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James Lowe (III) (Actor, Holy Ghost People (2013))
James B. Lowe (Actor, Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927))
aka "James Lowe"
James Lowe (IV) (Actor, Closed Circuit (2013))
James Owen Lowe (Visual Effects, The Dork of the Rings (2006))
aka "James Lowe"
Anybody Killa (Self, A Family Underground (2009))
James Lowell Turnham (Actor, Mississippi Burning (1988))
James Lowery (Actor, The Patriot (2000))
James Lowe (X) (Visual Effects, Daisy Green (2013))
James Maslow (Actor, Big Time Rush (2009))
James Lowe (II) (Music Department, Great Performances (1971))
James Lowe (XI) (Actor, Conduct! Every Move Counts (2016))
James Lowe (VI) (Art Department, Rock-A-Doodle (1991))
James Lowe (I) (Assistant Director, The Next One (1984))
James Lowe (V) (Director, Tony the Pony (1976))
James Lowe (XIV) (Actor, The Second Wave (2013))
James Lowe (VIII) (Camera Department, The Solent (2010))
James Lowe (XII) (Self, Praise the Lord (1973))
James Lowe (VII) (Composer, Bubbles... (2009))
James Lowe (XIII) (Camera Department, In Sanity, Florida (2017))
James Lowe (IX) (Self, I (Almost) Got Away with It (2010))
James Lorinz (Actor, Bridge of Spies (2015))
James Lorenzo (I) (Actor, Grand Theft Auto IV (2008))
James Lock (II) (Self, The Only Way Is Essex (2010))
James Lower (Actor, Parasitic (2009))
James Logan (II) (Actor, Undying (2017))
James Low (Actor, Devil Girl (2007))
James Lown (Sound Department, Happy Deathday )
James Lorcan (Actor, Through the Estate (2014))
James Lopez (IX) (Production Manager, The Wedding Ringer (2015))
James Logan (XIII) (Actor, Mary Poppins (1964))
James Loye (Actor, X-Men: Apocalypse (2016))
James Lopez (I) (Animation Department, The Lion King (1994))
James Longman (I) (Producer, The Late Late Show with James Corden (2015))
James Lo (I) (Soundtrack, Dear God (1996))
James lo (Actor, Everything Disappears (2014))
James Lo (II) (Editor, Hers (2007))
James Locascio (Actor, Fresh Off the Boat (2015))
James Lowther (II)
James Lowry (III)
James Lowrey (I) (Actor, Almost Elvis (2001))
James Lowrie (II) (Camera Department, Black Friday (2001))
James Lowrey (II) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
James Lowder (II) (Self, Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary )
James Lowry (II) (Actor, Ebin & May: Something to Remember (2004))
James Lowrey (III) (Actor, Unit Eleven (2017))
James Lowrie (I) (Sound Department, Canyon Hawks (1930))
James Lowry (I) (Transportation Department, The Village (2004))
James Lowry (IV) (Assistant Director, Family Magic (2016))
James Lowder (I) (Transportation Department, Reservoir Dogs (1992))
James Lowther (I)
James Lowman (Self, 10 O'Clock Live (2011))
James Lord (I) (Writer, La bête dans la jungle (1988))
James Long (XVI) (Actor, Dragon Ball (1995))
James Lorimer (I) (Actor, A Foreign Affair (1948))
James Locke (I) (Actor, Torn (2009))
James Slowey (Actor, Basta't kasama kita (1995))
Jessejames Locorriere (Actor, Ant-Man (2015))
James Marlowe (I) (Producer, Graves End (2005))
James Lowenthal (I) (Camera Department, To Die For (1988))
James Lowenthal (II) (Actor, Greenlight (2013))
Peter James Lowe (Producer, Thorn (2009))
James Longley (I) (Cinematographer, Iraq in Fragments (2006))
James Lopez (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Baby Driver (2017))
James Lovin (Actor, Dead Men the Series (2012))
James Lorimer (II) (Special Effects, 2 Guns (2013))
James Love (IV) (Actor, Pieces of You (2010))
