hearts (2013))
Beba D.'Amico (Actress, Tato siempre en domingo (1962))
Laurie Badami (Miscellaneous, Waiting to Exhale (1995))
Madame Bartet (Actress, The White Lie (1914))
Jacob Adams (I) (Actor, Mr. Holland's Opus (1995))
Adam Seebach (Camera Department, A Beautiful Trip (2016))
Gamel Ebada (Cinematographer, Adawiya (1968))
Jeff B. Adams Jr. (Art Department, True Grit (2010))
Jacob Adams (IV) (Director, Moving Earth (2014))
Jacob Adams (II) (Animation Department, Artopia (2008))
Jacob Adams (IX) (Miscellaneous, Dawn of the Dead (2004))
Jacob Adams (XI) (Camera Department, King (2017))
Rain B. Adams (Actress, In the Hell of Dixie (2016))
Bob Adamerich (Actor, One Dollar Difference (2003))
Talib Adams (Actor, The World Unseen (2007))
Jacob Adams (VIII) (Actor, Sack Lunch (2012))
Bob Adamski (Writer, Behind the Scenes: Escape from Cuba (2003))
Paul B. Adams
Jacob Adams (V) (Animation Department, 45RPM (2013))
Jacob Adams (VII)
Bob Adamson (Self, Australian Story (1996))
Adam Sabado (Writer, Path to Nowhere (2012))
Jacob Adams (VI) (Actor, The Tailypo (2013))
Jacob Adams (III) (Director, The Impossible Itself (2010))
John B. Adams (Director, Namaha Man (2008))
Jacob Adams (X)
Gus Cobb-Adams
Jakob Adams (Art Department, Collective Anger (2014))
Madame Barret
Madame Baume (Actress, Maman Colibri (1929))
Madame Bauche (Actress, Jeannie, petite Jeannie (1914))
Madame Lebars
Adam Ebanks (Actor, Fool's Paradise (1997))
Madame Baumer (Actress, Ce cochon de Morin (1932))
Esteban Adame (Composer, The Big Deal (2009))
Adriana Cebada Mora (Producer, Greatness Awaits (2013))
Evelyne Badami (Animation Department, Hotel Bordemer (2005))
Richard B. Adams (Actor, Camera Store (2017))
Brianne Badalamente
Jonathan B. Adams (Cinematographer, The Grounded (2013))
Michael B. Adams (Camera Department, Lassie (1994))
Sergei Badamsky (Actor, Follies Girl (1943))
Csaba Damenija (Director, Szemet szemért (1986))
Madame Bacouet
Madame Batesta (Actress, Maria de la nuit (1936))
Madame Banabah
Madame Barlett (Actress, Les rigolos (1928))
Madame Barnaud
Madame Barniské
Tracher Alena Cobb-Adams (Actor, Have a Merry F*cking Christmas (2015))
Giuseppe Badalamenti (Cinematographer, Norma (2013))
Badamsuren Nagnaidorj (Director, UV (1994))
Madame Philippe Baledent
Adam Sebastian Helcelet (Self, Vsechnopárty (2005))
Florence Barrau-Adams (Editor, The Making of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend (2012))