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James Kearns (Writer, John Q (2002))
James Keach (Director, Waiting for Forever (2010))
James Kearney (IV)
James Keane (I) (Actor, Apocalypse Now (1979))
James Kearney (VI) (Actor, The Landing (2013))
James Kearney (X) (Actor, Irish Pictorial Weekly (2012))
James Kearney (IX) (Actor, Irish Pictorial Weekly (2012))
James Kearney (III) (Cinematographer, Elegant Solution (1998))
James Kearney (XI)
James Kearney (V) (Camera Department, Avatar (2009))
James Kearney (II) (Cinematographer, Elegant Solution (1998))
James Kearney (I) (Actor, Death's Mailing (2005))
James Kearney (VII) (Actor, A Crack in Everything (2015))
James Keating (VIII) (Writer, Strain Pirates (2019))
James Keaton (Miscellaneous, The Constant Gardener (2005))
James Keast (I) (Costume Designer, Truly Madly Deeply (1990))
James Kearon (Art Department, Maelstrom (2002))
James Kearsey (Actor, Life of Debbie (2015))
James Kearley
James Kearce (Actor, A Day with the Boys (1969))
James Kean (I) (Actor, Spicy City (1997))
James Keal (Actor, War School (2009))
James Kean (II) (Self, Vietnam: Coming to Terms (1995))
James Keane (II) (Director, The Life and Death of King Richard III (1912))
James Keating (VI) (Director, Bits (2013))
James Keane (III) (Art Department, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
James Kealey (Actor, Delirium (2016))
James Keast (II) (Self, The Independents (2006))
James Keasley (Music Department, Don't Forget Your Hat (2014))
James Keane (VII) (Actor, The Rizen 2 (2017))
James Keating (III)
James Keating (IV)
James Keating (V) (Actor, A Night at the Classic (2010))
James Keatley (Location Management, Women: Stories of Passion (1996))
James Keane (IV)
James Keating (VII) (Camera Department, Two Sugars: Intern Ireland (2014))
James Kealy (Editorial Department, Widget, the World Watcher (1990))
James Keating (I) (Actor, Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy (1980))
James Keany (Actor, Behind the Mask (1992))
James Keane (V)
James Keane (VI) (Composer, Barista (2015))
James Keady (Camera Department, Once in the Life (2000))
James Keating (II) (Stunts, Rásaí na Gaillimhe (2009))
James Kearsley (Visual Effects, The Initiation of Kim Sun (2008))
James Mearns (Editor, Spindrift (1959))
James Hearns (Miscellaneous, Big and Hairy (1998))
James Fearns (Miscellaneous, The 11th Annual American Music Awards (1984))
Noah James Kean (Actor, Hell Inside My Head (2012))
James Keaveney (Producer, Hero (2011))