James Love (V) (Actor, Elysium (2010))
James Long (X) (Visual Effects, Edge of Tomorrow (2014))
James Long (XV) (Composer, The Legend of Beggar's Bridge (2010))
James Long (VI) (Actor, Stargate: Atlantis (2004))
James Long (XXX) (Producer, Legacy (2017))
James Loh
James Long (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Bad Moms (2016))
James Long (VII) (Miscellaneous, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015))
James Loan (Actor, Hoover's Gold (2005))
James Loe (Miscellaneous, Dungeon Siege II (2005))
James Long (IX) (Self, Derby in Black (2007))
James Loja
James Love (VIII) (Camera Department, JohnWatch: The Rise of Ryan Rates (2012))
James Lou (Actor, Tui shou (1992))
James Long (XXIV)
James Long (XVII) (Self, Horizon (1964))
James Lock (I) (Music Department, L'illusionniste (2010))
James Lott (I) (Soundtrack, 21 Grams (2003))
James Lott (III) (Camera Department, The World's Greatest Tribute Bands (2013))
James Long (XIV) (Producer, Night Shift (2014))
James Lott (II) (Producer, Man Date (2013))
James Logg (Actor, The Dreamer (2011))
James Long (II) (Art Department, There's Something About Mary (1998))
James Lohr (Actor, Remember the Ladies (2006))
James Loy (II) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
James Lord (IV) (Camera Department, Absence (2009))
James Love (VII) (Actor, A Very Sordid Wedding (2017))
James Love (II) (Actor, Eddie's Sticky End (2003))
James Long (XX) (Director, Those Who Wait (2013))
James Long (XI) (Self, Gates of Hell (2010))
James Love (III) (Self, The Big Day (2007))
James Love (VI) (Camera Department, The Music Show (2012))
James Long (IV) (Actor, The House of His Master (1912))
James Long (V) (Actor, Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004))
James Lock (III) (Actor, Mazurkas (2016))
James Love (IX) (Actor, The Millennials (2015))
James Long (XXII) (Actor, Medardo (2015))
James Long (III) (Actor, Guiding Light (1952))
James Long (XII) (Camera Department, The Wanted (2009))
James Loar
James Long (XIX) (Writer, Those Who Wait (2013))
James Long (XVIII) (Actor, Haley (2011))
James Lord (III) (Miscellaneous, The Muppets. (2015))
James Long (XXVI) (Miscellaneous, Jon Stewart Has Left the Building (2015))
James Love (I) (Cinematographer, Washington the Warrior (2006))
James Long (XXIII) (Self, Inside Story (1974))
James Long (I) (Writer, Killer: A Journal of Murder (1995))
James Lock (IV) (Art Department, The Danish Girl (2015))
James Loft (Actor, Yong jiu ju liu (2009))
James Long (XXI) (Actor, Leederville (2013))
James Loy (I) (Actor, Expeditions to the Edge (2004))
James Long (XIII) (Sound Department, Momentum (2015))
James Lord (II) (Actor, Murder Call (1997))
James Long (XXV) (Director, 30 Days of Wendy (2015))
James Love (X) (Actor, The Dragon Detective (2017))
Sunny James Lohden (Actor, Infiltrators (2014))
James Marlowe (III) (Actor, The Expert (2014))
James Louis Wagner (Actor, Good Girls Revolt (2015))
James Lorenzo (III) (Actor, Coming Through the Rye (2015))
James Loxley (Actor, Sabotage (1996))
James Lockard (Producer, California Dreaming (2005))
James Lomahan (Actor, Metro Manila (2013))
James Loren (II) (Actor, Lars (2010))
James Lomas (II) (Actor, The Royal Variety Performance 2006 (2006))
James Lomenzo (Self, Megadeth Blood in the Water: Live in San Diego (2009))
James Louis-Charles (Actor, Pursuit of Honor: The Rise of George Washington (2006))
James Longman (II) (Self, Good Morning America (1975))
James Lourie (Miscellaneous, Brotherly Love (2015))
