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Jan Sterling (I) (Actress, Guiding Light (1952))
Jan Sterling (II) (Miscellaneous, The Letters (2014))
Dan Sterling (Producer, The Interview (2014))
Sterling Knight (I) (Actor, 17 Again (2009))
Sterling Beaumon (Actor, Astro Boy (2009))
Sterling Jerins (Actress, World War Z (2013))
Sterling K. Brown (Actor, Army Wives (2007))
Mindy Sterling (I) (Actress, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999))
Sterling Holloway (Actor, The Jungle Book (1967))
Sterling Brim (Self, Ridiculousness (2011))
Maury Sterling (Actor, Coherence (2013))
Sterling Hayden (Actor, The Godfather (1972))
Tisha Sterling (Actress, Coogan's Bluff (1968))
Rachel Sterling (Actress, Wedding Crashers (2005))
Jean Sterling (I) (Actress, The Couch Trip (1988))
Sterling Griffith (Actress, Dear Dumb Diary (2013))
Sterling Sulieman (Actor, In Time (2011))
Robert Sterling (I) (Actor, Topper (1953))
Ian Sterling (I) (Miscellaneous, Friends with Money (2006))
Darcy Sterling (Self, E! Entertainment Special: When Women Kill (2011))
Philip Sterling (Actor, Guiding Light (1952))
Sterling Macer Jr. (Actor, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993))
Kate Sterling (Actress, I (Almost) Got Away with It (2010))
Alison Sterling (Actress, Animal Ark (1997))
K.C. Sterling (Actress, What Should You Do? (2003))
Ian Sterling (II) (Actor, Guys Reading Poems (2016))
Sterling Jones (I) (Actor, Lone Survivor (2013))
Ford Sterling (Actor, Tango Tangle (1914))
Jean Sterling (II) (Actor, Cyclone (2003))
Ryan Sterling (I) (Actor, Les Bouffons (2013))
Sean Sterling (I) (Actor, Bankrupt (2007))
Ryan Sterling (II) (Music Department, Community Kitchen (2014))
Sean Sterling (II) (Miscellaneous, Resident Evil 6 (2012))
Sterling Rice (Actress, Wild Hogs (2007))
Jane Sterling (II) (Production Manager, Indigo (2003))
Jane Sterling (I) (Actress, The Street Called Straight (1920))
Peter Sterling (II) (Actor, The Footy Show (1995))
John Sterling Carter (Actor, Rumor Has It... (2005))
John Sterling (III) (Actor, Sudden Death (1995))
William Sterling (III) (Actor, Hand of God (2014))
Nicole Sterling (II) (Actress, Bittersweet (2009))
Sterling Hurst (Actor, Shooting the Prodigal (2016))
Alexis Boozer Sterling (Actress, Being Awesome (2014))
Dick Sterling (Actor, The Great Masquerade (1974))
David S. Sterling (Producer, Blood Legend (2006))
Sterling Anno (Actor, Snap, Crackle, Pop (2013))
ViVi Sterling (Actress, Sweatshop (2009))
John Sterling (V) (Camera Department, Monkey Life (2007))
Sean Sterling Metas
Hamilton Sterling (I) (Sound Department, The Dark Knight (2008))
Ron Sterling (II)
Sterling Jarvis (Actor, The Sentinel (2006))
Jon Sterling (Editorial Department, Grey Matter (2013))
Ann Sterling (Actress, Good Things Utah (2002))
John Sterling (IX) (Actor, The Wild Wild West (1965))
Lynn Sterling (II) (Actress, Melody and Moonlight (1940))
Ben Sterling (III) (Camera Department, River City Blue (2009))
John Sterling (VI) (Self, Home (2013))
Ben Sterling (II)
John Sterling (X) (Miscellaneous, G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987))
Ben Sterling (I) (Composer, Oyster (2008))
John Sterling (VII) (Cinematographer, Instant Aggression (2004))
John Sterling (XI) (Actor, The Dellville Witch (2009))
John Sterling (VIII) (Camera Department, Doctor Who (1963))
Lon Sterling (Miscellaneous, Mermaid of Venice (2011))
Ben Sterling (IV) (Actor, Ghost Light (2014))
Len Sterling (Actor, Great American Divide (1942))
John Sterling (I) (Actor, The Vengeance of Guido (1915))
