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James Jordan (VII) (Actor, Wind River (2017))
James Jones (I) (Writer, The Thin Red Line (1998))
William James Jones (Actor, California Dreams (1992))
James Joyce (I) (Writer, The Dead (1987))
DJames Jones (Actor, Shots Fired (2017))
James Jolly (I) (Actor, The Custom Mary (2011))
Paul James Jordan (Actor, Piranha 3DD (2012))
James Joyce (VIII) (Actor, Mortdecai (2015))
James Joseph Pulido (Actor, Airplane Mode )
James Jordan (IX) (Self, Strictly Come Dancing (2004))
James Joint (Actor, Beyond the Tree (2014))
James Joyce (II) (Actor, A Woman Under the Influence (1974))
Milton James Jones (Actor, Reflection of the Son (2018))
James Jordan (I) (Actor, Die goldene Banane von Bad Porno (1971))
James Joseph O'Neil (Actor, The Bourne Legacy (2012))
James John (IV) (Director, Rocky the Slave )
James Johnson (I) (Actor, Assault on Precinct 13 (1976))
James Jose (II)
James Jond (Self, On Par with Bill Pennington (2008))
James Joly (Self, Duels (2014))
James Joy (Actor, Calvin Marshall (2009))
James John (III) (Actor, Bad Trip (1988))
James Joo (Director, Lost in Perception (2012))
James Jobe (Actor, Sucker (2011))
James Jou (Visual Effects, Phantom (2013))
James John (II) (Production Manager, Through the Valley (2008))
James Jose (I) (Producer, How to Save Us (2014))
James John (I) (Actor, Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776 (2002))
James Joll (Director, British Universities Historical Studies in Film: Fascism (1980))
James Johann (Self, Comedy.TV (2010))
James Jones (IV) (Producer, MADtv (1995))
James Jones (XXXVIII) (Director, Children of the Gaza War (2015))
James Jones (III) (Actor, Head of the Family (1996))
Andrew James Jones (Actor, Noir (2017))
James Joyce (III) (Actor, An Angel for May (2002))
James Johnson (LXXVI) (Editor, S.C.O.T.T the Movie (2013))
Joey James (VIII) (Actor, Stages of Stanley (2017))
Joey James (VII) (Production Designer, Her Eyes Open (2014))
Joey James (V)
Joey James (III) (Art Director, Painting Buonarroti (2007))
Joey James (VI) (Self, Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up (2011))
James Jordan (XXIX) (Actor, The Farmer and The Belle (2018))
James Johnson (XLIII) (Producer, American Courtesans (2013))
James Johnson (XXXV) (Actor, Nowhere Boy (2009))
James Jones (LXIII) (Producer, Frontline (1983))
James Jollie (Actor, Estranged (2014))
James Jones (II) (Actor, The Destructors (1974))
James Jones (XXII) (Self, ESPN's Sunday Night Football (1987))
James Jones Jr. (I) (Art Department, A Killing Affair (1986))
James Johnson (XXVIII) (Miscellaneous, Waiting for Santa (1990))
James Johnson (LXXI)
James Jones (XCVIII) (Composer, Crush Hour (2017))
James Jordan (XIV)
James Johnson (III) (Miscellaneous, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995))
James Jones (XLIII) (Self, What the World Thinks of God (2004))
James Johnson (XV) (Self, Dirty Jobs (2005))
James Joughin (III) (Composer, The Dead Boys' Club (1992))
James Jones (XLVII)
James Johnson (XCV) (Actor, Greater (2016))
James Jontz (Miscellaneous, Teenage Graffiti (1977))
James Jones (V) (Art Department, Into the Wild (2007))
James Joyce (XI) (Actor, Bullin (2015))
James Jolly (IV) (Miscellaneous, Brain Dead 13 (1995))
James Joseph (IX) (Composer, The Victor Marx Story (2012))
James Jones (LXXIV)
James Jones (LXXXV) (Miscellaneous, Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued (2014))
James Joseph (XII) (Actor, Miracle Rising: South Africa (2013))