James London (III) (Actor, The Bill (1984))
James L. O'Neill (Actor, Lincoln: Trial by Fire (1974))
Sahara James Marlowe (Actress, CÄBIN The Story (2017))
James Lorenz (I) (Self, The Project (2011))
James Logsdon (Thanks, Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (2006))
James Marlowe (IV) (Actor, Ghosts Vs.Monsters (2017))
James Lovett (I) (Self, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew (2009))
James Lowrance (Actor, Mulberry Stains (2012))
James Loren (III) (Producer, Circumcised! AKA a Slice of Life (2010))
James Lopez (IV) (Actor, The Good, the Bad and the Bling (2007))
James Lopez (X) (Stunts, Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014))
James Loftis (I) (Miscellaneous, Resurrection (1999))
James Loizou (Actor, Kidney Beans (2012))
James Lovell (I) (Self, Rocket Science (2002))
James Loesch (Actor, For Aya (2012))
James Lozeau (I) (Camera Department, Keep Your Eyes Open (2002))
James Lonsert (Camera Department, Heat M.V. (2008))
James Louden (I) (Actor, Unspoken (1997))
James Lozeau (II)
James Lohan (Self, Timeshift (2002))
James Loftus (III)
James Lococo (Transportation Department, Novocaine (2001))
James Logan (XI) (Actor, Bury My Heart with Tonawanda (2013))
James Locke (V) (Actor, State of Mind (2017))
James Loomis (II) (Cinematographer, Græy Area (2014))
James Logan (VI) (Actor, La casa de las sombras (1976))
James Lokley (Actor, Bedroom Eyes (1984))
James Lomax (I) (Actor, No Way Through (2009))
James Lockett (II) (Art Department, All the Devil's Men )
James-lou Joly (Actor, L'infidèle (2017))
James Lorden (Camera Department, Love Bites (2017))
James Loeve (Actor, Devilman Lady (1998))
James Lopezzo (Editorial Department, Until the Light Takes Us (2008))
James Logue (Miscellaneous, Wendy (2013))
James Lopez (XI) (Self, 444 Days to Freedom: What Really Happened in Iran (1986))
James Logan (XVI) (Actor, Insect Dissection: How Insects Work (2013))
James Lovell (II) (Art Department, Les Misérables (2012))
James Lopes (Camera Department, Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly (2017))
James Lorenzo (IV)
James Lockart (Director, Caesars 24/7 (2005))
James Logan (VIII) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
James Lovern (Actor, I Am Alive (2012))
James Lorenzo (II) (Actor, Dark Side of the Moon (2014))
James Lopez (VIII) (Self, Death Row: The Final 24 Hours (2012))
James Lorenz (II) (Miscellaneous, The Sex Lives of Eels (2015))
James Loren (I) (Producer, Mitzi's 2nd Special (1969))
James Lovvorn
James Lortz (Actor, Thousand Pieces of Gold (1991))
James Loucke (Actor, Sister Kenny (1946))
James Loney (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
James Louie (II)
James Logan (IV) (Self, The First 48 (2004))
James Lozeau (III) (Casting Director, Jonathan (2013))
James Lockie (Camera Department, The Finest Red (2016))
James Longdon (Actor, Murder Below the Line (2004))
James Loftus (II) (Actor, Beef Jerky (2015))
James Lomas (V) (Actor, Under a Kaleidoscope (2014))
James Louis (I) (Producer, Government House (2004))
James Lovick (Miscellaneous, Who is Dayani Cristal? (2013))
James Logan (XIV) (Production Designer, Kill Shelter (2013))
James Lomax (II) (Self, Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork (2013))
James Loverin
James Loudon (Miscellaneous, A Night with the Stars (2011))
James Locke (II) (Miscellaneous, Young Jesse James (1960))
James Locke (III) (Actor, The Inn (2011))
James Loder (Self, Hedy Lamarr: Secrets of a Hollywood Star (2006))