John Sterling (II) (Composer, The Jazz Network (1991))
Ken Sterling (Writer, Love Thy Neighbour in Australia (1979))
Lynn Sterling (I) (Actress, Malcolm X (1992))
Erin Sterling (Actress, Linda (2012))
Eben Sterling
Ron Sterling (I) (Actor, Happy Together (1989))
Esmeree Sterling (Actress, Love Pains )
Ashleigh Sterling (Actress, Getting By (1993))
Raheem Sterling (Actor, The Brothers Grimsby (2016))
Brian Sterling (I) (Director, The Mighty Steamroller (1998))
Jason Sterling (Actor, Hustle Life (2013))
Sterling Anderson (I) (Writer, The Gabby Douglas Story (2014))
Gene Sterling (Actor, Teenagers from Outer Space (1959))
Amazon John Easterling (Producer, Big River Man (2009))
Max Sterling (Art Department, Lost (2004))
Jack Sterling (I) (Actor, Big Top (1950))
Jim Sterling (VII) (Director, The Jimquisition (2011))
Lane Sterling
Ian Esterling (Self, Britain's Biggest Storm (2007))
Jim Sterling (I) (Actor, Conspiracy Theory (1997))
Sterling St. Jacques (Actor, Eyes of Laura Mars (1978))
Rico Sterling (Actor, The Wire (2002))
John Sterlini (Actor, Romeo + Juliet (1996))
Tori Sterling (Actress, The System (2009))
Sterling Swanson (Actor, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (1973))
Sterling G. (Composer, Robbin' in da Hood (2009))
Sterling R. (Actor, Duel Masters (2004))
Sterling (III)
M. Sterling (Miscellaneous, Carnival in Flanders (1935))
Sterling (IV) (Self, Temptation Island (2001))
Sterling (I) (Composer, Delta Fever (1987))
Sterling (V) (Actress, Penthouse: Casting Call 2 (2001))
J. Michael Sterling (Actor, A Killer Crush (2014))
Sterling Ardrey (Actor, Our Family Wedding (2010))
Sterling Wolfe (Actor, Changeling (2008))
Ed Easterling (Miscellaneous, Wilderness Road (2007))
Carolyn Sterling (Miscellaneous, Babar and the Adventures of Badou (2010))
Donald Sterling (II)
Andrei Sterling (Actor, Janine Loves Jenna (2007))
Les Sterling (Camera Department, Cthulhu (2007))
Sterling Victorian (Actress, Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah (2015))
Sam Sterling (II) (Writer, Shakespeare Goes Bollywood (2017))
Anne Sterling (I) (Actress, Bluebeard (1944))
Shae Sterling (Editor, High Octane: Detonate (2005))
Mila Sterling
Paul Sterling (VI) (Actor, The Hills Have Thighs (2010))
Alexandre Sterling (Actor, La boum 2 (1982))
Cailean Sterling (Actress, The Checkout (2014))
Norman Sterling (I)
Susan Sterling (II) (Actress, Prison Girls (1972))
Logan Sterling Hirsh (Producer, MotoWorld 2 (1993))
Ryan Sterling Smith (Actor, The Closet (2015))
Dylan Sterling (Actor, Young Bruce Lee (2010))
Norman Sterling (II) (Art Department, Paperback Romance (1994))
Norman Sterling-Vete (Actor, The Eye of Satan (1992))
Jonathan Sterling (Sound Department, Stalker (2013))
Adrian Sterling (Sound Department, 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards (2012))
Brian Sterling (II) (Self, The Marty Stuart Show (2008))
Shannan Sterling (Actor, Raising Dragons (2014))
Susan Sterling (IV)
Jordan Sterling (Actor, Malevolence (2004))
Susan Sterling (I) (Actress, Positive I.D. (1986))
Susan Sterling (III) (Writer, Grape Notes (2010))
Mike Sterling (Actor, Les Misérables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary (2010))
Sterling Gates (Writer, The Posthuman Project (2014))
Bud Sterling (Actor, Two Kinds of Women (1922))
Amber Jane Sterling (Actress, The Lancaster Miller Affair (1990))
Steve Sterling (III) (Camera Department, Sisters (2015))
Alton Sterling (Self, The Mathematics of Mass Murder in Dallas (2016))