James Jones (XCII) (Writer, Ready to Fight (2016))
James Johnson (LXV) (Director, Brains! (2013))
James Jordan (II) (Actor, A Family at War (1970))
James Jones (XL)
James Joseph (XVII)
James Jones Jr. (IV) (Camera Department, Quality Sketch (2015))
James Jones (LXXXVI)
James Joseph (X)
James Joseph (XIV) (Actor, Hunky Dory (2011))
James Joseph (XIX) (Art Department, Claws (1982))
Jr. James Jones
James Johnson (LXXXVIII) (Actor, Liquid Metal (2017))
James Jones (LX) (Director, Entry (1983))
James Johnson (LII) (Actor, Restaurant Stakeout (2012))
James Jordan (XXI)
James Johns (I) (Special Effects, Rain of the Children (2008))
James Johnson (XXIV) (Actor, Indigo Heart (2010))
James Jordan (XXIV) (Actor, Bennie (2015))
James Jones (XIX) (Music Department, The Summer of the Massacre (2006))
James Jones (LV) (Transportation Department, Mud (2012))
James Joseph (XVIII) (Sound Department, Father Brown (2013))
James Joseph (VIII) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
James Joseph (XV) (Actor, Grudge Match (2013))
James Johnson (XIII) (Self, One O'Clock News (1986))
James Jordan (XXIII) (Cinematographer, Drunken Star Trek (2015))
James Jones (LIV) (Self, CBS This Morning (2012))
James Jones (LXXIII) (Sound Department, Haters )
James Jordan (XXVI) (Producer, Before Your Operation: When to Stop Eating and Drinking (2015))
James Jones (X) (Cinematographer, Performance Pieces (1989))
James Jones (XVII) (Actor, Hip-Hop Task Force (2005))
James Johnson (L) (Cinematographer, The Wayward Son (2013))
James Johnson (LXXIV) (Camera Department, Zombie Bunny (2014))
James Johnson (LXXVIII) (Camera Department, Roadrunner (in development))
James Johnson (XXIII) (Camera Department, Battle in Seattle (2007))
James Jones (VIII) (Director, Howling Hollywood (1929))
James Joseph (XI) (Actor, The Critics (2011))
James Jones (LXX)
James Jones (XI) (Actor, Rose Bowl (1936))
James Johnson (LXI) (Actor, RokSaw (2017))
James Johnson (XLI)
James Johnson (XVIII) (Actor, Across the Street (2009))
James Johnson (IV) (Sound Department, Winning the Peace (2004))
James Jones (L) (Actor, Dr. Fubalous (2012))
James Jones (XCIV) (Production Manager, The Russian Room (2017))
James Jones (LII) (Sound Department, Strange Meeting (2012))
James Johnson (LIV) (Writer, Frozen (2014))
James Jones (IX) (Casting Director, The 10th Kingdom (2000))
James J. O'Brien (Self, The Boy Who Cried Warming (2012))
James Jordon (Self, The 13th Annual American Black Achievement Awards (1992))
James Johnson (XXX) (Sound Department, Defenders of Dynatron City (1992))
James Joiner (Actor, In Flagrante (2000))
James Joseph (VII) (Actor, Run It (2009))
James Jones (XXIV) (Self, 2006 New Mexico Bowl (2006))
James Joyce Jr. (Miscellaneous, Table and Chairs (2010))
James J. Orman (Miscellaneous, Dr. Vegas (2004))
James Jones (VII) (Writer, Behind the Mask (1999))
James Joyce (VI) (Art Department, Clerks II (2006))
James Johnson (XCIV) (Editor, A Killer Party (2017))
James Johnson (XXXII) (Producer, Truth (2011))
James Jordan (XVIII) (Actor, Plasticity (2011))
James Johnson (XLII)
James Jones (LXXXVIII)
James Johnson (XVI) (Actor, Finale (2009))
James Johnson (XC)
James Jordan (VIII) (Actor, Truths of Insanity (2002))
James Johnson (LXXVII) (Assistant Director, The Wake Up Call (2017))
James Johnson (XL) (Actor, Braunfels: Die Vogel - The Birds (2010))
James Jones (XV) (Composer, Washdays (2009))
James Johnson (LXX) (Camera Department, The Other Side (2010))
James Jones (XCVI) (Actor, All In (2017))