Sterling Milan (Producer, Black Movie Night (2016))
Devin Sterling (Editorial Department, The Departed (2006))
Terence Easterling (Actor, The Magnificent Seven (2016))
Steve Sterling (I) (Producer, Voltron: Defender of the Universe (1984))
Marlon Sterling Long (Actor, The Art of War (2000))
Sterling Cook (I) (Sound Department, Better the Devil (2014))
Jhon Sterlini (Actor, Narcosatanicos diabolicos (1991))
Jim Sterling (II) (Miscellaneous, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001))
Sterling Van Wagenen (Producer, The Haunted Desert: Archaelogy and the Dead Sea Scrolls (2001))
Sterling Price (III) (Actor, Roshambo Apocalypse (2010))
Jim Sterling (V) (Producer, Shark Tank (2009))
Angela Easterling (Actress, Preaching to the Perverted (1997))
Jan Emmerling (Actor, The Life and Time of Judge A.K. (2014))
Jan Sperling (Transportation Department, Skyfall (2012))
Jane Eberling (Actress, Mexicana (1945))
Jennifer Sterling (I) (Actress, Sightings: Heartland Ghost (2002))
Sterling Fitzgerald (Actress, Melvin Goes to Dinner (2003))
Sterling Wiggins (Camera Department, Terminator Salvation (2009))
Narlyia Sterling (Actress, Curious? (2016))
Ketzal Sterling (Director, You Move You Die (2007))
Roger Sterling (II) (Actor, Cyberstalker (1996))
Sterling Carey (Editorial Department, Paranormal, USA, Mothman (2009))
Peter Sterling (I) (Producer, Detachment (2011))
Georgie Sterling (Actress, Hamlet (1959))
Sterling Sims (II) (Camera Department, Sun Blade (2016))
Nathan Easterling (Editor, Day of the Dead (2008))
Dallas Sterling (Cinematographer, Fallout 4 (2015))
Mandi Sterling (Actress, Legend of Party (2013))
Sterling Brown (Actor, Angels in America (2003))
Steve Sterling (VI) (Producer, Greenscreen (2012))
Jessica Sterling (IV) (Actress, The Nullarbor Nymph (2012))
Sterling Young (II) (Actor, Chocolate Heart (2014))
Emma Sterling (Actress, That Mitchell and Webb Look (2006))
Sterling Thomas (Assistant Director, Suck (2009))
Rebecca Sterling (Actress, From Indonesia with Love (2012))
Sterling Hoch (Actor, That Party That One Night (2016))
Sterling Marlin (Self, 1996 Daytona 500 (1996))
Sterling Snow (Sound Department, Joey (1982))
Noah Sterling (I) (Director, Play Time (2009))
Sterling Ruby (Actor, Blurred Lines: Deconstructing the World of Contemporary Art (2017))
Mark Sterling (V) (Self, 3XW: Reign of Terror (2010))
Sterling Roig (Actor, Wine for Dummies (2006))
Alex Sterling (IV) (Actor, In My Cards (2016))
Sky Sterling (Writer, Lo que te pica (2010))
Sara Sterling (II) (Actress, Talents (2015))
Rick Sterling (Self, IWS: Freedom to Fight (2003))
Sterling Lord (Self, The Last Editor (2002))
Sterling Butts (Miscellaneous, Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier (1995))
Roly Sterling (Actor, Brilla por ti (2015))
Steve Sterling (X)
Sterling Ball (Producer, Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone (2016))
Dom Sterling (Actor, Windigo (2011))
Jack Sterling (IV)
Peter Sterling (III) (Producer, You Move You Die (2007))
Sterling Laws (Actor, Happy on the Ground: 8 Days at Grammy Camp (2011))
Sterling Hall (Actor, Killing Tracey Atwell (2016))
Ross Sterling (Camera Department, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011))
Sterling Mire (Actress, Fashionably L.A. (1999))
Dave Sterling (II) (Camera Department, The Little Couple (2009))
Rex Sterling (II) (Self, NWA War Zone: New Years Revolution (2010))
Sterling B. Ely (Actor, Grand Theft Auto IV (2008))
Erik Sterling (Producer, Once Upon a Christmas (2000))
Sterling Grey (Actor, Paradise University (2014))