James Johnson (LVII) (Stunts, Exeter (2015))
James Johnson (XIX) (Miscellaneous, Forever Knight (1992))
James Jones (XXXVII)
James Jones (XCI) (Editor, Dear Genevieve (2009))
James Johnson (XXI) (Self, 1985 NFL Draft (1985))
James Jones Jr. (VI) (Visual Effects, The How to Show (2015))
James Jones (XXXII) (Actor, El comisario (1999))
James Johnson (XCIX) (Actor, Two Nations (in development))
James Johnson (XXXIV) (Assistant Director, Christmas with the Dead (2012))
James Johnson (XLIX) (Actor, Brotherhood of Silver (2013))
James Jordan (XIII) (Actor, The Wild West (2006))
James Johnson (IX) (Camera Department, Clerks II (2006))
James Johnson (XI) (Miscellaneous, The Firm: Total Body - Time Crunch Workout (1996))
James Jolly (III)
James Jones (XLIX) (Actor, Night of the Pumpkin (2011))
James Joyce (X) (Composer, My Annoying Dead Brother (2016))
James Jones Sr. (Transportation Department, Runaway Train (1985))
James Jones (LIX) (Editor, My Mental Health & I (2017))
James Jones (XXVIII) (Actor, The Man Behind the Curtain (2013))
James Jones (LVII)
James Johns (II) (Miscellaneous, Intrusion: Disconnected (2018))
James Jones (XXX) (Actor, Army of Gamers (2010))
James Johnson (LXXXVI) (Production Manager, North Parkway (2016))
James Jones (XXVI) (Self, 1981 NFC Championship Game (1982))
James Johnson (LXVI) (Camera Department, Birth (2014))
James Johnson (XLVII) (Self, 20/20 (1978))
James Jones (LXIX) (Producer, Interviews Before Execution: A Chinese Talk Show (2012))
James Johnson (LXXXVII)
James Johnson (XXXIX) (Miscellaneous, Love Snapped (2012))
James Johnson (LXXXII) (Sound Department, Telephoto (2016))
James Johnson (LVIII) (Cinematographer, Charlie the Splendid (2014))
James Johnson (XXXIII) (Actor, Babies Don't Cry (2011))
James Joplin (Composer, Amazing Wild Legends (2005))
James Jones (XLV) (Miscellaneous, Hasbro Family Game Night 3 (2010))
James Jones (XVIII)
James Johnson (XXXVII) (Producer, Reprise (2012))
James Jones (LXXVI) (Make Up Department, Seeing Dead: Beginnings (2014))
James Johnson (LXVII) (Miscellaneous, The Heart Fails Without Warning (2013))
James Joyce (V) (Self, The Red Bank. James Joyce: Ta tetradia tou, ton ellinikon (2014))
James Johnson (LXXV)
James Jones (XXVII) (Actor, Watercolors (2008))
James Johnson (XXXVIII) (Self, 2011 Valero Alamo Bowl (2011))
James Joseph (I) (Actor, Lap Dancer (1995))
James Jones (LXXI) (Writer, Schwanke (2014))
James Johnzen (Composer, Shade (2003))
James Jolly (II) (Camera Department, Stringing in the Streets (2009))
James Jones (LVIII) (Music Department, Natural World (1983))
James Johnson (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Wish Wizard (2014))
James Jones (LXVIII) (Self, Greatest Mysteries (2013))
James Jones (VI) (Cinematographer, The Hustler of Money (1987))
James Jones (XXXIV) (Miscellaneous, Me and My Wacky Doctor: On Our First Appointment! (2010))
James Jones (LXXXIV) (Director, TilDust (2015))
James Johnson (LI) (Actor, Dreadtime Stories (2014))
James Johnson (II) (Actor, Das blinde Ohr der Oper (1990))
James Jordan (XXVII)
James Jonah (Self, The Empire in Africa (2006))
James Johnson (XLV) (Soundtrack, Dead Poets Society (1989))
James Johnson (LXXII) (Transportation Department, Unbroken (2014))
James Jorasch (Self, Internet Rising (2011))
James Jordan (XIX) (Actor, Hurt (2014))
James Joseph (V) (Writer, Climax! (1954))
James Jones (XXXI) (Actor, Cocaine Diaries (2007))
James Jones (LI) (Miscellaneous, Out in America (2011))